(Cheap Comcast Service Trick) Saving Money On Your Comcast Internet and Cable Bill

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    2. @david spiller you are exactly right tell them you want to cancel even with an agreement after a yr ask for lyt. dept.

    3. You talk to much. And  about what I do not need to know . what a waste of time. You want people to listen get to the point. maybe they will subscribe.

    4. I work for comcast at the billing dept. If you have a Double play w/ contract and you want to get out of it with no early termination fees, what you have to do is upgrade to a triple play w/ no contract, use it for 3 weeks then downgrade back to a double play w/ no contract.

    5. They fucking increased my internet bill from 60 to 80 and change service to blast internet. So now after getting it back down to 60 dollars they are giving us 12 mbps. Comcast is beyond shit, they don’t deserve customers. I am definitely changing providers in a few days.

    6. I called Cox, asked for Customer Retention, immediately got forwarded, asked the guy for a loyalty discount, he said wait one sec, came back and gave me 2 options #1 same service with a 20% discount or #2 double my speed for $4 more than option #1. Basically I was paying $69 for 50-mbps download. #1 was same for $55 and #2 was 100-mbps for $59. Speed wasn’t a problem for us with 50-mbps so I took #1. I may have been able to wrestle more out of them but 20% off and no fight is good enough for me

    7. Thank you so much for your tip, and you’re right, we are paying too much for the internet services. Appreciate your time sharing your views and beliefs.

    8. dude, you are way over explaining this! think this shit in your head while taking a shit like everybody else. nobody wants to hear your mental masturbation, dumbass!

    9. I have a comcast tech coming out today, I am paying 200 plus for everything and blast 150mbps but my speed is less then 90s netzero dial-up I am getting 1.5mbps and have been for the last 3months and comcast won’t help me, if this tech can’t give me what I’m paying for, they are going against their part of the contract, I want it all removed out of my house and I want back credit for the whole time, and if they won’t I will only pay 20 bucks a month, and when they ask as to why I will tell them, would they pay for a Ferrari but only be allowed to drive a go-cart…. LMAO

    10. this guy will give you nothing but his stupid opinions. and he rambles on and on with his jibberish, actually telling you to do nothing more than call Comcast and tell them you want to pay less every 6 months.

    11. also go for the lower mbps like ,6mbps is enough for streaming and online gaming. They offer it always cheaper. Don’t lease the modem, buy it from walmart and add warranty and save money. I compare and they do work with you.

    12. Right now, the quadplay (cable, internet, landline & Xfinity home -the security and home automation service) is the best deal available at comcast but many of you guys (Comcast Customers) are so stupid that don’t listen to us (the sales department) when we call you to get your bill as down as 50 % off in some regions, and in other regions it can get as low as 30 % off. All deals are for 2 years; but again there are many smart asses that don’t want to listen to us when we are calling you to give you these new deals!!!

    13. The Dark Side is strong in this one; I’ve watched many YouTube videos and I can feel your rage through this video. I get the feeling that you would probably shoot up a whole neighborhood of people, just because one person messed with you.

    14. this is a joke…. a promo lasts 12 months, and as long as u get an agent that’s willing to take the revenue hit you can an always be in a promotion.. if not then they just won’t help you. it all depends on what department you get and what agent you get. and as of a few months ago contracts can be downgraded just can’t cancel everything…. you want to know the ropes talk to me lmao

    15. I cut the freakin cable bill all together!! Got sick of $180 a month!! Now I’m getting thousands of channels more than cable or satellite could ever give me. Paying ZERO dollars a month now baby!!!!!!!!

    16. My advice to you is this get your bill & show your highest bill then afterwards as proof. I am not saying you are lying it is just people are more now days of everything is fake. fake this & fake that because of ignorant youtube fakers…Just sayin…

    17. Very good points. But, it won’t always work. You might already have a good price, and they won’t go lower. I know, because I have a good friend who works at Comcast.

    18. People who do have money do this and many other things to save money.  I have a friend who is a millionaire who saves condiment packets and fills his condiment bottles in his fridge.  It’s ALL the little things that you do to save money that adds up over time that pays off over time.  Also, knowing how to invest your money that you’ve saved.

    19. If you read the fine print when signing up for a PROMO it’s only for 6-12 months then the price doubles… Customer service reps can lose their jobs placing you back into a promotion you just rolled out of, or for “new customers only” this doesn’t always work…. READ THE FINE PRINT!

      They issue their employees raises they can’t pay and rip off customers to do so!
      I hope they are tracking this search!
      I’ll bet if I said “this call may be monitored or recorded” they would hang up on me!
      They’re the kind of scum rejected by landfills, more toxic than battery acid on toilet paper and disgusting as maggots on anchovies.

