$350-450 Entry Level Gaming PC Build | Ryzen 2200g (Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5 Benchmarks & MORE)

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve done an “all new parts” build. Let’s break the streak with this build using AMD’s new budget oriented Raven Ridge APU.

    00:00 – Intro
    01:10 – Parts Summary
    06:58 – Price Discussion
    08:18 – Overclocks
    08:57 – Benchmarks
    12:34 – Conclusion

    Entire build sequence for this PC:

    Use Windows 10 for Free:

    HUGE thanks to Cooler Master and Team Group for helping make this build possible:

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    100 Replies to “$350-450 Entry Level Gaming PC Build | Ryzen 2200g (Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5 Benchmarks & MORE)”

    1. Please make a video on explaining windows 10 lite edition. If it is possible for you, kindly make a windows 10 lite edition (with latest feature and stable) for us.. Thanks in advance ….

    2. I just build a second-hand pc for 400$ (g4560+mobo+8gb ram, 1tb hdd, gtx 1050ti, old cooler master case+psu combo)

    3. I literaly just built almost the exact system on Friday except just a single 250 GB SSD. Being used just for office work.

    4. How recommended is it to add extra fans into the case, especially if your not going to overclock? I stuck with one extra on the front to work with the one already on the case at the back but I could add more to the front and top of my case. Does it make that much of a difference in normal use?

    5. Your CineBench score is way too low, I got much higher on ASUS Prime B350 Plus, set all on Auto even the RAM (yup XMP was off) I got score of 556 in multithreaded. When I have XMP set on 2933 I only get few extra points so I didn’t care much especially system is set to be used by my parents

    6. Oh so wait a minute, if I were to get the 2400g, and buy 8 gbs of ram, does that mean the igpu will take up 4 gigs/ill only have 4gigs of system ram?

    7. Sponsored content is worth less than nothing
      Any recommendations this guy gives is going to be tainted by the fact that he was supplied with components by the manufacturer
      If you are looking for objective assessments of hardware then clearly this channel can’t provide them

    8. How come every time I see a Pentium build it is so much faster even though the ryzen is supposed to be faster.

    9. well nice build you have done there really love that case sadly came to maket little to late for me ;( was kind of sweet little box and i would go whit the handle personnally make possible to make breading room in the bottom love that kind of mesh everywhere also fun feature to be able to put the front aio anywhere.Did never saw those team groupw on footage they look nicer than in picture would consider than when price get some where descent though because drr4 are inflated like crazy let’s hope the price drop since may consider those team group one since they would fit well whit there neutral color

    10. HANDLES!! Handles are the best. Love Macs or hate ‘em, I’ll still maintain that the best computer case ever made was for the G3 and G4 Power Macs.

    11. Any chance of a video comparing “What power you get” for the dollars.
      Ryzen 2200G vs old Quad+260x
      And how far we have come…TDP/PWR wise.

    12. I always go on ebay and search for “Windows 10 OEM key” I always get them for under $10 and they email you the key within 5 min

    13. i literally found a $200 pc on gumtree
      $100 for an 8c8t zeon 4ghz, 16 gb 1800 ddr3 ram ecc probably 240gb ssd includes mobo and 500 psu and a dell old case

      and for another $100 you can get anything from a radeon hd 7980 to a gtx 780ti if your lucky

      so why go for current gen if your on a budget? go for a pc build from 5 years ago, aslong as its minimul 4c4t and oc to 4ghz you should be fine, and you can even get 32 gb ddr3 ram for the cost of 8gb ddr4 ram
      all you need to do is upgrade the gpu over time

    14. G4560 with some cheap ass motherboard and ddr4 ram is much better option.
      Throw gtx750 ti or gt 1030 in it and you are good to go.
      No overclockable motherboard,no high speed ddr4 dual channel kit,no expensive psu required……

      By the way pretty good video.☺☺

    15. Nerd on a Budget You can get licenses for a lot less off of kinguin a few other channels have done it, and I have done it myself. No problem, and is only like 20-30 bucks. There is a small performance boost with none free windows 10 also, and pro is super efficient.

    16. If your budget is that low you should be worrying about buying food and paying rent. Save your money until you can get a used deal (cheaper)or buy something better or both! Thanks for the vid Danny.

    17. MSI and Team doesn’t have 3000mhz RAM kit supported on their QVL. Please confirm the speed that you got them to work at in your build.
      BTW I love the handles.

    18. Nerd on a budget, builds a decent pc on a budget, psu and the ram is different on my 2200g build, last part should arrive later today, can’t wait for it, thank you for this video dan !

    19. That’s a pretty cool case for $40. I definitely like having handles, maybe not all the time but being able to pop them on when needed is nice. I also just like smaller cases for being able to carry them, put them on your desk and not look supremely awkward and just since they don’t waste as much space.

    20. I was wonder if you could help me pick the parts for my first pc? im 14 and can only spend around 500 to 600 and i want to start pc gaming for games like cs go rainbow six siege and some triple a titles

    21. i can completely vouch for the windows 10 unactivated 🙂 i built two computers for friends who are currently using it. one for a couple months and 1 for a year ! it’s going strong 🙂

    22. Handles would be nice. Even if they were used only to raise the case up a bit higher off of the floor. I have a large dog. I am starting a cleaning schedule for my PC. I waited six months after building to perform the first cleaning. Next cleaning will be at three months, (June), and the schedule will be adjusted as necessary after that cleaning.

    23. It’s mind blowing that just a little chip can handle games like that, wish this existed in 2015 when i needed a gaming pc for 250 dollars :(. (wasn’t good with pcs so wasn’s comfortable buying used). Anyways, great video as always, have a great day!

    24. I just actually started overclocking my 2200g build today. its a great build for what its going to be used for (shop pc for work and nephew might do some lite gaming on it). but I did splurge a little on the mobo. I went with the gigabyte b350 gaming 3. went with that for possibly future upgrades to the computer. have about 550$ total with monitor keyboard and mouse.

    25. I like the handles but not for a cheapo build like this.
      I would upgrade the ram to 16gb with 2666-3000mhz and the ssd should be at least 240gb if it is in the budget. And as soon as the miners sell all their gtx1060s for 100$ it would be a great upgrade.
      The 2400g would only make sense if its only ~30$ more than a 2200g. I prefer more and faster ram with the 2200g and later upgrading to a better cpu like a 2600x when future games need it.

    26. did you only increased soc voltage? how about APU GFX voltage? just leave it at 1.1?
      and also how you can display gpu temp? im using asrock ab350 pro 4 bios p 4.70 and the igpu usage and temp still glitched (temp shows 0c and usage number is all over the place)

    27. Add rainbow 6 siege for the benchmarks. It’s a game with quite the graphics but it isn’t an open world game so testing it would add more variety. Thanks and yeah, nice video.

    28. Hey Danny can you teach me on how can I improve playing games with my laptop? It’s HP NOTEBOOK 14-AC178TU. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. THANK YOU!

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