I AM LEGENDARY! .or not |For Honor Gameplay|

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    I AM LEGENDARY! .or not |For Honor Gameplay|r
    For Honor Warlord Kenzor
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    Whats up guys! Welcome to the channel, many of you know me to be a For Honor youtuber who plays warlord and uploads scumlord vids. But I also play other charers on the side, like centurion, kensei and valkyrie. Currently I only have a high level warlord and ill be working hard to get a high level centurion. I also plan on making for honor troll and gank videos. P.S These are my For Honor Highlightsr
    In the future I will be playing other game such as Tekken 7, Destiny 2, and many others! If you enjoy watching For Honor and the other games I mentioned please feel free to sub!r
    Special thanks to Spliced and BouseFeenux for inspiring me and motivating me to continue youtube through their videos.

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