BAREFOOT RUNNING: Become An Injury Free Runner & Lose Weight Fast!

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    1. I’m watching this as my foot is elevated because I sprained the motherfucker from running in my fancy $130 NB shoes. Down 65 lbs in 110 days thanks to fasting

    2. Anyone who has been coached in running knows he is telling the truth. Old HS coach made us run barefoot in Cross country until the races

    3. For the heavy folks out there: before starting to run often, learn to be light on the feet by doing light plyometric exercises and workouts (eventually doing high repetitions). This will help train the achilles tendon to be able to properly absorb and reuse the impact that comes from the feet striking the ground, and if you’re really big and can’t yet physically perform most of these plyo exercises do some jump roping to start teaching the nerves in the feet how to react upon landing (basically the goal is to be as light on the feet as possible, like a cat). Running might be too hard at first for some, but you can get there eventually and you’ll never regret it, especially if you do it right and take the right steps to get there.

    4. I remember Sebastian Foucan (one of the inventors of parkour) advocating this as the ideal way to run long time ago. Modern day running shoes encourage over-striding as well which is the main reason people mess up their knees running.

    5. What is the most optimal form of exercise to lose fat when prolonged fasting, low intensity running or high volume weight training?

    6. all my life I’ve been kicking my shoes off when I wasn’t walking… The office, church, school… My feet arnt as narrow as most people because of it. Maybe I’m not so crazy after all. I’ve always hated shoes.

    7. I run barefoot in the summer quite a bit. you feel the surface properly it’s nice plus a grounding feeling from the earth. is it practical for the average person? no. do low-impact cardio like bicycling etc. especially if you’re overweight. or get minimal shoes – flexible, thin sole, zero drop(heel not elevated). when running, lean forward a little bit so you land fore/mid -foot.

    8. Happy to hear you talk about this. Barefoot running un-fucked my knees (thought I was gonna have to get surgery eventually), improved my ankle flexibility, and really developed my calves. Conventional shoes are terrible: they throw your posture and gait way off. I run in the Xero Shoes Z-Trek Sandals.

    9. How to improve your health in one simple step:

      1) Reject the modern world.

      Sure humans still died of stuff, but only after you toughened your body through hardship and you get sick or injured should you seek out modern medicine.

    10. Vivobarefoot!!! I love their shoes!!
      Yes they are expensive, but very very durable and well made.
      Well worth it.
      Its all i wear and earth runner sandals.

    11. My 12 year old son would love to give you alternative words to use. Other than F$&@. He likes using “son of a 🌵 “.

    12. Cole, I’ve been wearing Vivo Barefoots for over 5 years. You may go through a adaptation period where your lower calves and shins will hurt. After a life of wearing heeled shoes, your muscles need to stretch and become used to a different position and length. Just a heads up.

    13. Cole, great job! It’s great to hear you spread the truth when so many lies are told everyday by the mainstream.
      The only thing you still have to get over though is the evolution myth. But since you’re a curious guy who likes to do a lot of research I believe it’s just a matter of time for you to realize that darwinism is a hoax. One of the greatest of all time.

    14. HEY FATTY! I have plantar facitis from mainstream shitty shoes. Should I go straight to vibram shoes or is it gonna make the problem worse? Thanks Cole!

    15. As a dancer I will attest to this!! Belly dancing requires toe striking and definitely builds the calves.. In fact all Modern Dancers you see are toe striking. Try flying across the room with your legs in the splits like a ballerina and land on your heel.. You will seriously fukk yourself!! I would do drills and drops always on my tippy toes. Wow!! Cole ive had chronic foot pain my my arch for almoat 6 yrs and been trying to recover with exercises abd avoid doctors.. I thought it was nerve pain it came as shocks and used to stop me in my tracks. Its gotten way better but it still freezes and spasms at times. Time to get back to what I loved and build those calves and start dancing. Ive never tried Vibrams I will get some when I can.

    16. I have the vibram five finger shoes. I just started wearing Altras because I back pack and need good hiking shoes. They have “zero drop” and the shoes is completely flat. No heel raise.

    17. great info cole, fucking running shoes will have you pounding your heel for miles rather than using your inbuilt spring (toes, arch, achilles tendon, calves).

    18. Sexaaay! 😘 I’ve always liked going barefoot… Except walking through a field full of cow’s 🤔
      Blessings to you Sir Cole,
      Washington State USA

    19. I don’t know why but I like that dude, probably because he is a tough guy with a sensitive heart who likes to help people.

    20. Cole, how about those of us who were born with flat feet? (I have an especially flat ones, no curve at all) – I am concerned running bare footed is going to create too much of an impact on my spine.

    21. The BEST way to run is barefoot, but with sandals that protect your feet from glass and other sharp objects. The best running sandal is Xero Shoes. Google them if you’re a runner.

