Big booty SWEAT DANCE lose weight FROM HOME

  • FULL BODY with a focus on the booty! I like to get a GOOD sweat on and just go HAM doing random body weight resistance HOOLA dancing, free weights anything to SWEAT. THIS is how I workout. Subscribe! it’s FREE & follow me on IG CODE (TGB)

    Hey You!

    I’m Destiny Godley AKA The Godley Body.

    I am a fitness and beauty producer. Ssubscribe to my fitness channel for fitspiration!

    13 Replies to “Big booty SWEAT DANCE lose weight FROM HOME”

    1. Hey girl I’m going out on a date this weekend . Can I hold your body? just until Sunday morning tho.. will return then

    2. I haven’t commented in ages but I finally got over my gym fear. I now go 3x a week and I have personal training once a week. down 15lbs so far.

    3. I’ve been very sick as of lately but as soon as I get better, the gym is going to be my second home! Thank you for the motivation

    4. Another workout saved! I will be doing this at the gym tomorrow. Des I just need your help. I want to tone and build a rounder butt, but I feel like I’m not eating enough to maintain and build. Please make a video on what you eat. I know you have one if I’m not mistaken but please make one talking about healthy fats and stuff. Love you dearly and glad to see yourself back in the game

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