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  1. I subbed some time ago, watched most of your vids over the last year, bought your book on amazon and liked it a lot.
    Keep up the good work and god bless you and all your loved ones.
    Thanks from Austria

  2. Thanks! Austria, man that’s nice. I’m sure you have all the nice guns. ūüôā Take care and thanks for the support!

  3. If your book was available on audio I would buy it in a New York minute. As a truck driver I don’t have time to read. I work 70 hours a week, and just don’t have the time. But I could listen to it while I’m driving 600+ miles a day. Please do an audio book!

  4. yep … totally agree its not gonna be liek the movies make it out to be its going to be more like Africa or rule South America

    yes youll need a gun … no you wont NEED 30 guns

  5. Thanks! If you liked this one you might want to watch the extended version, should finish uploading in 15 minutes or so. Its one hour long but its much better than this one, I get to expand better on these same points. I just did a shorter version as well because I know a lot of people just dont like long videos, especially one that is 1 hour long!

  6. best is 3 gallons of water/person/day. but like you said, at least 1 gallon/person/day. ūüôā you gotta think of drinking, bathing,cooking and clothes washing..not just drinking.

  7. True, its not just drinking, its also washing your hands, teeth, cooking, then there’s flushing and showering to clean up. When I was without water the best I could do was hang a 5L bottle attached to a hose and hand sprinkler and shower with that. 5 liters when used with care was enough for washing my hair and a super quick shower.

  8. I consider you one of the foremost authorities on this subject since you have been through an economic collapse and are willing to share with us.
    Thank you!

  9. Ya I thought you hit the point with your survival video what not to do very well, if you ever had any millitary training (or in my case 10years training ) I would use you videos in classes to train new guys. Keep up the good work.

  10. You’re misinformed…there are no “good times” in the United States. There are no jobs in the US, not since 2000. I’ve been living in a SHTF situation without a job for the last 20 years. My survival list priority… 1) working water well, backed up by water stocked in two liter soda bottles 2) shelter 3) heat (in winter) 4) electricity 5) lots of low glycemic index food (peanuts/rice/protein) 6) cash for gasoline 7) working high mpg vehicle (motorbike) 8) practical supplies 9) tools

  11. Electricity is pretty high on my long term survival list. You can survive without it, sure, but my number 1 first priority would be illegally tapping into the power grid or generating my own. You want a source of it to drive a well pump, for water, showers, washing. Also, to run an oil filled heater and/or heating blanket under lots of quilts to survive like in a squirrel nest. If you have electricity, water, and heat, you can scavenge everything else like a dispossessed person surviving ww2.

  12. Although I agreed with many of the points presented, the fact of the matter is people will lean on their own skill set.

  13. You can prepare for years for a situation. but chances are, its not gunna happen the way you think it will…and then you will be forced to exercise your body and mind…the most powerful tools you have. not many prepping channels address it, and i think it is absolutely the most important variable to a persons survival. i dont care how many guns and food you have. the more you have the bigger target you are.

  14. Thanks for this vid. I have been thinking about prepping but I didn’t feel it was necessary. I’v changed my mind now.
    Even though my wife dislikes the idea, I’m know I just gota do it.

  15. Good observations on the inherent inefficiencies of bartering. The great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises noted that money supplanted bartering largely because the latter depends upon a double coincidence: you must come into contact with a person who has something you want and will exchange it for something you have that he wants.

  16. Number #1 tip: Sell your body in exchange for services or items. Its one of the very few things that will always be in high demand no matter what. Selling your body, Labor, Protection, Training, Tech skills, Trades, Persuasion/ Interpersonal skills, Entertainment all in high demand to some degree no matter how you feel about the “morality” of such actions. If its an item or action thats used for : Killing, Healing, Pleasure, making you not bored or takes your mind of things then its worth something.

  17. Funny , I saw a popular prepper talked about sharing food and giving away stuff in shtf.  I found that strange,  because I spend lots of $$$ just to have the basic things for myself and family.  I was wondering how they would be giving things away in shtf.   I decided that was crazy , just as you say , not practical .     Next ,  bartering,  I started thinking of barting in shtf ,  That lasted 1 week  .  I only invested 100$  to figure out what you said ,   difficult to know what people will want.  My barter items were cigaretts and small bottles of liquor.    I will spend the next 2 years drinking it and smoking the cigaretts or sell it if possible.    Cash is king, I agree . I keep cash and metals  and relestate .  Those things tend to hold value better and are tangable items along with food and water.

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