Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? 31-001901

  • FULL Video Review and Demonstration of the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife from – Is the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife the Best Knife for Survival in the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Series Line Up? Let’s see… 31-001901

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    Cold Steel SRK Survival Kit:

    SOG Seal Team Elite – Tactical, Combat, Survival Knife:

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    Gerber LHR – Combat, Fighting, Survival Knife:

    Schrade Extreme Survival Knife

    SOG Creed – Modified Survival Bowie Knife

    Smith and Wesson Homeland Security Knife

    Buck Hoodlum Survival Knife


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    193 Replies to “Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? 31-001901”

    1. If you going against a k-bar you need that blade to be a tad longer and or thicker/heavier just the smallest amount but as a package like that 70 isn’t too bad

    2. The Bear Grylls Line is junk…except for this knife. I never purchased one because the initial cost just put it in a category with too many other great knives, but when the price dropped to $70.00 CDN I couldn’t pass it up.

      Excellent package for $70.00, better options at $140.00

    3. Haters look at the end of the day every knife no matter the brand is doomed to fail.
      Move On already im sick and tired of the garbage you spew over little things when you should be more worryed about health an family!

    4. Say Heah, David, Yeah, the other day at the pawn shop, he gave me a B G Folder, it’s an old one, I don’t know if it’s discontinued or not, The point, it’s a very comfortable little knife, it’s about a 3 1/2″ blade, and the edge has a few chips, that I’m sure will be filed away in time, I didn’t want to take too much steel off. But it still pretty sharp, and really I’m impressed, the frame appears to be all plastic except the blade and the lock, It is a lockback, Yeah for a beater and price was just right, Really not too bad, ,

    5. The only thing i hate is that iT isnt molle compatible and i need Some help wich knife Should i choose this one or the kabar becker bk22?

    6. Sorry to say this but, “Bear Grylls” has given Gerber a bad name. an older “real” Gerber like the BMF or LMF is much MUCH better.

    7. 面白い。買おって思っているナイフのレビューが詳しいのでより安心してこのナイフが買えます。

    8. I liked the video demonstration David. I have not had any reason to be a Bear Grylls fan thus far but I’ll certainly check out this survival knife. According to the demo, the knife appears to be quite durable and functional. I like the sheath, fire starter, whistle and the survival tips pamphlet. I question the quality of the steel and country of origin. I haven’t checked, but is the origin of steel made in China? Is this knife made in China? I would be surprised if it was not. Anyway, I’ll do my homework with all the posted links. I did subscribe to your channel.

    9. Based on your experience this Fallkniven F1 is a really good knife as they say? I’m looking for a sturdy knife and not great it can last for moltooo moltooo time, I want a great product, you can do in my case this?

    10. These are some upgrades I did to my pro…1) I cut two small squares of electrical tape and placed them directly under the fire steel on the sheath, then cut two small match book striker strips and glued them to the sides of the fire steel handle for extra grip. This allows for easier access all around! 2) I moved the whistle to the bottom tip of the sheath and fashioned it on with electrical tape…this keeps it out of the way and clean as well as gives me great bandage material. I put an actual lanyard in its place for chopping. 3) In the top pocket of the sheath I placed a magnifying glass, signal mirror, and a small pack of Vaselined cotton fire stater and sealed off that end with electrical tape also. And lastly, 4) I cut a small piece of bicycle inner tube and (Carefully)… pulled it on to the knife handle. This covered up the bear grylls logo and gave me better grip. Please tape over the sharp blade first to avoid slipping and cutting yourself! Please note that I taped over several usable items but I consider those as a last ditch situation and still have a perfect edc woods tool with clean backup if needed! I give the pro 5 stars from my experience so far!

    11. The knife is ok for weekend car camping but, I would not recommend it to anyone who is a serious outdoors person. The knife rust very easy. It does not have a scandi grind. It’s made in china. (Yes I did own one.) If you’re looking for a good affordable knife, you can get something like the mora 511 for under 10$. It holds a edge like you wont believe. It has a scandi grind. And it is made it Switzerland. It’s a knife you can be proud of. If you’re looking for something big, you can look into the GI TANTO. Around 25$. It is probably the toughest knife you can get for the money. Holds a really good edge. Made in china, but it is recommended by a lot of notable outdoors people. If you’re looking for a good bushcraft knife, you can look into the mora black, or the condor bushlore. What ever the case, stay away from mainstream knives, and go with ones that are really tried. Do your research.

