BATTLEFIELD 5: 7 Tips & Tricks To Succeed & Survive Longer! – BF5 (Open Beta Gameplay)

  • Battlefield 5: 7 tips & tricks to succeed, survive longer and stop dying in the BF5 Open Beta! If you haven’t got into the Open Beta yet, click this link for details: – Video sponsored by EA.
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    200 Replies to “BATTLEFIELD 5: 7 Tips & Tricks To Succeed & Survive Longer! – BF5 (Open Beta Gameplay)”

    1. Beta is amazing! Played it alone and with friends and gunplay is very satisfying. Yes there are bugs here and there but I usually expect that from a beta. Otherwise can’t wait for the full game!

    2. What do you think of the Assault class? I like the STG-44, but I don’t like not being able to resupply and heal my teammates. The only real way to earn score is to cap flags or destroy tanks. But the thing is, the Panzerfaust (the only real tank hunting weapon) is locked behind level 4. It’s like the AT Rocket Gun back in BF1. During the Beta that was locked behind level 3. I feel that the same thing is happening here.

    3. How to play BFV


      Doing this in caps because after playing a shit ton it seems people still don’t understand how to play.

    4. Bf is my favorite fps by far, but im sorry, i have 0 hype for this game. I have the beta and i really am not impressed. Doesnt feel like ww2 at all imo

    5. He was right on Tip 2, now I actually use smoke grenades in the Medic class(my main class) and I have actually survived because of it

    6. I’m glad you put this vid out the pacing is way faster than bf1 and it took me a minute to adjust. Still I’m really liking the beta so far, the technical issues are annoying but overall I really like it.

    7. Top 7 tips and tricks to survive longer
      1. Don’t be in a British plane
      2. Try not to get eaten by a whale
      3. Don’t build defences in the open
      4. Don’t get in the way of a v1 rocket
      5. Watch out for bullets.
      6. Don’t get in the way of a Stuka
      7. Never forget rule number 1.

    8. I’m afraid this game is going to have a lack of content at release, only 2 Factions, only 35 guns (bf4 had 80 something) only European maps, no African, Pacific, Eastern Front. And the first DLC is probably 6-7 months after release of BFV

    9. Ambient fire still makes you burst into flames like youre covered in petrol. Run next to a blown flak cannon about 3m away last night and melted.

    10. Here is the Battlefield 5 meta on surviving, go to an area with medical and ammo crates, build fortifications and camp your balls off.

    11. the way upgrades are handled is very annoying. I wanted to upgrade specific items for a sniper but the path forced me to equip a Bipod and the new bipod system is absolutely awful. They need to build a system like Fallout76 is doing for perks so you can generate your own unique builds for the weapon upgrades. Its frustrating that everything in this game feels like they are holding your hand and wont let you do things your way.

    12. In the beginning of the beta it felt like ‘not that many’ was reviving, supplying ammo etc, but I feel like people are starting to learn it. I certainly am having more and more fun with BFV beta because I’ve gotten more into the systems of the game. Excited for A lot of things coming to BF5!

    13. i have a problem with my beta on xbox, i finished downloading it and when i start it, the game pic shows and then a black screen and it backs out … it doesn’t want to work , please help

    14. How to survive?
      -Well definitely listen closely for enemy footsteps and gunshots! Oh wait, audio is broken.
      -Look carefully for enemy soldiers because spotting is gone! Oh wait, textures are messed up and soldiers can’t be seen against cluttered backgrounds.
      The most important methods of survival (visuals and audio) are royally screwed in this game so this video is practically pointless lol—the beta is still very fun and I am looking forward to BFV—it’s just that DICE have a loooong way to go before the game is in a good, playable state.

    15. It’s true lol spotting is now prioritized towards scout class with scout scope or spot flare the only known way of keeping a spot active on a target BTW magnified scope on every Gun is recommended

    16. Why isnt the old customization from bf4 in this game? I want to choose what kind of attachment i put on my weapon…not following a tree of upgrades without any downgrades…
      I said it earlier and i say it now again! Bf1 had not much weapon customization but to me it worked better then the system we have now

    17. This game is trash. I’ve loved and poured hundreds of hours into each installment since I picked up BF3 but this game.. BFV just doesn’t sit well with me. I cancelled my preorder and I’ll be skipping BFV.

