AFTER EARTH Survival Tips – Episode 1: Take A Knee

  • In the new movie AFTER EARTH starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, a crash landing leaves Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) and his father Cypher (Will Smith) stranded on Earth, 1,000 years after events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.

    In After Earth Survival Tips, Les Stroud (SurvivorMan- Discovery Channel) will give you tips that will help you make it out alive in a real life survival situation.

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    70 Replies to “AFTER EARTH Survival Tips – Episode 1: Take A Knee”

    1. les stroud, survivorman, haha he just about manages not to die in his week long shows. wanna survive, talk to ray mears!

    2. garbage! film looks over the top will spent way too much for the right to star in this feature all in the attempts to launch jatden’s career

    3. Les always has good advice. He’s one of the “real-deal” survival instructors, not one of the wanna-be’s

    4. I usually do not go for TV guys “BS” but I have, “been there” a few times (to a moderate extent) and, yeah … Logic and calm seem to be the first casualties and it can creep-up and get much worse, before you realize it … hypothermia kind of does the same thing, in a different way. Without a modicum of logic, we are toast. the other weird thing about fear and the confusion that ensues … It happens to big, tough guys, with skills, too … You have to “go there” to inoculate yourself.

    5. funny how f.e. pediepie just makes gameplays and has 7 million subs, but the channel about will smiths movie only has 1800 subs and prolly cost 200 times more

    6. I viewed it 3 weeks ago, when it had like 11 views. Didn’t even have that 301+ mark. S’all good…I figured it would have thousands of views soon enough. This movie is gonna be huge! 🙂

    7. This man is a Canadian National Treasure or at least should be. The man simply does not panic, even when being hunted unarmed by cougars, even when having his feet eaten away by insidious fungus, even when having to walk over glaciers after recent snowfalls…This man rocks. Without ego, without 6 packs and hair gel he is a normally fit man for his age, with a positive attitude who is a natural teacher. I would follow him gladly in a crash situation.

    8. Only the weak ill informed and ill prepared should stay out of the woods…that will leave more room for the people who use and KNOW HOW to enjoy the woods…I would rather be in the sticks any day than be stuck in a big city cesspool !!!

    9. So Les Stroud needed to come up with his own “Take a Knee” monologue, rather then just call it what the Army calls it Stop, Think, Observe, Plan (Proceed) STOP.

      Got to love what copyright laws have done to our country. Everyone has to come up with their own bullshit way of saying what they learned from someone else to be able to make a buck from it.

    10. How to take a knee step 1 find your friend. step 2: get a knife step 3 : cut his knee of. those are 3 steps to take a knee.

    11. man what the hell les stroud. You are the coolest guy ever why the hell are you grouping yourself with this after earth garbage.

      After earth might have been good if it was just les stroud surviving. It would be the ursas running for their life.

    12. After earth would been better had Will Smith, should have used the computer to take one of the dead victim, veins, bones and replace his unrepairable leg. And walk again near like he used to

    13. Too bad the movie fucking sucked.
      But… when you seriously don’t understand that “Cypher Raige” is not a name a normal person could say / write / think while laughing a bit… well, then there’s not much to expect from the rest of the movie.

    14. I feel a bit misled by the title of this video.  When I saw  the words”After Earth Survival Tips”, I naturally assumed it meant ways of surviving having to watch After Earth.

    15. A good series of advice to develop a foundation to build your advanced survival skills from, it might seem a little cinematic, however knowing where the drama starts and stops is the simplest way to avoid making a bad decision in a true survival situation.

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