How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight – Eat Healthy And Lose Weight Fast

  • Eat healthy and lose weight fast. How to eat healthy and lose weight: Witness experts agree that diet, exercise, and a positive attitude go a long way towards helping you achieve your ideal body weight. However, with all of the junk food within reach, most of us have forgotten the true meaning of how to eat healthily and lose weight. Watch our video tutorial now to learn how. Waysandhow.

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      I think the key thing is diet should be like fun , not serious and depressive and draining all our energies

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    15. Super Video!

      Reducing weight should not be depressing and we should be able to play with different foods.
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    24. Patience ensure success.But sometime you have to be hurry specially for losing your irritating fat. And that should be done naturally…

    25.  You shouldn’t throw away your time andcash and effort on fat losscapsules or ointments as their effects if any are only temporary.

    26. You have to get support from  your fiends, family, and doctors about your goals and let them know how they can help to shed the weight correctly.

    27. This is my plan, is it healthy?

      Breskfast-Porridge/oatmeal or bowl of cornfakes or low fat yoghurt

      Dinner- wrap or sandwich filled with chicken or prawns or any protein source (keep in mind i get this from school)

      Tea/lunch- chicken/turkey/steak/tuna basically a type of meat with veggies and sometime a sauce such as pesto

      Drinks- water, smootie (ice, scoop of ice cream, milk, banana, apple or any fruit and a scoop of protein powder)

      Snacks- (a bar of choclate or handful of toffes, gotta get SOME sugar in their, fruit, low fat yoghurt, biscuit)

      Is that healthy? Please name the things that are and aren’t

    28. This sucks, I don’t live on my own, I still live with my parents so I really don’t have much control over what I eat… I’m overweight…

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    31. What’s with the slit-your-wrist music in the background.  I know that it’s classical art, but it’s really not appropriate for this type of video.  It might be more encouraging if it were with more upbeat music, or even no music at all.

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