    18. I think my biggest issue is the lack of vehicles I swear only seeing one tank like every 10 min is annoying. in Bf4 we had so many vehicles to choose from it felt like an all out war here it feels way less then that. Like just allowing more tanks or planes on the map or even just the drivable vehicles like the motorcycle and armored car would come along way. I’m hoping it was just the maps we played on and other maps will have the all out war feel

    19. This is the first battlefield not to have those “only in battlefield” moments like bf1s beta. Something about this game feels off. Maybe it’s because the uk faction look like a bunch of clowns

    20. Whats up with the spot system and the bleeding out system is soo annoying i have to wait like 10 second till the bleed out ends

    21. I think you should be able to move when down, at the expense of bleeding out faster. I also think you should be able to completely end the bleed out immediately, especially when no one is around or you have no desire to be revived. I think the current system slows the game entirely too. much

    22. I like the less ammo mechanic. When I play as support, I always try to give ammo to other players, but a lot of support players forget to give ammo.Btw, very good tips!

    23. Hold on a second! Westie did you just delete a comment that criticizes you? Bro, he gave his opinion and I went to reply to him and got an error. I refreshed the page and I know you deleted the comment. After the refresh all the loved comments showed up.

      Wow. Unsubbed. Pathetic, anything for that extra cash grab huh.

    24. And what ya do is put bombs or trip mines around the ammo stations and kill them or just camp the ammo stations as a sniper ,, yea what a great system ,, “Not” ,, idiot players actually do this stuff i mentioned ,, and it sucks…

    25. Finally good looks this game is definitely a god damn left turn compared to the other bfs I am aggressive but Also team focus player and I can’t get the flow of this game.. But thanks for the tips..

    26. Tips : camp the supply stations
      Don’t use veichals
      Don’t play as attackers in grand operations
      Avoid long sight lines from snipers
      Stay with team mates

    27. The funny thing is that they introduced attrition to encourage team play yet in bf1 and bf4 way more ammo and meds were given out

    28. Finding the best paths with cover to each flag. That’s the most important thing when you start off. Situational awareness is the name of this game. I’m happy to say I’m murdering it thus far.

    29. So basically don’t play Battlefield your way play as you’re told to???

      Idk man if a game has such a high skill entry point EA are having to get Westie to make a video on it I’m starting to doubt how good it will ever be. I’ve actually enjoyed my time on the BFV beta probably as I’ve avoided the Snow map like the plague. Something just isn’t right with this game which is a shame as I loved BF1 and sunk loads of time into it.

    30. Just Played. For a good 2 hours and i can say this is the 1st BattleField I will not be Buying. Feels like COD Just Stupid Things like bleed out Worm Thing, Silly Ammo Count, No spotting, Cod like time of death, (Camp Fest huge Disappointment) 🙁 ahh what a sad day 🙁 Edit- they took the Fun out of BattleField…. They took BattleField out of BattleField. Game just feels super slow and out of place. Tanks/planes dont work very well in this werid set up. It kinda feels like a free to play game. 🙁 Please BattleField Gods. Fix this game it is the 1st Battlefield that is not fun… 😐 And the Battlefront 2 progression is not for battlefield. Please bring back bf3 bf4 Customizing. Not this…. I dont no what it is but it is not Battlefield…. Plus the game is just Boring. 36_5 1st game got bored

    31. Tip 1. use the STG with th medium scope and only upgrade it with the right side of upgrades. because both less vertical and horisantal recoil are on the right side

    32. the most annoying thing so far I think, it’s when you’re trying to pick up a friend via a buddy revive or revive as medic and you accidentally pick up someone else’s weapon instead of (or as well as) reviveing them because it is the same action button 🤨

    33. time to kill in this game is not good, it shouldnt be a COD ripoff. i should be a game where you can live long enough to actually be able to do an objective (capture or otherwise).

      The low surviveability stimulates the players to focues on camping and kills instead of teamplay and objectives.
      I wonder how that will be implemented in Battle royal as people will die too quickly.

