Essential Electronics to Have Aboard a Sailboat

  • The digital age opens up so many options and resources for sailors. First and foremost every sailor should have a boat Global Positioning System unit, GPS. A GPS unit works by receiving signals from GPS satellites in orbit around the earth, and at any given point, there are at least four satellites in the visible sky. The unit takes signals from three satellites and triangulates position. Today most GPS units are accurate to within 10-20 meters. A boat GPS unit is essential and best of all it is easy to use and straightforward.

    Today, sailors also have a wide variety of boat stereos and boat TVs to choose from. Getting a weatherproof TV would be most prudent. There are extensive wall mounts available so clutter can be kept to a minimum. With the advent of flat screen TVs, having a TV aboard has never been so easy and efficient. There is nothing quite relaxing as sailing while listening to some good tunes. Boat stereos have advanced significantly in the past 10 years. With better and smaller waterproof designs, upgrading to today’s stereos is definitely a good long term investment.

    All advancements made in technology today serve as benefits to devices like VHF radios. A VHF radio bought today has more features beyond the basic transmit and receive. A few in fact have a level of DSC calling capability. When connected to a hailer horn, the more expensive models can act as a hailer. Bluetooth compatible boat VHF radios are also available. Combining the powers of GPS and VHF radios, a digital distress signal can also transmit the boat’s location.

    Sailors should have depth and speed instruments aboard. Wireless capabilities have allowed even greater latitude when it comes to using depth and speed instruments. An easy view, digital display shows the values so there are no human errors in reading output numbers. Additionally many sailors chose to purchase wind instruments as well. Today there are advancements making boat instruments easier to use, safer, and intuitive.

    Sailing with the best technology and instruments at hand provides a safer journey. Where would a sailor be without the GPS unit to direct him or her? Out of all electronics to have on board, having a GPS unit should be a sailor’s number one purchase. Some sailors are reluctant to rely so readily on electronics, preferring to sail with old fashioned instruments and methods. Regardless of preference to old ways or new, the benefits of modern electronics speak for themselves again and again.

    Source by Hanisha Patel

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