I Actually saw Someone Throwing Money Away

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    13 Replies to “I Actually saw Someone Throwing Money Away”

    1. Yes, EVERY penny counts !! I try to keep my eyes open for change when walking through parking lots, then I stash it in a piggy bank and cash it all in when it’s full. The last time I cashed in my change I had $74!!!

    2. Yes I have seen people do it. And when they leave I say thank you and pick them up and take them home with me. Pennies from Heaven!!!!!!!

    3. Our government should stop making pennies.it costs us 4 cents to make a single penny,worth one cent.we lose 3 cents for every penny.may not seem like much,but it adds up.

    4. The last time we were in Florida with my parents, my dad gets rid of the pennies before heading back home… he’s the king of frugal… but we don’t have pennies in Canada so he always leaves them behind

    5. I worked in one of the wealthiest towns in the USA. Not (sadly) unusual for folks to throw away change, esp pennies as to them, they are worthless. There have been times when I’ve had to scrounge to dig up change in order to come up with enough $ to buy 1-2 needed grocery items for the week as in that was ALL I could buy. Ridiculous.

    6. I’ve seen people do that too. I always pick up any change I see on the ground and put in my money jar. One time I collected almost $50 worth of change.

    7. I see high school students it all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled money out of the trash, or picked it up from the floor. We now, put all the change we find in an interest bearing Money Market account.

    8. Wow, yes I have seen someone through pennies away. This guy was going begging for money so I gave the change in my pocket and he through them on the ground. Needless to say he never remembered me and asked me again the next day again for money and I told him no. Then I saw him and the girl with them get into a nice car and drive away.

    9. When I go to my daughters house ( no lie) she has change on her kitchen table all the time and on her bedroom floor and car. I make it to her home once a month just for that

    10. I like my pennies! I would never throw them away. I find them out walking in my neighborhood which makes me think someone must be tossing money away. I make a point to use up my coins when I’m at those self checkouts at Target, Walmart and the grocery store. Coins in first and the rest on my card.

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