An Alpine Access Work At Home Workstation

  • Lacey D. shows you around her work at home workstation. She includes some tips on working from home for Alpine Access. To learn more about working for Alpine Access, visit

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    1. Im a little confused, how do you connect the phone do you connect it to your phone jack in the wall or run it to the back of the computer.

    2. its your landline telephone and computer . you need a legit telephone service and a working computer. the calls come in from your landline telephone service like comcast ATT and the such to your house you need the computer for when you are working to ba able to answer calls. there is a program that runs on your computer that you dial into using your landline and that lets them know you are ready to recieve phone calls and then you just wait for the beep and the incoming call notification.

    3. So, the landline will be plugged into the computer? If I understand correctly then, we need a phone that has two jacks? A line to go to the phone and computer…is this correct? I thought the calls will be routed to my LANDLINE. Thanks for any help here. Every time I call concierge, I get a totally different answer.

    4. noo u need one phoneline one jack. its more like you use your phone to call a number. so your single phonwline will be in use this whole time. while dialed into this number it will send you signals for a phonecall from customers . then with their program you push a button and they will be connected to you. you dont need anything connected to your computer

    5. all you need is your one phone line and thats it . nothing hooks up to your computer. not sure what to compare it to here. but like i said you will get a number to call. once you call that number its telling them that youre ready to recieve calls. your phone acts like a reciever and the program that you gets will let you choose which calls to pick up and which to not. your phone will be off the hook this whole time. so any calls coming in from friends or anything should be ignored.

    6. As far as the phone goes, do I need some type of special phone where it has a separate headset jack? Or will I be unplugging the receiver and putting the headset there?

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    8. i am so confused andf screwed
      right now i am supposed to start working tomorrow and i cant find any headsets with usb akl i find plug into mic port and i cant find any with the phone adapter and i have been trying to call concierge serv since fri for help with no response
      can anyone help me

    9. So in your reply, I see the answer to my question, which was: would one need a separate stripped down, basic land line with no features such as call waiting etc. to handle the incoming calls, or is a regular landline which is your primary home phone number (usually including extra features) acceptable, as there is a program in use which deems your phone “busy” so to speak, when you might otherwise be receiving a personal call on that home number? Thanks in advance…Jen

    10. I go the same no help. I need to know what the plug in part is for the home phone headset.. Is it a 2,5mm jack or the same phone port? I wish they not only showed pics of just the headset but what the plug in part looks like.

    11. so is the phone handset unhooked to plug in the headset? trying to figure out how that part has to be wither its the phone plug in or the 2.5mm plug in. something they dont tell you at all. I have wrote and called with no response

    12. you need a special type of telephone that has a headphone jack on the phone and a mute button. planatronics makes quite a few. some phones u can find them build into the phone itself. but usually it is a 2.5mm plugin depending on what phone you are going to get. the reason im sure of that they havent told you about what type of phone is because you buy the phone yourself.

    13. vrtual interview is done online in a virtual room in a group session you can hear everything going on and they interview u all one at a time.

    14. In the welcome email, it states that I am required to have a separate monitor, but those things aren’t cheap. Since another computer would be sent to me during training, would my own personal monitor off my laptop work?

    15. Which headset model do you use? Does noise cancelling work good with that? I believe I can plug the output to my iPhone and talk office calls.

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