    12. idk why people bitch about this knife had mine for 5 years now used plenty of times and never failed me i added a pouch with a survival tin and attached it with a 550cord bracelet its roughly the same weight

    13. Ifound a review that says that gerber uses a plactic that can cause cancer for the bear Grylls series,
      can anybody confirm or refute that?

    14. Well…They possibly addressed all the issues that plagued the original.I’m surprised that the handle quillon/guard did not crack like the original ones did. I will still stand behind the C.S. SRK in San Mai lll steel. More expensive, less accessories. You can trust Becker BK7 with your life as well.

    15. This guy is a tool for the company just like the phiony p.o.s “bear (lofl) grylls”. Nice promo video disguised as a review. If you need bear, this guy and all the gimmicks to sell the damn knife,  Its gotta suck. There is definetly something better for the same money.

    16. On the intro, what is that weird noise at the end of your intro, I’ve heard it at the radio, no not CW (Morse) the other noise at the very end of the intro.

    17. The pommel is about the best feature on this knife. I gave mine away to a Noob & they were happy with it, so that’s what matters!

    18. I must say I am not a Bear fan or any over advertised knife.BUT I an impressed with this one ..I will have to test one myself ..Thanks great video, from Tasmania..

    19. Will the new knife fit in the cooler old sheath? The ultimate review from the ultimate reviewer. Thanks.

    20. Nice review. I had my doubts with it being a chinese made walmart special but after watching your video if i didnt already have my silent hero this little knife looks like it would make an awesome companion to my tracker or kukuri 7 for smaller carving tasks?

    21. Thanks for review. I was wondering about this knife, being that I have the older one too! Although I have a wide range of blades, from my dad’s old coon skinning Case XX to a Remington USMC to my Schrade SCHF9N, my Gerber LMF & BMF, etc.., I have considered a semi custom by Survive knives 6″too! However, I think I may add this to I blade repertoire…

    22. Its nice to no it’s capable but in any survival situation you should NOT! Chop down a tree with your knife even if its your only tool find a sharp rock if you absolutely had to use a baton and hit the spine of the knife till it goes thru but never chop down a tree with a knife

    23. I’ve decided to get one. If it doesn’t meet my expectations I won’t be that disappointed since it’s nowhere near as expensive as some knives on the market. I’m pretty sure it will do me just fine though.

    24. Hello, do u recommend purchasing this knife? its costing me around 120 US dollars. I have only two options in India. Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro or else the Gerber Strong arm which is around 90 USD. Please advice. also, if anything happens to the knife, tip breaks off, edges roll over, I have to fix it myself as no service center in India for either of the knives. I intend to use it for some occasional camping and as a general purpose use knife around the house.

    25. I was able to add to the pouch. 1 liter bag, 4 water purification tablets, a fishing kit in a memory card case, small piece of Gorilla duct tape (band aid or bag repair), a sewing needle, and a small safety pin, 1 band aid and 38″ 550 firecord pull. I can exchange the Pocket guide and add more duct tape and a piece of tin foil. Nice package now, more complete

    26. Personally I have been using the Cold Steel SRK since 2010. That knife holds up very good! Would love to see a review on it!

    27. Maybe the pro but mine broke just from using the pummel as a hammer onto a peive of wood. I’d rather take the money and get a bk2 or put towards an ESEE

    28. Love this knife loads of nostalgia from bush crafting with the ultimate pro. BG used to make some crap knives but the ultimate pro really is a good solid knife.

    29. I Got one of these knives after seeing this video. Great review. The thing that convinced me was the Hammer test. And it has been worth the Purchase And still serves me well although the whistle and fire steel where lost after getting snagged on wind fall. Because I had placed the whistle on the loop on the fire steel. Creating the snag hazard. Thanks again for the Great review.