    34. Snipers over powered again just encourages camping while . who play the objective to try and win the game get fucked by campers. The snipers was not this accurate in bf4 bf3 bad company for god sake and this is supposed to be before weapons were more advanced!

    35. I feel like the biggest issue with BFV is the overall obvious lack of content in all areas of the game. Really sad to see my favorite shooter franchise this broken.

    36. Westie….. Stop Being a Promoter and Be a gamer Buddy. The Ammo problem is a joke. Having to run to silly refill Stations is Just the worst way to play. This does not play like Battlefield there is no crazy mommentS anymore. You cant even lay down covering fire for team mates this new System is taking Team play away. And no one ever Revives with that stupid 3second Movie buckshit. This game is Trash. And you know it you sound like a Employee the way you talk about it and it needs to stop. You are a big voice for our younger gamers and adults. You need to take the gamer way this time man and. Not the Corporation way. Just a thought not attacking you. I just know i am not thw only 1 who thinks thia aboit BF 5. It is just a boring game and not the core Battlefield we all know and love. This one feels stripped of everything that made Battlefield. Well i said my peace but i can not buy this game this year unless things are changed.

    37. I dont know why i cant use a different sniper everytime i try to use a different sniper it doesn’t let me spawnnn

    38. They really should have just had upgrades be through gun customization, especially since they don’t seem to have any downsides. For “fast bullets”, why not just have them be high velocity rounds that move faster but have increased recoil? For faster weapon switching, why not apply a sling? For lower recoil, apply a muzzle brake or compensator. Games have been doing this for years, so it just seems really counter intuitive to have the only physical change on your gun that’s relevant to gameplay be what sights you have. Plus it seems like you won’t be able to change things on the fly, and that seriously worries me. I don’t want to not be able to use a gun because I’ve specced it out for CQB and I’m on a very open map.

    39. Squad mates fuckin run away from me.. Support player got headshoted LITERALLY more than 10 times and i resd him everytime..still won’t give me an ammo pouch..this is the Battlefield I’ve always loved..nothing is changed..all similar and so stupidly full of fun

    40. Im boycotting this battlefield game because Battlefield has lost it’s way..i expected an tru bf ww2 game like bf1942..this is cod 2.0 Goodbye From a true bf player since 1942

    41. Contrary to popular belief: i LOVE the attrition and health system in this game.

      Please dont kill me, its just my opinion 😂

    42. Ppl complain about bf being too casual, then when they make it harder ppl say the game is just supposed to be fun and easy… LOGIC

    43. let me tell you something!!! if you upgrade the stg 44 the damage is reduced! if you dont do it its better. and the headshot aimbox is not at the deam head. aim at the chin. i dont like this bf game its not fun and there is not 1 thing that makes me feel like i play in ww2, nothing!. i loved all the games up until bf1. from bf1 and bf5 it all went down hill fast. even the unlock system is crap, bf4 ohhhhh milions of things to do and unlock!!! yeeee. in bf1 and bf5 5 min in the game ohhh i bought the best gun well guess its time to uninstall.

    44. Question. How do you hook up and artillery piece to a half track or tank so you can tow it around? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

    45. You know I just had a idea for dice ,, why don’t they seeing as they have to have this nonsense in the game , make it so you don’t have to stop and push “E” and react with the depots and make it so you can just run past them and be automatically refilled ,, this would elevate a lot of the current problems , of snipers and trip bombs ,, make like a circle around it so you can run past it from different angles and get filled ,, that would be much better and safer for the players .. remember Dice ,, baby steps ,, don’t change to much to fast,,,

    46. Why is it so hard to make a Battlefield game with the amount of weapons as BF4 and the level of customizations(weapon attachments). The gun upgrades and UI in general are just so dumb down and boring. It’s like the Dice team that made BF2, 3 and 4 were replaced by casuals. *sigh*

    47. Stg is easily the most op gun in the beta. I hate this new spotting mechanic. Starting out with only 2 clips of magazines is just stupid. When you ads it feels too zoomed in. I like bf1s mechanic where you could change the zoom. And lastly the health regen is just so hard to get used to. Considering your player screen stays exactly the same it can be hard to at you’ve only like 70 health. They should at least make the screen bloody to give an indication that your not at full health. Or just get rid of the health mechanic. And lastly the sensitivity lock on Xbox makes it almost unplayable for me. I want to get this game but these problems bother me the most and I’m now I’m not so sure about the game.

