Keep Your Sanity With the Every Other Day Diet – How to Lose Weight Without Punishing Yourself

  • Typical starvation diets have a general approach: to limit food intake to the minimum, which is the reason for weight loss. Some totally remove food to the equation. This extreme approach often causes people to give up dieting as soon as they experience its side effects. The common misconception is if you follow religiously one of the existing and sometimes popular and overrated starvation diets for three to five weeks, you will lose a great deal of fat. While it may be true for some, it is really easier said than done.

    What is the solution then?

    Dr. John Daugirdas , a retired kidney specialist, has designed a way for dieters to lose weight without having to undergo extreme, difficult, continuous and stressful starvation methods. He called it the QOD Diet (QOD stands for "every other day"), which is said to be effective if you want to lose weight without pushing yourself and keeping your sanity.

    Admit it, it is tough to stay sane when you are hungry and you feel that your body is against you for not eating at all. Daugirdas' every other day diet is what it sounds. Eat normally every other day and take low-calorie diet in days in between. This way, your body does not take the full blow of low-calorie diets' metabolism reducing effect.

    The typical diet goes this way: on a normal day, you are advised to eat the way a normal person should. But take note that eating and food choices should still be healthy. It is also emphasized to avoid snacking on cookies and candies and limit you on one serving of dessert. This should not be interpreted as eating to be overfull; rather, it should be eating until satisfied.

    On a low calorie day, you are advised to eat an equivalent of no more than 300 calories (400 if exercising), with magnesium and calcium supplements, and small amounts of protein taken throughout the day.

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