Saving Money – Explained – Office Series 13

Saving Money – Explained – Office Series 13 Fools Gold vs Real Money The information within this video is for educational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

Teachers’ Tips for Saving Money in the Classroom

Budget cuts — you can’t get around them, but you can find ways to reduce the pain. Here’s how to teach lean, make supplies last, and not shortchange your kids. Visit for more resources from Mesquite Elementary.

Saving Money on Child Care Costs — Transcription: Those of you who have children know how expensive it can be to care for a growing family; however, you might be surprised just how expensive. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the costs associated with raising a child, from birth Read More …

Tips for Saving Money – Laughing with Mary

Mary Maxwell is known for her honest and humorous take on aging. Now, she is answering questions sent in by seniors with the same deadpan sense of humor. In this video, she answers a question from Stefanie. Like many, Stefanie is looking for ways to Read More …

Frugal Living, practical tips for saving money – Lynnae McCoy –

Frugalista and freelance writer Lynnae McCoy offers practical tips for saving money, from clipping coupons to saving on your food bill. Recorded 16 August 2011