20+ Unusual Money Saving Ideas

  • Need to find ways to save money? Here are 20+ unusual money saving ideas. Too bizarre? Maybe not. Don’t knock it til’ you try it. What are some scary ways you save money?

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    How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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    Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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    45 Replies to “20+ Unusual Money Saving Ideas”

    1. I know one good idea is limiting where you shop like Walmart or dollar general are some good places to pick up what you need and using your smart phone calculator to figure up the price on items to make sure you stay in budget

    2. I save unused wine in ice cube tray in freezer and when I want wine for a dish I’m making its right there. Adds great flavour to all sorts of dishes 🙂

    3. I’d forgotten, because he’s been gone for a long time, but my grandad used to cut newspaper into squares and hang them on a nail to use as toilet paper! was always a bit…crinkly for my liking. now I use squares of teatowel. this is better because it’s softer and also doesn’t get flushed away, so better for the ocean. I laughed a lot at the idea of wiping my butt on credit card offers! very symbolic, but I don’t think I could recycle them afterwards!

    4. Dry your clothes outside on a washing line. This is normal in Europe and is environmentally friendly besides saving money. The Americans really could benefit from breaking their clothes dryer habit! This is only for those with a bit of outside space. If no outside space clothes can be dried on a airer indoors.

    5. highly recommend dumpster diving. never brave enough to do it myself, but I have friends who do, and they eat like royalty. for free. also, if you are in the UK, look up “the real junk food project”, and see what they have going on in your area. they save food items from going to landfill (in their packaging), and give them away in exchange for pay as you feel. supermarkets can’t sell it, because it’s past it’s “use by” or “best before” dates, but it’s still totally edible.

    6. Use reusable sanitary towels or make your own with some clothes. This might want to be done only at night or when at home in some cases but even this will help save money and help the environment.

    7. lots of people worry about making a mess of cutting their own hair, but the great thing about hair, is that it will grow back, so it won’t be a mess forever, and in the meantime, if your hair is long enough, you can tie it back so most people won’t know you screwed up. also, as with most things, it gets easier to get this right with practice. side bonus of cutting your own hair is no boring conversations with hairdressers trying to make you feel comfortable by asking things like “so, are you going anywhere nice on holiday?”.

    8. Save and freeze veg peelings and ends of veges until you have enough to boil up to make a stock for soup or to flavour a dish. Also make stock from meat bones when you’ve finished eating from them

    9. you’re afraid, Dana? the perfect love of jesus casts out all fear. so, ditch the shampoo, and spend the time you would have spent shampooing your hair on fixing your eyes on jesus. also, see a comment I think I am going to make when I finish watching your video.

    10. also regarding food, go to your market or farmer’s market at the end of the day. they will likely give you better prices on the stuff they haven’t already sold, because they want to sell it.

    11. I’m REALLY surprised you didn’t mention REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS, or WASHABLE DIAPERS. Or do they not seem bizarre to you now?

    12. I absolutely advocate for multipurpose products to save money, such as Pure Castille soap, which can be used for so many things, including hair washing and clothes washing and home cleaning.

    13. Don’t wash your hair anymore? Hmmm. I’ve cut back to every 2 days but I don’t know about never washing my hair. And I’m so YES for reusing containers!! My Aunt would always give us chicken soup in COOL WHIP containers!❤️

    14. Last week I worked out how much more bottled water costs compared to tap water… Here in Australia a 600ml bottle of a common brand of water often costs $3.50 at a petrol (gas) station. I looked at my water bill & worked out that this is more than 2,500x the cost of 600ml of water out of the tap! 😮 Yes, TWO and a HALF THOUSAND TIMES the cost… I double-checked my figures. I’d be interested to hear from others who do the same calculation from their bills! 🙂

    15. I don’t like the swiping of the condiment packets. This is stealing, really, to load up your pockets at the fast food place with condiments to take home. You just spent $10 on lunch, next time have a sandwich from home and you can buy a whole lotta ketchup at Aldi for that $10. 😉

    16. Look for local bulk pickup or neighborhood garage sales and pick up the free stuff off the side of the road. We get tons of toys from doing this and then sell them at local consignment sales. We made over 2000 in the spring and 1500 this fall. We also buy cheap at the thrift store and resell for more.

    17. Bake your own bread. It’s not only much healthier, but costs way less. In the fall, winter and spring, baking in-house helps heat the house. For instance, Costco in my area has 50 lb. sacks of whole wheat flour for only $20.99. If you don’t have a Costco card, you can make a deal for bulk flour with your local baker or pizza place. You can then learn to do sourdough and save on the cost of yeast.

