Go Green With Ethos Fuel Re-Formulator and Make Green With ECOMATES

  • So you want to Go Green and pitch in to do your part and help our environment? I've got to ask you something. Have you heard of Ethos fuel Re-formulator? How about ECOMATES? Well, let me ask you this. Do you think there will be money made from an environmentally friendly product that saves consumers everywhere from 7% – 19% on their monthly fuel bill while helping to reduce toxic tail-pipe emissions by a minimum of 30%?

    Well, of course there will, and if you're really honest with yourself, you've got to say that a product like that is going to make someone a whole lot of money. I mean, come on, with the eyes of the world now completely focused on finding ways to reduce green house gas producing emissions, and the World addiction to oil continuing to climb like a junkie looking for his next fix, of course the timing is right for such an important product. So, what if I was to tell you that you could be one of the many who will make money from just such a product?

    It's true! There is an EPA registered and tested product that has been proven to increase the mileage of any internal combustion vehicle while reducing the amount of toxic tailpipe emissions the engine produces. The best part of it, this is a product that you can not only use, you can share it with others to make extra income. That's right, simply by sharing this important and timely product with others who are interested in saving money on their monthly fuel bill while reducing toxic tailpipe emissions, you can begin building a significant extra source of income.

    So what is ECOMATES and how can you use it to make extra money? I'm glad you asked. ECOMATES is a network of like minded individuals who, like you, are concerned with the health of the planet and are looking for ways to make extra income. The ECOMATES network is the marketing division of the publicly traded Ethos Environmental, Inc. which holds the patent and produces the money saving, emissions reducing Ethos FR and FR + fuel Re-formulator. ECOMATES is committed to helping its' members live an environmentally responsible lifestyle while helping them build wealth.

    California Environmental Engineering Lab (CEE) test results, using Ethos fuel re-formulator, shown a significant improvement in lowering the tailpipe emissions and improving fuel economy of all internal combustion engines. Additional scientific tests on Ethos FR not only indicated a marked improvement in fuel efficiency, but also agreed a significant reduction in Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide and Particulate Matter. A marked improvement in engine horsepower and smoothness was also noted.

    So you see, if you want to Go Green and pitch in to do your part to help our environment while making extra money, ECOMATES is the answer. With Ethos fuel re-formulator you can not only help reduce emissions while saving up to 19% on your monthly fuel bill, you can start to make extra money. What a great way to go, simply share Ethos FR with others and make extra income.

    Source by Mitchell Dillman

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