    22. Wow…’s almost as if God and Evolution designed our feet to be pure shock absorbers…………who would of thought……….

    23. What about flat feet? Anybody know if that’s bad cus a doctor tried to tell me I’d get a ton of health problems from it

    24. I have 2 pair of Vibrams, and I wear them in my backyard while working kettlebells and sandbags/keg stuff. Converse/wrestling shoes work fine too. My family doesn’t like their looks, but I’m agile and quick from swings and plyometric explosion work through the years. At 51, 6’3″, 170, I feel like a kid again. I IF OMAD 3 times a week, breaking it with bacon, eggs, butter, almond butter, and a shot of Chinese bitters at 5 every night. I feel great. Good job on “The Docs” Cole. You’ll get more notoriety for sure!

    25. Fuck yeah dude I’m always barefoot when I’m not running errands/working. I’m always told by people I need support or I’ll get nasty callouses. But fuck no. Diet and fasting, my feet are smooth and it feels fucking good to be barefoot. Fuck shoes. I hate ’em!!

    26. Been running hiking trails in Vibram FiveFingers for years. I can’t run in anything else. I wouldn’t trust running downhill as fast as I can in anything else without worrying if I am going to twist/break my ankle. Maybe a millimeter or two of more cushion for the long runs but, other than that, my legs feel good and I never ever heel strike. Heel striking will “shut off” your glutes and hamstrings. That’s why runners who heel strike have strong quads but no posterior muscles.

    27. OK running is really bad for the health and I am ex-long distance runner. Glucagon is low, cortisol is high, human growth hormone is low, insulin is high, and leptin is high from long distance running. SPRINTING is however, glucagon is high, cortisol is low, HGH is high, insulin is low, leptin is low — so Cole, I LOVE YOU but you should NOT be advocating long distance running. Humans did not evolve to run for hours. They evolved to SPRINT not RUN.

      Also. what he is saying about Africans running is absolutely incorrect. The reason Africans are better runners is GENETIC, it has nothing to do with their shoe. NOTHING. Again, don’t always listen to Cole, he is brilliant but he needs to break some more of his leftist brainwashing. If you want to learn about the genetic differences between the races, research “racial biodiversity” — Forensic Anthropologists are one of the best fields for researching the brain and body differences between all the races.

      In addition, what Cole is saying about the barefoot shoes is correct. I used to have a pair but there are pros and cons to the shoes and the evidence is not completed for five finger shoes. The shoes are very sweaty, they don’t fit your actual foot as its hard to get them custom-made, they are really tight and being they are rubber, they smell easily. However, Cole is correct, they are better for running, but you shouldn’t be running anyway, you should be SPRINTING i.e HIIT.

      For more information about why long distance running is EVIL – Dr. Sam Shay:

    28. My nasal passages are fucked. Every time I run, like really run. I end up sick with Rhinitis (allergies). The doctors don’t offer any help other than shots. Immunotherapy. Anyone else?

    29. Subjective and False, Vibrams are responsible for more running injuries in the last decade than any other shoe. Why? Subjective reason, people run on asphalt or concrete with these shoes and heel strike, causing injury to their knees, ankles, hips or spine. Ask any physical therapist this and they will conquer, they will also tell you more people suffer injury from running than any other form of exercise, why, because of the intensity of impact. Few people have the ability to run on bark trails, sand, grass or a soft surfaces; which is what everyone should run on. Also, considering the 3 body types of humans, only one runs in their toes, the mesomorph. Growing up in track city, USA, I have watched countless professional runners race on a track and nobody runs on their toes unless they are sprinting. The Kenyans at 10,000 meters even heel strike and only in a sprinting form does a human actually begin to run in their toes. I believe the real message regarding running is to never run on a hard surface, never allow impactful running (fat people running or bad form), and always use proper form. Vibrams were the craze 8 years ago and now nobody wears them except for those who run on our bark trails. Running is all about impact, or lack there of. Also, just cause I’m from Eugene doesn’t make me pro Nike.

    30. I barefoot run
      Even at Moab,UT, uh that National park to the delicate arch. The part where u climb the big mountain rock slope

    31. Bought $320 Nike Air Max’s and they look dope, but to be honest, they kind of suck for the treadmill. Got blisters. That’s my big problem… avoiding blisters.

    32. LOL, David Wolfe pretty much made the barefoot (un) shoe popular quite a few years ago. I am glad Cole actually breaks it down to “heal striking” being an issue.

    33. Five fingers are not hard to find,, go to their web site and order them like i did, they give you a methed to messure your feet and will take them back for exchange if they dont fit , no questions asked

    34. —- 3 Reasons Why Bulletproof Coffee is a Bad Idea !!
      Humans did NOT evolve eating (or drinking) such massive amounts of saturated fat.
      There are plenty of nutrients that are healthy when consumed in reasonable amounts, but when people start megadosing them it can cause serious problems.

