Dollar Tree beauty products that will save you money

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    27 Replies to “Dollar Tree beauty products that will save you money”

    1. I have used the face masks, and I have sensitive skin. I have had NO problems with the masks. They are awesome!!

    2. Would love to see a video of what cleaning products you use when you do cleaning? What type of vacuum, dish soap, toilet cleaners ect… 😍

    3. Hi Lisa 🙂 Your top looks really nice on you. 👚

      How often do you use the charcoal wipes? (Daily vs weekly)

      God Bless! 😇

    4. Their makeup sponges and cotton rounds are awesome too, along with their glue on nails. I save so much money on my nails by doing them myself instead of going to the salon. TFS!

    5. Thanks for sharing and giving me ideas what to look for at DT.. Definitely going to check out the razor ckeaner..that’s a good idea. !!!

    6. I buy that power stick for my teenage son and he loves it. I used to buy the “girly” power stick for myself, but my favorite is the Dial clear roll on deodorant. I’ve been using that for over a year. I also 2nd those patches. They are very similar to Salonpas.

    7. I wonder if my bf got a bad package of that back pain patch, because it never stuck well. It slide around to much.

    8. Tfs.
      I really love your lipstick. It is hard for me to find a nice red for the holidays … Do you mind sharing the color and brand?

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