8 Essential Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know

  • Want to know how to save more money? These 7 essential money saving life hacks you should know will help you do it! These tips helped us save our first $300,000. Subscribe for more tips on how to find balance, build wealth, and live your happy!

    What Shonday Rhimes Taught Me About Money

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    How We Saved Our First 200K

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    Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your money and enjoy your life.

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    19 Replies to “8 Essential Money Saving Life Hacks You Should Know”

    1. What about asking for a veterans discount? Home Depot and Lowe’s will give a 10% discount to veterans. All you have to do is ask!

    2. Great tips! Tasha, do you do your own hair, or do you pay a hair dresser? I’m thinking about learning to safely flat iron my own hair to save money.

    3. This was so helpful and I love your videos! Would love to see a video about the best way to purchase a car (new, certified used, used, with cash vs financing, etc.) compared to leasing a car.

    4. Thank you for these videos. I am going away to school and i have been breaking down my money and budgeting and figuring where my money will go where i can save and cut out. Etc. These videos help for sure ❤

    5. If I come visit, may I please do Joseph’s  hair? I would love to do a 1980’s style. Really great tips. I especially  like number one.

    6. Love all your advice!!! Also, the very last tip made me giggle because it also applies to taking care of our body. I had a toothache but felt lazy to go to the dentist so I left it like that. A year later I lost my job and with it my health insurance and had to go to the dentist with a major toothache! Lost my tooth and paid $3000 out of pocket to get a bridge done! Felt super miserable after that and definitely learned my lesson!

    7. I have asked this question before but no answer yet. What type of lawyer are you guys a criminal defense lawyer ect?

    8. Thank you for these tips- I love y’alls balanced approach to finances. I’ve been lurking around the personal finance corner of YouTube for so long I finally decided to start my own finance journey channel today. I am definitely intrigued by the FIRE community. I’d love to hear your thoughts on FIRE. 🔥🙌🏻👌🏻

    9. The authors name is spelled wrong. It’s Shonda not Shonday. Agree with the book though. She was awesome to listen to on audio book.

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