45 Survival/SHTF Tips!

  • Howdy, here’s some pretty handy survival tips that may just save your buttocks.

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    Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and camping.

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    Video requests are welcome – if you’d like to see a particular skill that I’ve not yet shown then feel free to leave a comment. Anything from fire-building, friction fire, fire from natural materials, tinders, charring, wild edibles, plant identification, fungi/slime mold identification, medicinal plants, wilderness first aid and wound treatment, camp cooking, water filtration and purification, natural shelter building, shelter building with synthetic materials, navigation without a compass, improvised compasses, primitive weaponry, primitive trapping, gear reviews and gear requests.


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    1. They say it’s illegal to gather rainwater, but what they mean by that is digging a big pond sized hole on your land and filling it with rainwater. Some idiots out West destroyed an ecosystem doing that. But if you just collect rainwater with a small barrel no one cares.

    2. Wait Wait Wait! Listen, I know it sounds crazy but….. What if I told ya that you ca start a fire with a lighter?

    3. Tobacco is a excellent barter item. Grow your own. It really is easy and very rewarding. This is the best deal out there for quality seed.  

    4. SOS is NOT the international distress signal.
      6 blasts on a whistle followed by 2 minutes silence
      6 flashes of light
      6 taps on a pipe
      etc. etc.
      To reply to this distress signal you simply give
      3 blasts of a whistle
      3 flashes of light
      3 taps on a pipe
      etc etc immediately.
      Trying to make SOS as a signal if you are hurt ,cold or just panicking is a bloody difficult thing to do.Telling people to do so is irresponsible.
      Most modern (if not all modern) search aircraft have some version of F.L.I.R (Forward Looking Infra Red) or light enhancement which can peer into the darkness & pick up your infra red light signal so putting a glow stick on a piece of paracord is useless unless the glow stick is one that emits infra red light.All they will see from the air is some loon making like bloody windmill.

    5. In addition to peanut butter as a solid survival food carry an similar tub with coconut butter in it, it is really good for you as a food, can be used as an anti fungal for your feet if you get them wet and can be used to protect dried burnt skin in small amount. ( more as a deterrant to cracking than sun tan lotion).

    6. Animals aren’t generally any better at processing dirty water than third world humans. Just nobody gives a fuck if a warthog only lives for 6 years instead of 20, and they don’t care either as long as they fuck first

    7. Isn’t it the heavy shit at the bottom and light shit at top to buy most of the weight on your hip or is that just for bags with hip supports

    8. Tip: always carry matches (not waterproof) ’cause they can be used to start fires and can be used as kindling

    9. I’d say get a gun, depending on where you live it is well worth getting a license and i don’t know of any country other than China/North Korea/Japan that makes it overly hard to get a simple shotgun. In winter where the only things to eat are animals it would be a god send to have a firearm and it can even save your life from say a bear if you get the right ammo, birdshot will likely piss it off

    10. You are my favorite youtube channel. I think the watch tip at 0:32 is incredibly handy. Quick question though, if you’re in the south hemisphere, would it be reversed?

    11. looking good man glad someone is teaching people this my gear is more tactical survival but everyone should learn this stuff

    12. Always carry a mirror, its important to look good when youre rescued, oh and you can use it to signal to rescuers.

    13. Cheers for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Lammywalness Your Dream Guide (google it)? It is a good exclusive product for discovering how to get a a FREE Edt multitool survival tool without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

    14. I do like all these survival/shtf videos. the thing is, when it happens, its going to happen fast. most survivors will be in such a hurry, they probably won’t have time to grab their shoes. people caught in tornadoes are often found naked. people in forest fire areas are usually leaving so fast, the barely have time to get their car keys. earthquake victims are busy looking for their family/friends in the rubble wearing nothing but their underwear. only the highly aware will have anything resembling their bug out bag, or survival kit. wartime will have survivors killing others for their preps.

    15. For the bleach. Only use regular non scented . The scented crap or other bleach products have diff chemilcals that can make u sick.

    16. Golly, who would suspect a dude in the middle of the woods with a guitar case? especially during the apocalypse.

    17. A large triangle is also a universal distress signal. Drawn in the dirt with your foot, laid out with logs, etc. A fire at each corner helps as well if you have the means.

    18. Allie, you really should quit smoking. I know it isn’t going to be easy, but it will be like becoming a new person, trust me. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death(at least here in the States), and quitting will definitely be worth it.

