#BackToKeto – Day 12 – The Only Thing You Really Need To Lose Weight


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    47 Replies to “#BackToKeto – Day 12 – The Only Thing You Really Need To Lose Weight”

    1. The scale hasn’t moved much but that doesn’t always mean there isn’t progress. The key to weight loss is just ‘DISCIPLINE’. Everything else is secondary. If you can be disciplined with your eating and your workouts, you will see results. Losing weight is not easy, even on Keto it may seem like it’s a walk in the park for some but trust me everyone has had their struggles. You body will never want to lose weight, it goes against the ‘survival’ instinct. So get ready for a fight, work hard, stay disciplined and I promise you, it will yield results. Someones success is not in the numbers but in how you feel and how good your overall health is.

    2. IMO, until the accountability is from within and requires no external prompts, there will always be slip ups and resets, and no freedom even from food, let alone bigger things.

    3. Work out to failure will make most people give up …. You need to get more Endorphine then pain to keep going long term .

    4. We are not perfect , let’s admit that ! Having said that ..I really like your fact on DISCIPLINE!! You said it beautifully 👏👏. Bravo friend and don’t despair ..you can do it , we can do it !!

    5. I’m on week 4 of keto and I haven’t lost much weight – 1-2 kgs but the most important thing to me is that I feel better. I lost 139 pounds over a 3 year period with calorie counting (that was 7 years ago, I have kept it off)- but now I want freedom from counting calories and swapped to Keto – but when I was losing weight, I decided to lose weight and get sponsorship and raised money for charity. I set up a website and logged in once a week. People sponsored me for kilos lost. I donated all the money raised and it was used to help feed many hundreds of Buddhists monks in Tibet. And that accountability really helped me to keep going and stay motivated. I am loving Keto now. I was always hungry before and the thought of going for 16 hours without eating (and to be able to do it pretty easily with IF) is simply amazing to me! And I really like the food. So I try not to get caught up on weight loss expectations – really I am just doing Keto now to maintain my weight loss without counting calories. You are doing an amazing job! Keep going! Keto on! We are your cheer squad!! I always love your messages 🙂

    6. Accountability is good, responsibility for self is better, waiting for things to happen is bad, making things happen is good. Trying to loose weight is tough for those who have an eating monster inside them, we have to lose weight if we are taking the pain. Make it happen, do what needs to be done

    7. Well said Discipline in eating…I think on the macro part it’s very hard to keep an eye on Protein over Fat..Suggest some ideas to keep the protein lower than fat to hit those macros .I am taking 1500kcal everyday .

    8. Your doing great,,,wishing you a super weekend,,,,Me I’m just doing my weekly 48 hour waterfast,,,kinda used to them now,,have fun,,

    9. I tried most diets then mixed ADF,Waterfast,Keto,,,, 2 meals on Mon,We’d Fri at mid day and 4pm,,,1 meal on Tues,Thurs,,Sat,Sun Waterfast break that 48 hour water fast Sunday with dinner,,,,, Prior to my 48 hour fast I have a cheat meal,,,,,,from a 40″ waist I’m a loose 34,, 15st to 12st7lb,,,,,,,mastering waterfast took time and built up week by week,, also each morning I squeeze half a lemon,add tbsp apple cider vinegar,,half teaspoon salt,,,,,,, that’s what I have done 15 months and enjoy it,,,,wishing everyone happiness and awesome weekend,,,big Thanx to Headbangers Kitchen for awesome recipes,,,

    10. Good advise, one other thought is, people have higher expectations for their progress. The progress relates to commitment, my results have been slower 30 lbs in 5 months but it what I can live with long term. Anyone can force weight down, but can it be kept there? Have to think long term goal lifestyle change. I really have been enjoying your recent videos, you have what it takes to be a Utube personality! Please keep it up, great work you have been doing! Thanks

    11. Great Video:
      Discipline: Once you decided that you WILL do it… you will.
      The hardest part about going to the gym, is GOING to the gym. Sticking to a food plan is just an inner resolve to succeed. Keep on Keeping on.

