Cook Right To Have Weight Loss

  • I think everybody would like to eat right and have health-giving food for a meal. Not to have excess weight but to the contrary to get rid of it you need reconsider the way you cook and the food you use.

    To get rid of over 5kg (11lb) of your weight is not a big problem. But retain achieved results and not get excess weight again is much harder from my point of view. But don’t despair. This task is quite feasible though not executable in a short space of time. It must be associated with your lifestyle. From the other hand weight loss you managed to loose already is a great stimulus. It can help to make up your mind to achieve the aim.

    At first let’s look at cooking battery.

    – use for cooking only bake ware with non-stick coating. It suits best for cooking without butter.

    – you need also rack for meat, poultry and fish baking. The rack will let excess fat to trickle down. You may use a grill as well.

    – you must have a foil that allow you to bake big pieces of meat, poultry and fish keeping them sappy.

    – and it will be needed pots to prepare soups and to boil vegetables. It will be better if they would have non-stick coating also.

    Now after preparing cooking battery look at food that is needed for balanced nutrition and contains necessary health-giving nutrients. The main rule is to choose those foodstuffs that contain minimum of carbohydrates and a limited quantity of fat. You MUST not eliminate fat completely from your food allowance. Though calorie content of fat is twice higher than of protein, dietitians came to a conclusion that it is necessary only to reduce them in ration. Fat is a basis of cell structure and is absolutely necessary for cellular exchange. And that means healthy appearance of your skin and your strong immune system.


    1. All vegetables are acceptable with the exception of potatoes, maize and legumes. Experiment with preparing of vegetables. Do all kinds of fresh salads in any combination from tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper and onion. Lettuce, garden radish, white cabbage and carrot are also good. You may dress them with oil or not. That is as you like.

    2. Buy lean pieces of meat and cut off excess fat from them. Skin chicken and cut off excess fat too. But you can prepare chicken without skinning and nevertheless it will remain dietetic foodstuff containing minimal quantity of calories. May be you know how to do it. My own recipe will be published in one of the next articles.

    3. And of course fish! You may do with it whatever you want – bake in foil, grill, boil. In every case you will have nice dish with minimum calories.

    4. Don’t forget about curd and yoghurt. It is very useful to have them in your fridge. Glass of yoghurt or 100gr of curd plus cup of coffee can satisfy your hunger during 2-3 hours.

    As you see there are plenty of foodstuffs that enable you to lead full life not feeling hunger and in the same time having possibility to lose weight.

    Be healthy,


    Source by Nataly Orlova

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