    19. Haha # 420 blaze it that’s awesome I’ve always thrown a few joints in bag out bag whether it’s for me or someone in distress it’s a great iteam that’s over looked

    20. Dam good info…thanks been thinking about going into the back woods and mountains in the island of Puerto Rico

    21. I got a good tip. If you’re tired and you want to go to sleep but you are having trouble doing it. Run as fast as you can to a tree with your head pointing to hit first. Don’t stop, if you do, you’re a pussy, be a man about it. That’s how I go to sleep when I have trouble doing it. Everyone does that, right…

    22. i have found that a similar trick to the tin foil is to use newspaper, its also possible to use the newspaper as additional insulation by wadding it into the shirts and pants sleeves.

    23. love your channel, got a few good ideas from your video so i thought I’d mention “fire lighter cubes” the ones you use to get a barbecue going, handy as fuck and so easy to set alight, also they burn for quite a while, obviously they are highly flammable and stink of “flammablness” (should be a word) but i keep mine in several ziplock bags then wrap it up in duct tape

    24. incase anyone was wondering about the *illagel water collection of rain water law*
      its only busnisses that arnt allowd to collect it (the reason they made that law is cuz many car washs used rain water insted of city water to so it would be cheaper, but the city couldnt tax rain water so they just ban using rain water) but for the average joe its perfectly fine to collect rain water for things like gardening, drinking water for animels, ect

    25. Dont use bleach with perfumes or scents. Avoid special forms of thickened bleaches and ones premixed with other chemicals. The only bleach that should be used is regular bleach.

    26. THE SHIT has ALREADY hit the fan, and we’re just sitting on our gawd dam hands. White people are a global minority, making up less than 10% of the global population, and we’re being attacked on a regular basis in our own countries by “Protected classes” of people. Darkies. You know, those who are identified as “Minorities”. The Shit has Hit The Fan. WHEN are we going to start fighting?

    27. Chop off your balls and suspend them from a high branch in a tree to be used as bait to attract bears. Once a bear falls for your trickery sneak up behind it and steal its babies to be eaten later or sold into slavery.

    28. Mostly good tips, but I suspect anyone so ill prepared as to need them won’t know them, and can’t make use of them if they do know them.

      The guitar case is silly. It’s uncomfortable, it won’t carry all the gear you need, and in a real SHTF situation, everyone is a target, including someone carrying a guitar case.

      Putting rocks around a fire is not always safe. Some types of rock will explode if they get to hot, and any rock that’s wet is dangerous. All rocks are at least a little porous and soak up enough water to explode. It might not kill you, but I used to know a man who lost an eye this way.

      You’re carrying glow sticks and paracord, but not a compass, or matches, or any fire starting material except a lighter with no fluid?

      Collecting rainwater for drinking is only illegal in a couple of areas, and then only if you do so on a massive scale.

      As for purifying water, if you have any sense at all about the water you choose, nothing is less dangerous than drinking water straight from a stream or lake, or using it to wash wounds. Only on YouTube are people so terrified of water than tens of millions of people swim in all summer long. In doing so, the ingest a surprising amount of water, they also get it in their eyes, ears, noses, and, uh, other bodily orifices.

      On top of this, three million people in America drink unfiltered, unpurified water every day because that’s all they have, along with an unknown but definitely large number of people who simply choose to do so. Sickness is not a problem with either group.

      As for breaking sticks, don’t be silly. That’s an excellent way to get injured, and just not at all smart. Even if you don’t have an axe or saw, use the crotch of a tree, or two trees close together, to break the wood. Doing so by kicking the wood is stupid.

      As for cigarettes, the effects are so incredibly minor is the great majority of people that they can barely be measured in a lab, if at all. Cigarettes may kill you, but I now several world class marksmen and snipers who have smoked for years.

      Even the good tips here shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence, or the same book, as bugout bags. If you have to bug out, and need to rely on tips like these, you are going to die.

    29. Hi Alfie, have you actually used bleach to purify water? I enjoy your videos and take them as the gospel’s, but I’ve read to use plain bleach when treating H2O instead of its scented counterparts. Thanks in advance! Love ya!

    30. Smarties….woohaaahaaaahaaaa
      If shtf,at least you die happy…
      I live i the netherlands,so my bugoutpack contains 100 aaa grade marijane seeds….stay happy after shtf

    31. Also carry cigars for traveling in the bush because when you travel you can burn the cigar and walk for a mass amount of distance and keep heat. and keeps Mosquitos away has a strong smell so it makes it easier for dogs and people to find you by scent, and you can bring fire from one location to the next. Safe surviving- carter

    32. I know a couple of handy tips:
      1) Don’t get lost or injured in a remote location with no phone reception
      2) Failing that, carry an EPIRS/EPIRB emergency beacon

      Of course these tips are for civilians – they wouldn’t be much use for a military bod trapped behind enemy lines.

