CHAT JOB ALERT! Get Paid To Work from Home on Your Smartphone

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    Ways To Make Money from Your Smartphone

    3:06 Telephone Mystery Shopper
    3:43 Become a V.O.I.Q Agent
    4:21 Take Surveys

    Liveworld is hiring Chat Agents. Apply here –
    Kelly Connect needs Chat Agents, Pays $12-$14/hr.


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    23 Replies to “CHAT JOB ALERT! Get Paid To Work from Home on Your Smartphone”

    1. Hi I love your videos I’m trying to get a work-at-home job to add to my current income and I watch your videos all the time I also on your website looking for things so if you could please like just shoot me a quick message and let me know like the easiest way to go to make a significant amount of money to add to your current income thank you keep up the great work

    2. Hello Shay, I have loved your videos, and I’ve been a subscriber for a long time. I tried to apply for Live World, but it states on the application that the form doesn’t accept Gmail or Hotmail addresses. Just thought I’d let you know.

    3. I wouldn’t mind watching your videos I’m sure that you give great information I think I watch your videos in the past but the bedroom gives off a different type of energy because there’s different type of activities that happened in there so if you could relocate to another place in your home rather than the bedroom it would be much appreciated

    4. Thank you for networking like this. I don’t know how you’re making money by finding jobs for everyone else, but it’s none of my business, anyway. You are casually professional, knowledgeable, and gentle. Thanks.

    5. Good day Lashay, Thanks for your usual help, you’ve been wonderful. Please I wanna ask if there’s is a smartphone work from home job that Nigerians could participate. I would be expecting your reply. Thanks ma’am.

    6. Hi girl! Any recommendations for people living outside US? If you can recommend something for Nicaragua that would be perfect, thanks!

    7. Hi Shay! Once again I am impressed by your videos…. I am looking specifically for remote positions (non-phone maybe?) where I can work from home exclusively! Please let me know or maybe do a short video on some companies that are looking for those kinds of positions. Even Virtual Assistance jobs would be okay if they are….. non-phone jobs? Ok thanks so much for providing such great information! May God continue to bless your efforts!

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