Can Anyone Learn How To Sing?

  • If you have been shy about singing because someone once told you that you were an awful singer or that you were singing off pitch was tone deaf, then that person is doing you a great disservice. This is because unless you have hearing or vocal cord disabilities, everyone can be a reasonably good singer. All you need are good instructions from good singing teachers and plenty of vocal exercises to make you a good singer.

    Look, even most if not all famous singing superstars have taken vocal lessons and practice with vocal exercises dilutely to hone their skills and to improve their voice quality. So if you will only do the same, surely your singing techniques and voice quality will improve correspondingly. Yes, even if you are tone deaf, it can be corrected and you can even sing in perfect pitch if you are properly trained.

    Some of the most important thing a singer must perfect is to have a good post and to master the breathing technique for singing. A good post allows the singer to inhale and exhale more air and to facilitate singing freely and effortlessly enabling you to have a more powerful voice and a clear vocal tone because of good voice resonance. Therefore practice your breathing technique with vocal exercises designed for this purpose while maintaining a good posture.

    The right breathing technique not only enhances your voice quality, it also assists you in hiring higher notes, giving consistent voice quality, holding out the notes steadily and many other vocal capabilities. So if you want to sing well, then perfect your breathing technique. This is quite easy to achieve and your vocal coach can show you how to do it and make the breathing technique a permanent natural habit so that you are doing it without even consciously aware of it.

    Next thing good singers must understand is their own pitches and vocal ranges. All of us are born with different pitches and vocal ranges. You must know what kind of pitch you have because if you have a low pitch, your repertoire should consist of songs that are of lower vocal range. Of course, if you have a higher pitch, then you may choose songs in that range. The main reason for this is that if you choose to sing the songs that are out of you range, your singing may not sound only awful, you may also damage your vocal cords permanently.

    If you have a limited vocal range, you can always expand your vocal range with vocal exercises usually consisting of lips and tongue roll scales. You can find these vocal exercises in CDs, MP3s and video formats easily in the internet and practice them to improve on your vocal range.

    The most important thing most singers forget to do are to warm up their voices before singing and cool it down after a singing session. This is important to maintain your vocal health as well as to protect your singing mechanisms from damages. Warm up exercises further frees up your voice to sing better.

    So can anyone learn how to sing? Of course. By just mastering the above singing techniques, you will already be on your way to become a better singer.

    Source by Chris Chew

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