5 Tips for Helping Your Office Go Green

  • In today's world, many people are making movements to be more environmentally friendly and live a green lifestyle. There are many ways that you can take "going green" to the office as well. These tips will help you create a lasting environmental impact, no matter where you live.

    1. Arrange a car pool with the people you live near. Car pooling is a great way to reduce gasoline usage and pollution, as you will have fewer cars driving to work. It's also a great way to save money on gasoline! Encourage coworkers to form car pools as well.

    2. Walk or bike to work. Some offices have official "bike to work days", and it's great to get such events started, but even if making them office-wide events is not possible, you can still begin biking or walking to work, if you live close enough. It's great exercise, and cuts down on pollution even more than using a car pool.

    3. Provide reusable dishes and utensils in the break room. If your office has plastic cups, plates, and silverware to use for lunch and snacks, see if everyone will pitch in some money to buy a used set of dishes from a thrift store. Make sure everyone does their own dishes, or set up a schedule for each person to be on dish duty. The amount of trash that the office will keep from being thrown away is overwhelming. In doing this, you should also encourage your coworkers to use reusable containers when bringing their lunch from home; use Tupperware instead of foil and plastic bags.

    4. Start an office-wide recycling program. Place extra bins near each trash can for paper, aluminum, and glass items. Find out how to get recycled products picked up from your garbage collector, or take turns taking materials to the recycling center each week. This is a great way to really cut down on the waste that is produced by the company.

    5. Begin an office sharing program in which everyone can trade gently used items that they are not using anymore. This can be organized online, and members can post when they are searching for something or have something to sell or trade. This is a great way to put something to use that might otherwise get thrown away, and also helps the environment because it keeps people from buying new things and throwing away the tags and extra packaging that frequently companies new products.

    There are countless ways to make a good environmental impact, and these ideas are good ways to get started. Find out which coworkers are also passionate about the environment, and brainstorm more ideas with them to help expand your green efforts in the workplace.

    Source by Britney Fuller

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