AFTER EARTH Survival Tips – Episode 2: How To Survive Cold

  • Watch host Les Stroud show you how to survive the freezing cold.

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    1. I would love to see a survival video of an urban survival. Like in a case of EMP strike or massive power outages. In an urban situation like that how would one survive the cold gather food. Unlike being in the woods where there is ample supply of wildlife,berries,wood for fuel/cover etc.. In an urban setting where humans as well as you are competing for survival how would you handle that?

    2. I saw something sort of like that on a show. It was on the discovery channel or something about Apocalypse Survival. While it was about if you had approached a nearly deserted city what showed you do/supplies you should gather type of thing.

    3. Dried leaves wouldn’t catch fire. Other than the fact that they’re carrying moisture even after they’ve dried up, most of the crap they’re composed of at that point isn’t flammable. Try starting a fire for yourself using leaves… it isn’t going to work, even if you have a giant torch.

    4. Not sure how you feel about him, but Bear Grylls did an urban survival episode on Man VS Wild while it was still on Discovery. You can probably find it online.

    5. Les have actually done that. I think it’s called survivorman urban disaster or urban survival..

    6. I would get out of the city as fast as possible, you know how humans would react, the robberies, murders, but if i had to stay at home or in a city, i would also like to see a video! guess its more about your awareness, scavenging skills and also self defence in a city…

    7. I have a book on it. Teaches urban, desert, forest, arctic. Teaches about shelter, hunting/foraging, crafting tools.

    8. Yeah If you have food storage and a plan for defense I think venturing out unnecessarily a bad idea. Getting out of the city is not really a plan. I mean in a case of Economic collapse its not like money will mean much even if you have it,it will be useless. I would also assume people will be on edge and if you went out into the country you might be seen as an invader and shot rather quickly.

    9. It would be cool, but it would be better if an international problem happened, but not one to do with zombies.

    10. He makes a fire, and then climbs into an extremely combustible object. Good job! You’ve managed to avoid drowning.

    11. Awesome, I can’t wait to make a bed of dry leaves and put it right next to my fire! Nothing can go wrong! 

    12. Just remember not to build a shelter like that next to a fire or you will burn to death , the only thing worse then then the cold is fire on your skin

    13. Under extremely limited conditions, these ideas would work. It wouldn’t do for people to make broad generalizations from these exercises. Note that you’d have to adopt a ferro-cerium rod as part of your EDC for this to work.

    14. make a hole like Cu Chi tunnel which can help you be eat by dangerous animal and u  be alive in forest

    15. remember to tuck in all clothing wether it’s your shirt or jacket. you can warm your body exponentially by limiting the warm air loss this way

    16. Also, either wear gloves or use a stick to gather up leaves up because you never know if there will be a poisonous snake or some other poisonous critter underneath the leaves.

    17. I would’ve laughed if you didn’t kill the fire and it spreaded and caught your leaf shelter on fire while you were making the video, would’ve been an EPIC FAIL.

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