Eric’c Guitar Tips (Saving Money!$$$) Helpful Tip Vid #1

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    17 Replies to “Eric’c Guitar Tips (Saving Money!$$$) Helpful Tip Vid #1”

    1. hey dude, ima big fan, i discovered you like yesterday (30/03/2013) cause im buying a Marshall Valvestate (100w) and i saw your review, then i went on your channel and basically watched all your vids (obviously still am today) so, you know, just keep up the work and thx for all the info and entertainment.

    2. A epiphone isnt bad or any real brand of guitar,somthing that will hold its valve, go on craiglist and them google them new and make sure there no cracks or anthing out of place and for a amp, a marshall mg100HDFX (the older model sounds great for a solid state and have all the effect that sound great as well the newer model sucks and effect are really shitty, I still have mine and play it and i own big boy heads,

    3. dude craiglist craiglist craiglist! make sure they work and your good to go u find boss cheaper than your would beleive

    4. what pickups would you recommend for a beginner/intermediate player because mu stock ibanez humbuckers just dont sound all that great.

    5. Type in GFS I bought some for my epiphone les paul and there great they have everything!

    6. buying things in bulk and cleaning your strings is not a tip, that’s common knowledge shithead. i still hate you and your stupid hair.

    7. I MADE IT IN THE FINALS FOR BLESSTHEFALLS GUITAR CONTEST! I need All the VOTES!, Shares, Comments I can get! Its super easy and takes only 10 seconds! Here’s the Link! Thanks!     (Have till 5pm on This Friday!!! Thank you Everyone!

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