Best 720p Amazon Gaming Projector – SV 228 HD LED Projector

  • This is one of the Best 720p Gaming Projector you can currently buy on Amazon. The SV-228 a True 720p HD led projector which performs with very little input lag in video games.

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    POWERFUL SV – 228 4000 Lumens Multimedia LCD Projector

    Support orthographic projection, rear projection and hoisting
    Wireless projection: Support all kinds of PC, laptop, smart phone, USB
    The LED lighting system projects a brilliant image onto your wall at a 2000 : 1 contrast ratio
    Energy conservation: 1 kilowatt hour for 5 hours
    3.5mm auto interface, support headset, enjoying yourselves without disturbing others
    Runs at 4 : 3 / 16 : 9 aspect ratio
    Remote control, easy to operate


    Projection system: LCD panel, led lamp
    Display mode: 4 : 3 / 16 : 9 ( default )
    Power: 160W
    Video input: AV ( RCA terminal x 1 ), color Pr / Pb / Y ( RCA terminal x 3 ), HDMI ports ( HDMI terminal x 2 )
    PC signal input: VGA port
    USB: USB interface x 2
    Audio input / out put: Audio input ( RCA signal x 2 ), output ( RCA signal x 2 )
    3D: Support red / blue, red / green anaglyph 3D video format
    Lamp: 150W LED lamp, 50000 hours Max lamp life
    Optical Resolution: 1280x800dpi
    Projection Distance: 44 inches to 160 inches ( about 1.6 to about 5.1m)
    Product Size(L x W x H): 34.00 x 27.50 x 13.00 cm / 13.39 x 10.83 x 5.12 inches

    Package Contents:

    1 x Projector
    1 x Remote Controller
    1 x Power Cable
    1 x AV Signal Cable
    1 x VGA Cable
    1 x English User Manual

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    26 Replies to “Best 720p Amazon Gaming Projector – SV 228 HD LED Projector”

    1. Very informative video, well done……….Looking forward to your full review as this is now a contender with the GP100 for a projector in my price range for Christmas. It is purely through your channel that I developed an interest in them, never before did I consider buying a projector or even know that there were some in my price range. So thanks for your great work

    2. Great review man! Would you choose this projector over the GP100up (android version)

      I plan on using a PS4 via HDMI and amazon fire stick.

    3. Hi there, I really don’t know a lot about projectors, but we need a projector for a really specific purpose. We work in rural communities in my country and we just need a projector that can display a decent image in not optimal light situations, I mean, we work in really poor comunities some times and you know, maybe you can get a big room (that is too much some times) but there are a lot of windows in the room without any curtain or there is an entry without door or you even don’t have a room, so we need to use any wall, or any flat space and we are looking for a projector that can project descent image in maybe medium to high light conditions, I don’t care if it has 3 days responce time, or is not ultra sharp and vivid, we just need to see what we are projecting! that’s all and thank you so much and sorry for my english! and if it’s possible under $300? I mean if that doesn’t exist, we can invest a little bit more, but I know it will end broken or really unusable. Thank you and great channel


    5. Thanks for this review. May I make a suggestion if possible can you test out the TV part of these projectors that have a built in TV tuner? I know if I am going to buy a projector I am likely to be using it to watch TV more than gaming so it would be nice to know how the inbuilt functions go compared to if you connected a dedicated STB.
      Also it would be good if you are going to keep doing projector reviews if you could use a small collection of test files consisting of images and videos especially with text.

    6. I am confused mate…. You say the SV 228 – 4000 Lumens is 720P but advertized online it says full hd at 1080P… Who`s dishonest here????

    7. Great video I had a question I got this projector and was thinking of returning it for the vivibright gp100 which one is better for movies and which is brighter thx

    8. For 100″ screen 3.25 meters┬áback = 10 feet 7.953 inches

      Edit: CL720 is only $89, wow. Sounds like the Walmart RCA RPJ116 also $89. (SV228 $174)

    9. I am really looking forward on buying myself a projector,but i still dont know which one to buy.
      I really like cl760,gp100 and this one because these will fit in my budget.I just need someone to tell me which one is the best.Thanks in advance.

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