Hollywood Told These Celebs They HAD To Lose Weight For A Role

  • 10 Celebs Told To Lose Weight For A Role By Hollywood

    Filling out your resume is a difficult task. You worry about whether your work experience was enough, or if your college degree matters at all. But for celebrities, it’s a whole different ball game. Can you imagine putting your weight on your resume, and that being the deciding factor as to whether you get the job? As sad as it may seem, it’s the reality in Hollywood. Even celebrities who are already thin still get pressured to drop pounds. From lovable dad bods like Chris Pratt to the stunning beauties like Kate Beckinsale, no one is safe from Hollywood’s weight standards. If you want to get the job, sometimes you have to pay the price. And the price is often shedding a lot of weight fast! Watch the video below to see who else has been told to lose weight if they want to play the part. Follow TheTalko for more videos, and let us know in the comments: which celeb shouldn’t lose more weight? Thanks for watching!

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