    48. People are seriously complaining about this seriously .. it’s not hard to survive I’m going 30 -3 40-10 don’t spray bullets pick your shots stock up ammo and health packs.. and be aware of your surroundings use your minimap .. so many people bitching and moaning .. it’s boring it’s buggy ttk is to fast not enough ammo .. snipers have been nurfed it’s a beta people relax.. get better at the game stop trying to play it as if you were playing bf3/4 or even bf1

    49. Find some new content to make dude I know you like battlefield but enough is enough. Even AngryJoe sees the bs DICE is pulling after this beta and he was a major supporter of BFV to the point where he let DICE slide where he crucified Sledgehammer Games. The game just isn’t good and the only way they’ll realise that is if you stop telling them it is. I get you need to make a living but the question comes up does EA own you? Or are you your own man?

    50. Planes are useless for ground targets!!! In a conquest round i did 2 kills in 30 minutes without die!!! Also, 3o view cam is buggy like hell

    51. I have been reading the comments and I don’t know how I feel about the game. People are saying that it doesn’t feel like a battlefield game. I somewhat understand what they mean. When I play, it doesn’t really feel like a battlefield game. I think we feel that way because DICE is taking a new approach to this game compared to previous titles. In the last game you could go solo, run around, take objectives, and do just fine. In this you should stay with your squad, you have to retreat for more ammo, and there are upgrade systems for guns. (Yes I know you could upgrade in games before bf1). I think that once we get more maps and content at launch, it will be ok. I personally enjoy the game, but I do understand why people are saying it doesn’t feel like a Battlefield game. I’m going to wait to preorder and see where things go

    52. I have enjoy playing the beta but I have had problems with it let me spawn into a match…it’s annoying because I do enjoy the game

    53. Awesome video, this new gameplay stops a of ppl from camping and picking the sniper class. It help with ppl getting use to the map and working as a team.

    54. Please tell the developers to cancel this mess of a “game” and just update the graphics and some new maps/guns for bf4, please and thank you 👍

    55. The attrition system is here to stay and I am going to stay away from this game. BF is my favorite series but V is a hard pass for me.

    56. I think the maps are waaay to big even for battlefield. I felt that Rotterdam really only consisted of firefights at D and A. All other flags seemed obsolete and the rest of the map just felt empty as hell

    57. There is almost no cover in the maps so you need to build that yourself. But to do that, you need to go out in the open and you always get killed while building.

    58. You can unlock both sides of the upgrades wegen you Go too armory and then go too assault for example and then choose a weapon and press add another one…. than you have the weapon 2 Times in your menu and can upgrade them individually

    59. Btw you can buy another piece of the same weapon if you go to Armory and choose Weapons at the top. This will allow you to have the same weapon but with alternative progression tree and customization.

    60. I’m loving this game, the gunplay is so good and getting a kill is satisfying. It’s more hardcore, you really have to use your bullets wisely. Can’t wait for the release!

    61. A lot of people complaining about spotting and I am over here using my spotting scope, and flare gun. C’mon guys. Just use the flare gun.

    62. Anyone notice how the ammo pouch and medic pouch names were assigned to the wrong class? Also, crouch sprinting is life, solo is yolo and watch where you’re walking as tripwire bombs are becoming more prevalent.

    63. Just because the hate train is a free ride doesn’t mean Im taking it, I am personally enjoying this game a tremendous amount. Seeing an asian woman fighting for the Brits is obviously not true, but it isn’t game braking. Definitely gonna pre order this one, after essentially skipping BF1 I am satisfied with this game so far. Going from BF4 to BF5 this is great *for* **me**

    64. Ok so I’ve upgraded the Lee enfield. Longer range bullets no effect and zeroing distance has no icon or doesn’t have effect on d pad ps4? Same with some other weapons you hardly notice any difference if you’ve improved your weapon on recoil either?

