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  • In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey is joined by Debbie who was also recently inducted into the official mom’s club. One thing Debbie is not happy about since being a mom is the baby weight. Debbie found out from other mom’s that intermittent fasting helped them drop the unwanted baby pounds.

    Abbey is happy to hear about Debbie being a mom. For a while, the go-to weight loss diet was just restricting calories on a daily basis. But this strategy was difficult to follow and definitely not sustainable. So then IF was discovered. With IF, you are restricting food intake but only on certain days and on other days you would have the freedom to eat and meet energy requirements. Obviously a WAY more flexible approach to dieting.

    Debbie is on board with a diet like that, and more importantly is looking forward to meltig the fat away.

    Based on studies, Abbey has found that IF has been associated with a significant DECREASE in body weight, body fat and waist circumference. But whether you can keep the weight off in the long term is a completely other thing. A 2016 review found that individuals tended to lose MORE weight earlier on in the study compared to the final follow up point. And yes, you may lose body fat, but studies have shown that you may also lose lean muscle mass, but with sufficient protein intake and exercise, you MAY be able to prevent that.

    Debbie is not worried because she loves her protein shakes and loves going to the gym. Debbie also heard that intermittent fasting can treat diabetes.

    Based on studies intermittent fasting doesn’t cure diabetes but a 2017 review found that the diet may improve blood sugar levels.

    Debbie heard that intermittent fasting improves memory.

    Abbey found a 2017 review where weight loss was associated with improvements in cognitive function. However it is unclear whether intermittent fasting does that, or just weight loss in general.

    Now, Debbie is sure that the diet is for her!

    Abbey knows how much Debbie’s social life matters to her, and intermittent fasting can make it difficult to eat out with her friends on a weekly basis.

    Debbie is sure she could coordinate her fasting schedule with her friends.

    Abbey also wants to warn Debbie of the undesirable side effects of intermittent fasting. . In a 2016 review, a few studies found participants doing IF experienced constipation, feeling cold, headaches, lack of energy, bad temper and lack of concentration.

    Debbie does not like being hangry. She gets a little reckless.

    Abbey also notes that when you do eat during intermittent fasting, you may eat more than you really need because of the limited time to eat.

    Debbie heard that intermittent fasting is heart healthy.

    The research community has mixed results when it comes to measuring cardiovascular markers. In some studies, IF increased the good cholesterol and ALSO the bad cholesterol in other studies bad cholesterol decreased and good cholesterol stayed the same.

    The only reason Debbie wants to do this diet is for the weight loss, so she wants to know whether it works.

    Studies have shown that IF has a significant influence on metabolism, and has shown that there is a less of a reliance on carbohydrates as a fuel source and promotes the breakdown of stored fat. However reducing energy intake too severely can have the opposite effect where your body responds by regaining weight after losing the weight during fasting.

    Debbie might need to find another way to say peace out to Preggo Debbie and HELLO to Diet Debbie.

    Abbey believes that the best weight loss approaches usually aren’t summarized in one sentence. It involves listening to your body and not letting anyone but you deciding when and how much you eat. If you do decide to try IF, always speak with a Registered Dietitian for personalized advice and supervision.

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    1. I’ve heard that intermittent fasting can help with the treatment of cancer. Is that just hype, or is there anything scientifically behind that?

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