Go Green With Pre Engineered Buildings to Counter Global Warming

  • In recent years, architects, builders and developers all over the world are emphasizing more on "environmentally friendly" building structures. They have initiated a green revolution called "Building Green" in the building and construction industry. The Pre-Engineered Building suppliers and manufacturers are at the forefront of this revolution.

    A Pre-Engineered Building is a building structure that consist of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated factory components that are combined together and engineered structurally so that each component works together as one "system".

    Pre-Engineered Buildings help you in building your structures easily and conveniently – be it homes, buildings offices, aircraft hangars, retail outlets, warehouses, halls, showrooms, manufacturing plants, industrial parks, etc. In addition to this, pre-engineered steel structures are strong and easy to build, and are also cheaper.

    Depending on the type of building, the type of structure and your budget, for your construction activity, you can choose from a wide variety of pre-engineered steel structures like doors, windows, roof extensions, mansard, parapet walls, framed opening in end wall, lean-to's on sidewall or end wall, walk-in door, skylights, vents, downspouts, attractive colors, reflective or thermal insulation etc.

    In Pre-Engineered Buildings no welding is required and it can be built up at complicated areas, where electricity is not available. While planning and designing of the PEB's an architect's role is of great importance, because the different parts of a building are fabricated in the manufacturing facility, and are assembled together at the construction site. Thus, the planning & designing should be done fairly to avoid structures with wrong fittings.

    Pre-Engineered Buildings are leading the way in the "Building Green" revolution. The definition of "Building Green" design, in terms of Pre-Engineered Buildings design and construction, is very simple. Pre-Engineered Building's design and construction is effectively "green" if any negative impact on both the surrounding environment and the building occupants are eliminated by keeping in mind the diminishing global resources and the inevitable climatic changes. This approach is also called a "sustainable design". Pre-Engineered Building offer infinite benefits.

    The "Green" benefits of a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) are as follows:

    o PEB's use steel and do not require cutting down valuable forests.
    o Modern steel manufacturers employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    o PEB's are manufactured with a high proportion of recycled content, ie steel.
    o PEB's employ sustainable building design and construction and erect in less time than conventional building construction.
    o PEB's are fire and rust resistant and are essentially maintenance free.
    o PEB's provide healthy indoor environment.
    o PEB's are durable, cost-effective, energy efficient and green.
    o PEB's, after demolition does not accumulate waste like asphalt shingle, concrete, brick and wood.
    o Steel building roofs used in PEB's reflect light and heat keeping the buildings cooler in hot weather and thus reducing cooling costs and helps in saving the environment.
    o PEB's help in reducing the carbon footprint.
    o Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed and engineered by trained and certified structural metal building engineers to withstand all weather and seismic conditions.

    As the Pre-Engineered Buildings are built using steel, the life cycle of these buildings is long, and the appearance and durability will last for many years. Choose a quality steel building for your next construction project and go green with the "Building Green" revolution.

    Source by Gajanan Pandit

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