    18. our local college works w/United Way to do a huge indoor ‘yard sale’ of the items students donate in lieu of trashing those items – a great win-win-win as the public saves money buying, the money raised goes into United Way programs and dumpsters stay more empty. Swish water into the empty bottles to get the last bit out. Try diluting household liquid items by x%, whatever % still cleans/works for you – a 5% or 10% dilution of shampoo, liquid soap, hair conditioner, shower gel, dish washing liquid, etc. saves you 5% or 10% $$…and use a small bottle of such items because mentally you use less if the bottle is small, simply refill from a bulk size bottle.

    19. I do a lot of these, including using cloth wipes for toilet paper. I use to wash my hair a lot, switched to twice a week, now just down to once a week. My hair is so much nicer now. Eating plant-based also saves you money on medical bills! I’m in Canada but I still have to pay for medications. Thanks to being vegan I don’t have to take any prescription meds, I rarely get sick, and when I do it’s no where near as bad as before. Plus extremely lower risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes so will save me so much money long term as well.

    20. Walk and take public transportation if available! I haven’t driven a car in over 7 years and the last 2.5years i’ve had my daughter as well! People thing I’m insane but we save SO MUCH MONEY by being a one vehicle/one driver family, it’s astounding. Use Dr.Bronners for all purpose cleaner. The recipe is right on the bottle, lasts such a long time and *bonus* you can feel good about getting your kids involved in cleaning without exposing them to the harmful chemicals in most cleaners. Don’t use dryer sheets. Don’t use fabric softener. Menstrual cup and reusable pads. Reusable trash bags. Give photos of your kids as gifts in goodwill photo frames. That’s like $1.50 for a super nice gift that all grandparents, aunts, uncles moms and dads will love! You mentioned eating raw, a cooked whole food plant based diet is also very cheap! Unplug your appliances when you’re not using them. We also reuse jars like you and I actually LOVE it! For the longest time we were buying pasta sauce (I make it now). We always bought the same brand. So now I have this fancy looking pantry with all my coordinating jars for free! Less proud moment- my husband once used stolen condiment packets to make deviled eggs for Christmas 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️We were young, forgive us! 😂

    21. Weird and wacky is right! 🤣 I was shocked about not using toilet paper! I don’t care about giving up much of anything else, but I’ll never give up TP!!! I remember the old people saying they used corn cobs and pages of the Sears catalog in the early days … think outhouses! No scratchy stiff paper please! 🤣🤣🤣

    22. You can make your own powdered sugar! It’s the exact same as granulated. I never buy powdered sugar; I just pop some regular sugar in my blender to grind it finer.

    23. Get wet bags, folks, to put used reusable toilet paper in, so the smell doesn’t escape while you are getting through enough of it to be worth putting the washing machine on for.

    24. I shave my own head, save approx. $200 annually. Also I cook at home instead of eating out. And lastly, I use every last drop of the handwash and bodywash by putting some water inside bottle and stirring it and voila!

    25. Hi Dana! I only wash my hair once a week. I took a month and slowly stretched out the times between until I got to once a week. It saves shampoo. I made a natural dry shampoo to use if I need it between wash times.

      Also – I make my own kombucha – and that SCOBY definitely gets scary looking. 😆

    26. I coupon. We have a huge stockpile and I have spent very little. If you coupon, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, shampoo and tampons are all super cheap and sometimes free.

    27. when trying to save money, DO NOT go to the casino. lol Meals would be offered to lure you and your wallet to the casino.

    28. We reused the water or bathed the kids together when they were little too. I remember bathing with my brother when I was little. Used to dumpster dive when I was a kid too-sort of….didn’t go into dumpsters just walked along looking at what people took the curb. Cut my three boys’ hair and my husband’s hair for years. FREE samples at Sam’s Club. I wash my hair twice a week.

    29. Hi Dana . i look forward to your videos every week. thank you. “no Poo” refers to not using shampoo. some people actually just use conditioner instead. But they do was their hair.

    30. We’ve tried to go almost completely paperless. No paper towels, napkins, paper plates, or plastic cups/cutlery. Cuts back our grocery bill. We were blasting through these items for convenient and creating a ton of waste as well. We also reduced our trash can size by half. I say “almost” because I’m afraid to cut toilet paper. 😬

    31. I find that some of these money saving things save very little for the effort it takes, especially saving water. Also, not eating out at all is cheaper than overpaying at the restaurant and steal a few ketchup packets. We also barely use any condiments, so we go thru about one bottle of each in a year, and most of it used by guests. Lol. Free samples take too much time, and I would rather be earning money or sleeping.

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