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    GRWM Working at Home Mom of 5 | Just Do You!

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    Hi! My name is Victoria! I’m a blogger at and stay at home mom. I am married to my awesome husband Leon since 2007 and we have 4 beautiful children. Akina, Andrea, Justice, and Journey.

    We had our latest addition on May 4th, 2017! We had a girl! Watch the Labor and Delivery Vlog

    I blog and vlog randoms things of my family and about product reviews & services, life dealing with food allergies and taking care of 4 kids, my personal growth journey, balancing life and work, & more! Please subscribe, like, and comment! 😀

    5 Replies to “GRWM Work at Home Mom of 5 | Just Do You! | Life With Vicki”

    1. All I see is a normal family going through a rough patch… everybody has hard times at some point in life and nobody has room to judge anybody else… it’s obvious that your kids love you so you gotta be doing something right

    2. Sometimes people mean well but because all they can really do on here is type, it’s more difficult to articulate what they are trying to tell you. Also some people project their unhappiness to make themselves feel better you may remind them of a situation they are going through. There is nothing wrong with section 8 or any other benefit if you need it don’t let your pride get the best of you, this is a temporary transition for your family. I think some people feel you are contradictory at times and that’s where the criticism comes from it’s good that you acknowledge your faults though.

    3. You are gorgeous, I am so inspired that you work from home as a mom of 5. I struggle to not get overwhelmed with my 3. Props to you 👏🏻💜 Just subscribed and I’d appreciate it so much if you’d consider checking out my channel, have an amazing day!

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