    12. I’ve been doing keto, for 3+ years. At first, it was for weight (30lbs) loss. Then, once that was achieved, it became about general health and well-being… and the deliciousness of keto-friendly whole foods. During my initial keto weight loss phase I installed a macro tracker app, on my phone. It’s also on my current phone and I still use it daily. It’s a matter of habit, now… and has pretty much kept me on track… without much hassle. – The app helps me record and visualize my daily macros, calories, fasting, sleep, water intake, weight, etc. and allows me to adjust my meals, if need be. – I find this to work well for me. Calling a friend – none which are on keto anyway – would be more “inconvenient”. Besides that… when they want to talk about food… it’s typically the kinds that I won’t eat. 😉

    13. Great point on accountability!! So glad to see you again. Pretty sure you are building muscle, which is awesome! Yes keeping a video diary is going to help, it’s a commitment to yourself. Thank you so much for coming back .

    14. Being accountable I understand ,it it true I truly believe unless we have a reason to stick to something it is very easy to go astray . Especially keto .. keto is a very strict life still especially if you are a faster that’s me I do 20:4 been doing it a year .what keeps me motivated is I am a boarder line dietbetic. When I started my A1-c was 8.7 that was March 2018 and know it is 5.6 so that keep me motivated and for to stay on track I will always have to keep my sugar on track. But I have days I say to myself( oh.my word this really suck bull balls). But I feel as time goes on it gets a little easier but I don’t always like it😖. Will this is enough. Keto on my friends and horns up.😊

    15. Im sure you are gaining muscle so dont fret use a measuring tape and see.😊your work outs are changing your body. Keto on.❤

    16. Discipline……so simple but so true…..I’m reminded of Dwayne Johnson. His cheat meals are legendary but the time he puts in at the gym is a testament to his commitment to his workout regime. As usual your jibber jabber is on point and relevant to me. Thanks and have a good weekend.

    17. Hey, to anyone this might help… I finally found a solution that is helping me!! It’s a daily “sobriety” app for whatever goal you are working towards called I AM SOBER. I would highly recommend checking it out. I just started, I love it, and it’s free!!!

    18. Oh no, you’re telling me my Keto Hero is HUMAN???? Eeeks.. ROFL All the more reason to love you!!
      You’re awesome!!! Your recipes make my Keto possible and delicious!!!

    19. Discipline! Yes! And I think it is the diet that is most compatible with your own body that allows you to remain disciplined. For example, I could never go full vegan as it does not satiate me and thus, maintaining the discipline of the regime is impossible for me. Keto, on the other hand, allows me to remain disciplined as it satisfies me. Indeed, whatever works and allows you to keep that discipline will be successful for you. Completely agreed! And BTW…you look great! Keep going!

    20. Started keto 2 mths ago. Not too knowledgeable on it. Lost some Weight so I must be doing something right. Not so easy living in the Caribbean and doing keto. Coconut oil and flour is cheap doh

    21. I’m so happy today because I reached my weight loss goal. I year ago this week I weighed 219 pounds. Today 155. I understand about accountability. That’s why I follow you and others in the Keto community. I use My Fitness Pal also and for me that has really worked. You inspire me because you keep pushing yourself and never giving up. I will keep going because my “Why” is being healthy, not diabetic, and not fat anymore. I’m so happy for you and I know you will conquer all your challenges. Follower for ever❤️!

    22. Hello Sahel, I am encouraged by you and your transparency. You are also quite funny. I agree with you totally that no one diet will work for everyone. I personally have been following a modified keto diet without macros. I have lost 140 lbs overall, gained a substantial amount back, then lost about 45 again. It is all about getting up, dusting yourself off, and starting again. the old “well, I might as well go and eat everything” mentality when a person slips off a little has to leave your mindset in order to be successful. Thank you Sahel.

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