How to Lose Weight If You Have PCOS


    This video is purely educational. Nothing in this video is meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease. This video is not a substitute for medical care delivered by a licensed healthcare provider. Do not stop any medications, nutritional supplements or start any programs without talking to a licensed, qualified healthcare provider. “Dr. Rob” is a Chiropractor licensed in GA, where is primary practice is located and is licensed to practice chiropractic is many other states. Visit his website for a full list of all states Dr. Rob is licensed in. Dr. Robert G DeBease, AlternaCare and its employee’s do not treat, diagnose, prevent or cure medical disease.

    The tests referenced in this video that are performed at AlternaCare are holistic test that are NOT meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease or illness. The tests, exams and/or visits that maybe referenced in this video are tools used to determine the nutritional support and dietary programs that may be a choice for someone. The labs used are not diagnostic of disease or illness in any way. Before starting any weight loss or health program or using any information presented in this video please consult with your medical doctor or qualified healthcare provider. Individual results may vary in the case of testimonials show on this video. In addition, AlternaCare/Dr. Rob and its employees have not treated any of the diseases or conditions stated in the video.
    This video does not constitute the creation of a Dr. Patient relationship.

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