• I was watching a terrible horror movie and the people were really DUMB! So i decided that I should come up with some TIPS on HOW TO SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE!

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    1. Another tip: If you’re stuck on the side of the road… don’t go into the scary looking house that’s been ‘abandoned’ for years.

    2. Man,i cant believe they made it to #5.I remember seeing #1 & leaving just as frustrated as u.Who the hell keeps watching these HORRIBLE “Horror Movies”.

    3. Most horror movies now are not even scary. You just watch hoping something good is gonna happen…NOPE! i usually just get pissed off at the actors and never watch another one of their movies EVER AGAIN. JUST BECAUSE THEY DID NOT TELL THE DIRECTOR HE WAS STUPID!

    4. For me what bugs me most is a horror movie set in what is OBVIOUSLY a haunted house and they’re like, “oh there’s blood coming out of the house? my wife is posessed? lets just stay here.” But the worst horror movie i’ve ever seen is Insidious.

    5. When you’re in the room. Don’t go around randomly yelling. Or like about to scream. Just stay calm and be quiet. Like you said, watch the door.

    6. Another fun tip for Horror movies : If you know there is a killer or you even feel like something bad is going to happen…Don’t go running off ALONE with your bf or gf to go have some “fun”. You will not only be creeped on by the killer while doing it, but you are most likely one of the first people to die in said movie! -_-

    7. if you shoot the guy and he doesn’t go down, he won’t go down after 6 more, use the time to RUN instead of wasting the rest of your ammo

    8. hhahahaha i do like him with this Review + sharing + his opinions clip about stup** horror movies and i do agree with u too hahahaha u r cracking me up. Thanks, Like – Subscribed

    9. If yo see the killer just run don’t look back cause your going to trip and if you see a basement ……just don’t,don’t do it you are going to die

    10. just beat to death fucked that doesn’t sound horrible thats sounds perfect get a group of friends and kick his/her ass

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