    65. Do people really have a hard time paying with friends? I don’t know about PC, but on console, it seems really easy to invite each other to a squad and have them join. Joining back into a game for whatever reason even seems simple

    66. When you spawn you should have 3 mag and 1 medic pouch, its a pain keep going to the resupply station ever time you spawn,then most players will be happy finding resupply station

    67. I love the new game flow, I survive by taking lots of cover, watching my corners, and sticking with teammates. Also the tanks are killer in this game! Long live BFV!

    68. My biggest issue is the lack of maps and content at launch and costing £50. Bf1 took 9 months for extra maps. Thank god premium has gone.

    69. Where do sturmtigers appear or how long do they take. I’ve called in about 5 while playing so far and I haven’t found any of them

    70. Anyone know of a fix to the big where you can’t spawn in at all with certain weapons? I have this problem with 3 or 4 weapons and it’s annoying as I really like 2 of em and really wanna try the other that I unlocked. Please if anyone knows a fix, please tell.

    71. It’d be nice to spawn with a med pack and more ammo when you choose the main base/captured flags to stop the annoying grab then play feeling. Only when you spawn on a squad mate should you have the need to get more ammo/health.

    72. How to survive:
      Step 1: Use STG
      Step 2: Use STG
      Step 3: Make sure to repeat the last two steps
      Step 4: Enjoy your place at the top of he leader board. 🙂

    73. Dude use your eyesight actually look all over your tv screen dont go all Rambo like u have be aware of your surrounding dont go all gun Blazing get 1 or 2 kill then back up take a breather find some cover then slowly go back ALWAYS LOOK AROUND u will be Surprised on how many players your going to start to see ino ino u probably ran out thinking the Area was clear but then BOOM 5 Enemys pop out of nowhere unseen lol xD

    74. Its a big key part of my game play is spotting people then shoot, it’s just what im use to and it really helps out my team. It seems like almost no one does it but me, it is a very useful part of playing the game, i just wish it would be brought back, because they replacement sucks.

    75. PS4 experience is that attrition is badly thought out at the moment. Players are not handing out ammo or med pouches, even in squads and I have simply been passed over for revive in safe situations at least 3/4 times. Had one night with my usual squad and the system ceases to exist for all intents and purposes. But when not with them every respawn becomes a sprint for ammo a d health before your ready to engage again. I like the idea but don’t think it works as is.

    76. I played the game for over 75H, the most frustrating thing is I can’t see enemy their uniform is so hard to see them, what I need is an option to make them all have the same uniform in setting inside of all cosmetic uniform so all of them look the same depend of there class’s just like BF1

    77. When it comes to grenades I would argue that knowing a grenade CANT kill you gives you reason to just ignore it if someone tries to throw one towards you. Especially the medic class there is not use for the grenades right now

    78. Game is trash be honest bring back 3d spotting the pace of the game will change everything takes to much time westie cmon you know it

    79. Tried the beta. One of the most boring Battlefield games I’ve played since Battlefield Hardline and that says a lot considering how horrible Hardline was. I don’t think there’s much hope for this company and game franchise anymore honestly. Just like Cod had its golden days with cod4, cod5 and mw2, Battlefield had its golden days with Bad Company 1 & 2, Battlefield 3 & 4 and then just went completely downhill afterwards. Oh well, at least we had a couple of well put together games from DICE at least :/

    80. Excellent tips and some of the weapons such as Stg-44 & KE-7 having repetition fire mode which is the British military terminology for u.s. military semi-automatic fire mode which makes more accurate on a single person but for a group go for full automatic this is how I do it since full automatic fire has high recoil on both weapons.

    81. I was really hoping that this game would take a step forward from the issues that bf1 had but sadly the beta definitely doesn’t do that. The attrition system is annoying more than anything, the ttk is much too fast and overall the game just isn’t fun. The progression is bad and vehicle combat is garbage. If they keep the game in a similar state to this beta then player count is definitely going to be hurting really early in it’s life cycle. It really sucks that I’d rather go back to bf1 than play this.

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