      One example is fructose… it’s “good” when found in nutritious, fibrous whole fruit, but a disaster when consumed in massive amounts from refined sugars (6, 7).

      Another example is linoleic acid (the main Omega-6 fat)… it’s healthy when found in whole, nutritious nuts, but a disaster when consumed in massive amounts from veggie oils (8, 9, 10).

      It is entirely possible that saturated fat is the same. Healthy in reasonable amounts, but harmful when we start eating massive, unnaturally large doses that are way outside of evolutionary norms.There are plenty of nutrients that are healthy when consumed in reasonable amounts, but when people start “megadosing” them it can cause serious problems.

      One example is fructose… it’s “good” when found in nutritious, fibrous whole fruit, but a disaster when consumed in massive amounts from refined sugars (.

      Another example is linoleic acid (the main Omega-6 fat)… it’s healthy when found in whole, nutritious nuts, but a disaster when consumed in massive amounts from veggie oils (8, 9, 10).

      It is entirely possible that saturated fat is the same. Healthy in reasonable amounts, but harmful when we start eating massive, unnaturally large doses that are way outside of evolutionary norms.

      ——BOTTOM LINE:
      There have been numerous reports of people having massive increases in cholesterol levels when drinking bulletproof coffee. This includes advanced risk factors like ApoB and LDL particle number.

      I personally think it is best to proceed with caution when adopting a drastic dietary change that has never been tested and is way outside of evolutionary norms. It is better to be safe than sorry.

      —Another B.S. trend . A slow unhealthy liver cannot metabolise process eating so much fat 7 days a week .
      ..sooner or later it clogs up !..In the study, the researchers fed mice a ketogenic diet for several days and expected to find a favorable outcome — perhaps weight loss or another indication of improved health. Instead, they found that the “liver began resisting” insulin” almost immediately and the mice were unable to regulate their blood sugar levels after only “three days” on the diet. (Insulin resistance, meaning that cells in the body don’t respond to insulin, is a key characteristic of type 2 diabetes.)😮 Got to this website to read Article how keto diet is a sick trend !!

    35. I buy my shoes from Natural Footgear, check out the website. They fixed my foot and knee problems. I only wear shoes for work. I am always barefoot at home. These shoes were designed by studying and learning from the indigenous people in Mexico, the Tarahumadas. I really hate when people tell me I should have a small heal on my shoes for support.

    36. Been using vibrams for years I recommend everyone in any situation as we are meant to be running and walking bare foot as nature intended so vibrams are the ideal alternative to being completely barefoot.

      But to anyone getting vibrams for the first time make sure to wear them a lot first when just walking around in your day to get your body and feet adapted to wearing these barefoot shoes because a lot of people tend to buy them, run a lot with no past experience of using barefoot shoes and the risk of injury is high then people tend to blame the vibrams for their injury but they just over did it too quickly.

      And I found following this golden rule after months of just walking around in them I can run for a very long time without getting any injuries or being super sore after doing so.

    37. sprinting vs long distance running. I knew this for years that running or cardio over 15 min is bad, look at these marathon runners that are sooooo skinny, long distance running is bad for the heart and is catabolic , there is so much evidence of this cole. Also on the other hand look at any sprinter in the Olympics , they all have muscles and are fit. Lots of long distance runners have droped dead too…..This is why HIIT is so populare now in fitness, short burst of high intensity, training boost testosterone and much more., this kind of training simulates chasing an animal short burst to kill or running away from danger , ….animals do not Sprint for 30 minutes or hours NEVER. , they only sprint for a kill or for fleeing danger… Look at any cat animal like a lion or cheeta , they must time their kill wisely, for they can only SPRINT for a short time once for that kill or they must rest for a while and may have to wait another day for food. They can not run for LONG stretches .

    38. Are we losing earth’s gravity?, is my scale fucked up? Something must explain the 1kg per day am loosing! Friends say its water weight, am a human not a fucking water well!

    39. I’ve known for a while how important it is for us to b barefooted

      One workout I do on the treadmill is walk backwards on full incline
      That will keep you on your toes

    40. Great book by Christopher McDougall on this topic: “Born to Run.” Need to be careful suddenly going from heeled running shoes to barefoot…some people got injured.

    41. So if really flexible shoes are better for you, then why do people get shin splints or aching in calves when running with those type of shoes? I’m in cross-country and my athletic trainer always makes sure everyone is wearing top quality shoes that don’t bend and I noticed that when I do have those shoes, my calves and shins feel better than when I run with shoes that bend easily

    42. Could this be the cause of my shin splints perhaps? Would love to do running more regular but I suffer from awful shin splints. Even after 5/10 minutes of power walking I get them bad.

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