    30. belt loop is a joke for such a knife. bear grylls priorities of survival is rubbish and waste of space, better fit there some plastic bags or smth esle, also with a piece of a bicycle tube i have attached a small tin next to the sharpener with some survival items and wrapped some cordage around the sheath. but belt loop still sucks. gotta think of some improvements and better way for a belt attachment

    31. Despite the predictable choruses about the knife being ‘junk’ blah blah blah …. There’s nothing wrong with this knife. It’s only a poor knife in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use a knife.

    32. All BG gear is overpriced. If you want a serious 62 Rockwell carbon steel knife that is seriously sharp and only costs around £40, then go buy a Mora buschcraft knife. Mora knives are renowned by the survival and bushcraft community for good reason.

    33. aw man i remember hammering a throwing knife in a wooden post lol it was just some cheap throwing knife i bought for 2$ and my god i hammered it so hard into the post it got stuck for like two months in the post lol i finally got it out and i was so frustrated with how long it was stuck in there and how dull it was when i pulled it out i just threw it in the trash. come to find out it was made from Damascus steel.moral of the story is don’t throw away knifes lol.

    34. people have the stupidest things to complain about. This is a great knife. I have used my gen 1 bear knife for 4 yrs and its still going strong. im sure the pro will last forever

    35. Do not sharpen your knives with carbide pull thru sharpeners unless your blade is damaged. The diamond plate option was much better.

    36. Speaking of pricing, for the original Bear Grylls Ultamate Survival knife if you are in the United States consider yourself lucky, $40 is way better than the $110 bucks i shelled out for it in Canada not to mention how much harder Bear Grylls survival gear is to find in the Great White North.

    37. I’m looking for a knife just like this, like exactly like it specs wise, just clip point instead. You know if that’s even possible? I can’t find one anywhere.

    38. love how all these people think they know more than a man who served the sas, specialises in survival and is a chief scout and one of the biggest knife brands gerber about how a survival knife should be XD. I bought the survival pro and I can’t find a single fault. full tang, strong steel, solid sheath with fire steel and sharpener which would never fall out as it’s very secure. I did a bit of research before buying it and most knives that quality were around the same price. people think just because it’s bear grylls it’s overpriced

    39. Loved your review on the Gerber Bear Grylis Ultimate Pro Survival knife. I’m sold. Have been looking at reviews to aid in purchasing a good all round utility knife for camping and backpacking. This unit is so packed with features and sturdy that I need not look any further. Let Gerber know that it was your review that sold me. Thanks again and I’m off to see the rest of your reviews

    40. I used to think Gerber over Leatherman, now, with BG’s backing (or name) Gerber are like toys for Action Man! 🙂 Leatherman 4EVA

    41. The tang isnt as full as you’d think under those scales but its still tough as hell. If they just made it a non-signature and added a better sheath without gimmicks it would be a legend.

    42. I have the knife and like it very much. You’ll have to use the knife to wedge out the feral rod, it’s pretty tight in there, at least in the beginning, perhaps you’ll be able to use your hands after many times. I wanted to get a pretty good high rating American made knife, 6 inches, but unfortunately Texas has a 5.5 inch limit for conceal knifes. Seeing I’ll have it in my backpack, this knife at under 5 inch will do.

    43. lol if you give this knife 4 out of 5 stars, your opinion on anything else is suspect. You can spot a paid youtube review from a mile away…

    44. Just can’t wrap my head around the pull thru sharpener. Those r a terrible sharpening system. Otherwise I guess it looks ok if the price is low enough. Still prefer the SRK but I haven’t compared directly

    45. Too many people bitching about the name, scratch bg off and its a decent knife, not a falkniven or becker bk 7 but for the price its not bad ,id say the steel is slightly better than aus8 just dont use a pull sharpener and keep it lightly oiled , sheath is actually well thought out. My advice a schrade fronteir is a better option or save a little and get a bk2 as a one tool option, get this knive if you dont care about branding it will work either way

    46. seriously, the only reason I wont buy this knife is because of a rubber handle, I just dont think a knife with this price should have a rubber handle, it seems like a knife for 7 dollars on amazon, not a survival knife

    47. Why would you buy something from this Fraud Its well known by now that he faked most of his stunts and had food and camp set up for him during shooting

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