    33. that kn to miles trick is brilliant [ know when you werre taught something and just plain forgot, well your vids are a great reminder and theres always new suff] thannks

    34. The laws against collecting rainwater do not apply to a life saving survival situation. And it is only a few western states that have them—because they are worried about violating priority for ground water usage: These laws were all passed when the relationship between rain and ground water was less well understood (only 3% makes it to ground water). These laws should be disregarded in a serious survival situation.

      Also, the collection process has to be rather large: Here is an example.

    35. 《… at some rave, popped up on smarties …》€urope is fun, for outdoors adventure, not undone in £ondon. ¥es, sir. Km: m :: 5:3… Windbreak,

    36. Mikes: km:: 3:5
      Windbreak. ESWN: UP, RIGHT, DOWN,LEFT…
      LOWER LIMB of Moon points toward Equator.
      《..at a rave, popped up on smarties 》 from the comments, I see that some folk are fixated on their fantasy version of cold,hard, and wet.

    37. Just a looser carrying a guitar lol I have about $20,000 in gear for guitar you bet I’m taking that shit with me

    38. “Carry cash with you, surely with all hell breaking loose in America, McDonald’s and Burger King will still be open” Yeah, and in Great Britain, I’m sure there will still be pubs and taverns open with all hell breaking loose. Check mate

    39. I have a lot

      Pack plastic wrap (solar still, kindling)
      Pack emergency blankets they work more than just once
      If you find a shopping cart in a store put all the supplies you need in the cart to save energy
      Never where cotton
      Bring a person that is an opposite sex for repopulation
      Use birth control when resources are scarce 😜
      Fish moxicellin can be used for infections
      If you are going into teen years like me make sure you are around your sex enough to not have to many kids but still remember to repopulate
      Ibuprofen is good for girls when they are on there periods
      Pack a hygiene kit
      If you don’t have a toothbrush you can use pine needles
      When you run out of TP you can use a soft pine cone or a ball of grass
      Put charcoal on your bandana when filtering to get rid of chemicals
      Pack a chartin
      Pack duct tape and you know all the uses for it alfie
      Pack a first aid kit
      If you have 2 coins smack them together for a squirrel call
      Pack a fishing kit
      Pack snare wire
      If food is low give it to the children and the people finding the food
      Crush up crystallized pine resin put it in water and you got an antiseptic
      Learn a type of martial art you never know when someone disarms you and you need to fight
      Pack a full tang knife
      Pack a multitool I like leathermans because you use them for snare traps and getting the hook out of fish
      I learned this the hard way do not eat lavender unless you are going to die that shit taste stays in your mouth for like 5 hours
      Stinging nettle is high in iron so eat it if you have lost a lot of blood
      Go watch alfies fungis videos
      If constipated you can wash warm water over the anus to help you poop
      Make sure you don’t try to repopulate with a girl if she is on her period you are gonna get slapped
      Peanut butter is high in nutrients, last forever, and is good bait for rabbit squirrel and mice
      Alcohol, cigarettes, and the drug lean are all good for an all is lost situation
      Pack a tourniquet
      Pack quick clot for major cuts that are not as major for a tourniquet but still major
      High carbon metal and roofing tar make a good Kevlar vest it is heavy but they can stop 12 gauge bullets
      Pack a snake venom sucker
      Pack a scalpel this is good for cutting the cord at a newborns stomach connected to the vagina
      A lock can be used as brass knuckles
      Bring friends with you also bring their couple so everyone can have kids and then your kids can have kids and then so on
      Always learn how to put a person in a headlock or an arm bar just in case if they are out of control and you don’t want to hurt them
      Improvise everything you have
      WD-40 combined with a lighter is a small makeshift flamethrower
      If you have a community to feed and you find a herd of buffalo get some people wearing wolf pelt behind and facing the heard and a cliff get some people in buffalo pelt on the other side the people with wolf pelt on will start howling and running at the buffalo the people in the buffalo skin will run toward an cliff and jump off and grab onto ropes the buffalo will run off the cliff and then you have food the native Americans used this and it is called the buffalo jump (also works with yak)
      If you find fireweed there is most likely flint around it
      Pack bear spray
      Burn pine needles in your fire mosquitoes hate the smell and won’t be around your camp
      Some things you think you wouldn’t hunt can be good sources of protein for example raccoon, skunk, or beaver
      If you have aquatic traps near land have a tin can or bottle on a rock or tree stump attached to the trap the can should fall over and make a loud sound when the trap is triggered
      When you have a baby with no teeth feed the female more so breastmilk is made easier do the same when she is pregnant
      Another way instead of breastmilk is do what the birds do chew up the food and drop it into the babies mouth
      Pack a first aid book
      Kiss your couple often to keep happy also kissing is good for the heart and lungs
      Sleeping with your couple (I mean actual sleeping) will keep you warm and influence repopulating
      Do not shave your legs or face they will keep you warm
      Pack a survival book I packed the SAS survival guide
      Learn primitive skills
      Doctors say sleep on your left side but I say sleep however you want
      Don’t worry if you are fat that just means you will be warmer and go longer without food
      Never make eye contact with animals they will think you are a threat
      If you find a metal box you can make an oven to bake pies (you can make an oven out of flat stones or aluminum foil)
      Don’t waste money on buying a flashlight for your gun just simply duct tape one to the barrel
      Tape a flashlight to your shoulder for a makeshift headlamp on your shoulder
      If a flashlight has a pants clip you can clip it to a ball cap for a headlamp
      I have 55 water purification tablets in my bug out bag I also pack bleach I don’t need fire for days
      Fill your canteens and hydration pouches up before the grid goes down
      Filter your water before you boil it to get out big chunks of dirt and get out chemicals
      Pack tea light candles
      Pack smalls bags of sugar and salt they are free when you go to a restaurant
      Pack some bags of tea
      Your bandana also can be used as a washcloth and tea bag
      You can make a rain catcher and feeding trough out of smooth bark off of birch or pine trees
      Make a slit in a hanging root and put a container under it and you got clean water
      When you are at your bug out location take the battery out of your car and get jumper cables to start fire
      If you don’t have a siphon just put a gas can under the gas pipe and then poke a hole in it for the gasoline also good because most cars are siphon proof
      I would recommend owning an off roading car or an old car from the 1950s this is because you can off-road with one and one will work in an emp
      Pack an extra pair of wool socks to prevent trench foot
      Pack a towel or shammy
      Pack a portable shower let it charge up in the sun and you got a warm shower
      So many people forget to pack soap and hand sanitizer in their hygiene kit
      Pack vinyl gloves in your first aid kit