    21. whoever dislike this video is a fucking retard lol i just cut my bill today from 65 to 39 it took one hour to get it back to how it was they where trying to sell me different promotions but just stay where you wanna stay and just tell them that you will cancel an they have no choice but to agree

    22. I signed up with . Here are the good news: ATT Fiber is cheaper than Comcast, faster than Comcast (1000 Mps), and No data cap. Cancel Comcast NOW.

    23. This guy is delusional. What he is saying “maybe” he found someone who new from comcast and went ahead and gave his original package back but 9 times out of ten Comcast won’t help you. My experience with Comcast has been horrible. Nothing is set. If your package is set to expire… expect your bill to be higher if you want that same package or service. Comcast hikes prices every month. Some of us are stuck with this bullshit!

    24. Get direct tv now it’s only $35 you get a bunch of channels and on Comcast you get the lowest channels for $20 so only $55 you get digital starter channels you get it with DIRECTV now that’s a streaming service

    25. My parents pay 300 month for Comcast. But it’s either that or CenturyLink in our area.
      My friend, 2 miles away has fios. 500up/500down. My street doesn’t have fios.

    26. tried to go to the site you gave us and it was a 644 error code and I needed to get special permission from FCC so we’re are you

    27. Comcast makes me pay over $300/ month for a $89 package. WOW. Every time i go pay my bill for a $89 package deal they say i have a 2nd bill pending, So i tested the waters and payed the second bill that month & they said again you have another bill pending…… So, where is the 2nd and 3rd bill coming from? Ok, Comcast is charging more than any bill that I have at home……Peace

    28. Wow this guy is a thinker just like me! Completely agree. Just starting the e com business thing. Would like to chat with you personally!

    29. the cabe companies like comcast and verizon have greated a monolpoly on services.They control regions and work together to keep ripping people off..

    30. the genltleman who signed me up (at best buy)told me to call him every six months and he wold renew the 53.00 a month deal for me and he did for the first year or year and a half.The next time i called him he told me comcast took this service away from them so the couldnt keep renewing for the cheaper rate..asssholes!!

    31. I must have got the wrong bitch on the phone today .I asked to speak to a supervisor in the solution center and she told me I can’t get the special because that is just for first time customers. I will call again because they have always put me in the same deal they give first time customers. I think Comcast is just money hungry bastards.

    32. I worked for Comcast and they are borderline thieves. I mean it. constant push to upgrade. constant pressure to upsell. serious repercussions to employees who don’t upsell

    33. I lasted 10 seconds. They should give a course in making an instructional video. Many people just love to hear their voice. Some of these videos are great, some make me want to scream.

    34. So basically you want to pay for a van. And drive a Porsche? I think it’s funny that some people like your self think you can pay whatever you want for services. Fucking idiot. And calm the fuck down Shia lebouf

    35. Dude STFU you fucking talk way to much. I seen in one of the comments you no longer have comcast, it says “you have beef with them” Lmfao all that rambling you did for nothing, Fucking joke.

    36. Your right the life time savings of that simple math you did shows the difference of having more than another person or less! be smart with your money because the over charging will multiply and affect your life in areas that are important! Paying for a new car! Getting a school loan paid off or a down payment on a home! Weather or not they take the money little by little or all at once that’s 20 grand I rather have in my pocket than give away to some scamming companies who finds loop holes in the billing process! Lastly the crazy thing not only is this company overcharging imagine all the other companies who provide services! In a persons life time I bet they will lose 1 million dollars over these over charging loop holes! No wonder people can’t pay car loans afford to buy homes or even have a little extra spending money for Vacation! It’s not right!

    37. Well after watching this video and others, I went a head and called Comcast. I stated that I wanted to discontinue our service. I was asked why. I said I have found another service just as good and much cheaper. They said they understood and put my disconnect service request in. No one said well lets see if we can lower your bill. Did anyone else try this tactic recently?

    38. The secret to getting the best deal through Comcast is to sign up under a “Direct Sales Rep”, as they give discounts that are not available to the public. I just signed up and am saving quite a bit of money every month.I went through Rep Tony, his phone number is 678-394-685 Six

    39. Oh please shut up !!! I’m not here for a history lesson !!! Get to the point …….. DO you hear that WHA WHAmbulance !!!!

    40. Hello! Michael thank you so much for this video it works the way u were saying,they (Comcast)putted me back to my original deal …,Yaaayyy!!

    41. Ok Comcast has watched all this shit! Now your internet get your own cable modem. Which is $10/mnth. The $30.00 is 25mbs (dsl speed) get a package why you’ll save more. Now if you want dsl. Look up local internet service in your area they can use phone lines and not pay hone company a cent. Now all I’m saying is current. I hope he or you see this. Best thing say at main menu cancel all services! Try try stay out of a contract. $300 for cell phone fuck that! Moto e4 $60! Prepaid Verizon. Get on $40 prepaid cad. Next http://www.callingmart.com $39.00 unlimited text talk 3 or 4 gb data. Or get on internet you pay for.

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