How I work out of my minivan: My work at home mom life

  • Today I am going to share how I work out of my minivan. It’s not always the situation I love, but getting to be with my kids is my number one priority. So this is how I manage being a work at home mom and running a business with kids at home.

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    7 Replies to “How I work out of my minivan: My work at home mom life”

    1. Ha! YES! My son is home all week on fall break and my wife is switching to night schedule…so it’s getting loud in here! I’ve started going to a local library to get some work done in the mornings. Also started doing more work on my mobile so I can work on the go. A big part of being successful as work-from-home is learning to ignore or work around the distractions.

    2. Lydia, work at home home school mom! That’s a series of videos for sure. I need this perspective- what are you teaching, how do you handle kids of different ages, what does the day to day of this look like? 🙂

    3. “I don’t like to work when my kids are awake”. What?? When your kids are awake you ARE at work. Change the narrative.

    4. My kids are adults now, but I was a work at home mom. I still do the bookkeeping for my husband’s business while continuing to be a homemaker. There is still one child at home, but he will be moving later this month. I’m not sure what the next stage will be for me, but I’m looking forward to the empty nest, making a craft room, and finishing the guest room.
      Btw, I love that curtain behind you.

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