      That is all alfie I hope you see this

    40. Tip. I never knew it but Liz Claiborne has some survival mentality. I have a sweater made from the best fabric! 60% Wool & 40% acrylic. It insulates great when wet because of the Wool yet dries fast from the acrylic! It’s pretty soft plus it has so many pockets too! 😀

    41. Tip for blisters anywhere but feet. Don’t pop them at all if possible. They will eventually dry and harden then turn into a scab and fall off. I’ve had this happen many times. No open wound to worry about.

    42. Mustard…Carry for 1st and 2nd degree burn…not for serious 3rd degree burns or open wounds. I don’t know why it works but mustard stops the pain within minutes and reduces the possibility of blistering, I’ve been using it for years, burned myself on fire rings, camp stoves etc,. put mustard on it…pain lasted a few minutes then everything was gone. I carry mustard packets I get from fast food restaurants or you can squeeze some out of a larger bottle into a smaller plastic bottle or bag. All I can say is… try it, you’ll be amazed and I don’t know why EMT’s don’t carry it….usual disclaimers.

    43. Use warm stones from the fire surround to heat up bedding or dry out wet boots, first making sure the stones haven’t absorbed water, or they’ll explode in the fire.

    44. The Uk is too small a country to reasonably prep for. There is isn’t much space to bug out to. Plus it’s a island. If or when SHTF happens the people there are stuck there. With most available means of transport not available. Sucks to be them.

    45. Oi! Thanks for everything, you cheeky bastard!… You seem a decent bloke and I would like to camp-out with ya someday. However, the issue of packing heavy items high, light ones low is backwards. A low center of gravity will reduce your propensity to fall should one become imbalanced. Always go heavy down low.

    46. You can also depending on your area dig a hole in the ground near a water source and it will purify it ad long as nothing gets into it because its groundwater but its a bit risky

    47. The militarty time of noon in Universal Time times 15 is your longetude.  In the Northern hemisphere the angle from level of the North Star is your lattitude.   Pointing your watches hour hand toward the sun and halfing the distance to 12 is the direction of the equator. South in the Northern Hemisphere, North in the Southern Hemisphere.  If confused, you cannot see the north star in the Southern Hemisphere.  Further the sun travels from east to west in all places in the world.  You can use the motion of shadows over an hour to find east and west.
      This works so well that you can check your compass for magnetic deviations with it. 

