EverNever TV: Sophie’s Survival Tips + Contest Winners

  • JoAnn presents Survival Tip Contest winners and (tentatively) trusts Sophie to give a few tips of her own.

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    15 Replies to “EverNever TV: Sophie’s Survival Tips + Contest Winners”

    1. My parents work at a school, so that means i could get it into their classrooms. Also don’t you just love how Sophie will say the most random things just to make it about Agatha and/or Tedros, so she can proceed to say something bad/mean about them.

    2. I wonder whether Sophie not knowing the special assignment was a character thing or maybe Ramon just didn’t know the special assignment 😂

    3. When Sophie spoke, you could see Soman in the mirror. He *_must_* have been the cameraman. 😉

      Edit: what was the platform that the entries were in? schoolforgoodandevil.com ?

      Edit 2: please don’t make movies. This is the only series I’m obsessed with and if there are movies I think they’ll ruin the books for me. They’ll spoil my imagination, and if that happens, I won’t love the books any more. Please please please. I know you are, but I really wish you weren’t, I won’t be able to resist watching them, and then it will be ruined!

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