Lose Weight Today – Hypnosis CD – By Thomas Hall

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    This therapeutic hypnotherapy (hypnosis) CD has been designed to help you lose weight. This CD will help to motivate and empower you to lose weight. It will also address any food cravings you may face and help you to become a more confident, relaxed and motivated person. This CD was recorded by Thomas Hall a professional hypnotherapist. I hope you enjoy listening to the recording. Thank you.

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    36 Replies to “Lose Weight Today – Hypnosis CD – By Thomas Hall”

    1. it actually working, i now think twice before eating a snack, but does the hypnosis still work if i fall asleep during the session?

    2. Call me a skeptic, but after listening to many of your subliminal, and other weight loss or motivational hypnosis posts, this one actually hypnotized me. The experiance was surreal. Vivid, calming. Since I fell asleep during this post, then listened to 3 more, I found myself waking up at the sound of your voice. I have NEVER had such a lucid experiance. Maybe now that a barrier in my subconcious has been cracked, I look forward to other experiances. Just wish you could make personal house calls! Thanks for what you provide, it really does work. Just give it some time.

    3. Thank you for your generosity in sharing freely your gift of healing and healthy lifestyle.

    4. This may be a stupid question but are there side effects to videos like this? Also, will it make me go off food entirely because I don’t want that- I want to stop snacking on chocolate but don’t want to stop eating it entirely

    5. This is truly the real deal. I have true so many diets. And one day came across this while searching YouTube. I was very skeptical at first…I was even more concern about subliminal messages however this video has help me a lot. Including many others you have on your Channel. I was raised that hypnosis was a taboo, so much so I open an account just to view theses videos. I have been listening to these for over a week now. I get no major food cravings at all. And just today I pass by my favorite fast food place and could not even push my self to make an order. Now that’s amazing. I don’t know you but thank you for giving me control over my diet and life.

    6. I used the stop binge eating one after 6 years struggling and with that and nlp I have conquered my problem and now listen to this most night to help lose the weight gained.. it works well even though I’m asleep within 2 minutes .. love it. x

    7. Wow, love this! Got down to my goal weight but it started creeping back up, this really helps keep it going happily in the right direction. Doesn’t hurt that your voice sounds Alan Rickman sexxi, very nice to listen to & easy to stay focused on. Thanks!

    8. Hi thomas all
      i am very depressed because of my weight..i am listening matrixplay99 for weight lost but its just hurted my body alot i csn’t move my body…..one of my friend told me about your videos…so i am confused there are many videos related to weight lost..please suggest me a effective one..i really need it please …i will be very thankful…please share me a link

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