      Note: GPS signals do not penetrate forrest trees rather well.  In a forest it actuallly is a bit more useful to use an altemeter and a compass.  Marking the direction of the nearest visible peak and your altitude it is very easy to find your spot on wildnerness maps that contain your local peaks and altitude elevation lines.  Electronics can have troubles with extreme cold or hot conditions, move them in to your pockets to keep them away from temperature extremes.  Keep your watch near your skin and not outside your jacket.  If you care how hot or cold it is, the temperature sensor on some watches is not going to be deeply accurate as it is also affected by those temperature extremes.  It is better if it measures your skin temperature as it may warn you about pre-hypothermic (too little heat) or hyperthermic (too much heat) conditions of your body.

      The majority of heat transport above 100K is actually optical (infrared).  
      On a scale of 0 to 1 clothing emits or looses more heat.
      – Skin: emissivity 0.999
      – Good Jacket: emissivity 0.45
      – Foil: emissivity 0.1 

      Never let foil or space banket touch your skin.  Get a cloth, napkin, wood or plastic barier to prevent countact and then wrap the space blanked around the outside.  Wrapping multiple space blanket layers inside one another helps so long as they do not touch each other.

      You: Cloth: Space blanket: Cloth: Spaceblanket:Cloth: Water-proof tarp.  The savings of heat loss multiplies per layers of space blanket.  two layers = 0.1 * 0.1 = 1% heat loss compared to bare skin.  Some extra heat is lost based on the material between the space blankets if these touch anything.  This should drop your heat losses down to somewhere from 3% to 1%  of bare skin and be better than wearing two good coats at the same time.   Space blanks stop heat transport both ways.  They can help something warm stay warm, they can help something cold stay cold.  If you do not have a space blanket, foil is a good substitute, just as before never let it touch you.  You need about three to four square meters of foil or space blanket to cover your entire body per layer.  With three layers, I could protect a person from the open arctic, the snow beneath you might not even melt all day.  Five layers can protect a satellite from the chill of space.

    48. There is no need for the metric shit only America and I think one or two 3rd world country uses that way out dated shit go metric all ready america fuck

    49. Lol when he was talking about breaking the logs by force I thought of the line “take my Twix by force” from mans not hot btw if you see this in 2018 you’ll probably understand

    50. You don’t live in America on 1 of your videos you had a English patch on your bag and there was bottles that said Asda on and there’s no asda in America it’s Walmart

    51. Amazon, $16, MOTION DETECTOR . Ya have to sleep, whether a tent or room it will give ya time to grab a gun. Until then, your sneak out teen will hate it.

    52. Got one sometimes no 2 popular idea Wear a Topper or A bonnie hat keeps bugs off and head warm plus good 4 many other uses as well & bandana R great 2 have 4 many reasns 1st aid item-cooling cloth, breath thru it if wildfire etc etc 😉 Great videos TY

    53. AlfieAesthetics I love every last one of your videos; and pine for new ones. I’m surprised you didn’t mention high content wool clothing and blankets. Wool is a natural fiber that keeps one warm, even when it’s wet. I have a ton of extra thick hiking socks as well as a couple 90% wool blankets I got on amazon for $35. Spread the word darling💗 keep up the great vlogs💗

    54. Breaking wood in that fashion could potentially cause a rolled ankle. Which could be deadly in a survival situation. Burning the pieces to length is a safer option.

    55. oh right i get it. its an english man talking about how to survive in usa as you are never more than a mile from civilisation in the uk lol.

    56. compelled to say very good no BS straight to the point “FACTUAL” as well and above all quite entertaining love the “hopped up on smarties” oh BTW what air rifle have you got in that pic of your bug out gear?

      stay safe dude, Phil

    57. Fish hooks couple hundred yards of fish string can also be used to stitch urself up (fish wax wire) flash light extra batteries signal mirror … water proof any match by putting some clear nail polish on the tips multiple fire source couple knives

    58. By “tin foil” you actually mean to say aluminum foil or as you Brits say, “alyouminiam” foil. I wonder if tin foil is still available after Hall figured out how to cheaply process aluminum ore using electrical power. Good video!

    59. wear clothes that cover all of your body, you don’t want a laceration the second you brush against a tree

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