Interview With Singer Magdalen Graal

  • One of the facets I have not shown here at EzineArticles, is my love for music and how much music inspires my soul. I met Magdalen Graal through a website for new musical talents. We became virtual friends and I started listening to her music proposal, which inspired me beyond words.

    There’s so much talent that hasn’t been discovered because, unfortunately, the industry cares more about making money than actually promoting great musicians and singers. Thanks to the Creative Commons that’s beginning to change.

    I couldn’t quite put my finger on what captivated me from Magdalen’s voice. Her voice is soothing and quite angelical with very delicate cadence and modulations.

    As soon as I started listening to her, wonderful voices such as Annie Haslam’s from Reinassance (England), Simone Simons’ from Epica (Neederlands) and Tarja Turunen’s, ex – Nightwish (Finland) jumped to mind.

    Do not get me wrong, I dislike comparing because everyone has a very unique voice and style. Magdalen’s voice is very fresh and sweet. She transmits very much through her music. She writes her song’s lyrics and composes as well since she is a pianist.

    To top it all up, Magdalen’s music band is very powerful and quite melodious. It is indeed an excellent band worth listening to. Without further ado, I shall let you enjoy the interview I held with her. I am sure you’d love it.

    AL – Hello, my dear Magdalen. It is a pleasure to be here with you in this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself: Where were you born, your zodiac sign, your favorite color and the female singers who have inspired you…?

    Magdalen – Ok, let’s start. I was born in Rome but my mother is English. I am a Sagittarius, for I was born on December the 1st and my favorite colour is red. There are many female singers who have inspired me, as I like quite all kind of music, but I dare say that Maria Callas is absolutely on of my favorite artists.

    AL – How did you decide to become a singer? Did you study music? Where at? How long?

    Magdalen – I didn’t decide it, when I was a child, about five years old, music literally blew me away and I have been totally absorbed by it. So when my parents first noticed my talent, they began to sign me into local contests and festivals and I never stopped singing and started taking lessons which I am still attending.

    AL – Where does your musical background come from?

    Magdalen – It comes from every kind of music, because I think that every kind of music is a piece of art, but maybe it mainly comes from Depeche Mode.

    AL – How long have you been a singer?

    Magdalen – Since I was five years old, and I will never stop!

    AL – When you perform live how you keep your energy going?

    Magdalen – Music is what gives me the energy to do everything in my life, and especially when I’m on the stage, I feel the strong energy that fills my veins and that moment is the best of my life.

    AL – Have you written any of the songs you sing?

    Magdalen – Of course! I’ve written all the lyrics of the songs, sometimes with my producer/guitarist, who has written that beautiful music behind that.

    AL – What’s the topic you like to sing about the most?

    Magdalen – My experiences of everyday life and of course the problems that affect people in the world, like pedophilia. And it’s about this particular theme that I have based my first video “There’s no end”.

    AL – What’s the message you want to transmit with your music?

    Magdalen – Oh, there are so many things I’d like to say…but maybe the most important is that there will be weaklings in this world until there’s someone who gives them the voice.

    AL – Do you believe in universal love?

    Magdalen – Absolutely. And above all I believe in the love with the Universe, which is the greatest wonder that we have.

    AL – What is God for you? Are you a spiritual person?

    Magdalen – I believe that God is the Universe itself, that there’s nothing bigger and more powerful and more mysterious than this wonder that is surrounding us since the beginning of everything. And I also think that the human civilization is the progeny of an extraterrestrial civilization.

    AL – Do you like nature or you are a city girl?

    Magdalen – I LOVE nature, it’s wonderful, it’s magical and it’s extremely powerful.

    AL – What do you feel when you see homeless children?

    Magdalen – I feel pain, anger and disgust towards the human beings who make it happen. There should not be homeless people and especially homeless children. In fact my wish is to make my best to change everything I can. I am conscious of the fact that I cannot save everyone nor feed every hungry child, but my will is strong, and I will certainly do my best.

    AL – Are you in a relationship? Do you have children of your own?

    Magdalen – No, I’m single and I don’t have kids.

    AL – What would you do for our planet if you had the power to change things?

    Magdalen – I’d do many, many things, but I’d probably start by promoting severe laws against pedophiles.

    AL – What is your biggest dream?

    Magdalen – It’s to become known and have enough money to do my best to change something in this world. But for real, I’m not just letting words fly away from my mouth!

    AL – What would you like to say to your future fans? Why should they listen to your music and attend your concerts?

    Magdalen – Well I’d like to tell them to always follow their passions and their dreams. I think they should listen to my music because it’s important to support new artists and also because as you can see from my “Free download campaign”, I’m not the kind of woman who thinks only about money, but I’m just eager to reach that position which allows me to do my part in this world.

    AL – Thank you very, very much for your time, my dear Magdalen…

    Magdalen – it’s an honor for me, and thanks so much.

    My Dear Brothers and Sisters… I believe in new talents and especially in talent that is so humble and loving like Magdalen Graal. Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Warmest hugs and infinite heavenly blessings, I LOVE YOU ALL, Al

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