Gossip Girl Episode 3 – The Lost Boy

  • Aside from inevitable college party scenes that promise us great music from Gossip Girl, can this season offer more? I'd hop "The Lost Boy" meant that something interesting would really happen with Scott. Beside, who else could be lost? Well, maybe Chuck could have considered morally lost. As for the rest of our Gossip Girl faves, who needs morals in college?

    Georgina anyone? Dan orders himself himself a big heaping portion only to be done in the act by Blair. As if that was not bad enough, he's caught on his walk of shame by Serena and Vanessa. Stealth is obviously not his forte.

    Vanessa gets action of a different kind. Scott is becoming unexpectedly suspicious, so Vanessa tries to call him on in, literally! Not to be snubbed, Vanessa digs deeper and tries to see if Scott is enrolled in a comp theory class like he says. Sorry, classified information. Better question: Is Scott controlled as a student? Gossip Girl fans, we all know you should not ask something if you do not really want to know the answer.

    Scott deliberates coming clean while Serena and Cater are getting down and dirty. Too bad Serena's having trouble believing Cater is a changed man. Blair and Chuck do not make things any easier.

    Speaking of B & C, they find themselves at a bidding war over a portrait they both need to establish themselves-one socially, the other financially. What a coincidence, right? WRONG!

    Obnoxiously cute Bree and Nate make their first public debut. This only becomes entertaining at the end of the episode when we find that Bree and Carter are somehow connected. Siblings? Old lovers?

    Hot Gossip Girl music from this episode includes: The World Record's "Check the Score", The Broken Remotes' "Weld at the Seams", Lissy Trullie's "Ready for the Floor", and Mike Snow's "Animal".

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