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  1. Wow.. look at all the trolls down there. You know.. in an emergency when all the candles are wet or destroyed and you happen to come across some fatty substance like Mayo, a coke can and some kind of wick like paper towel.. you might find that all the other sarcastic suggestions don’t mean much. Use the mayo to polish the bottom of the can with the paper towel, use the sun to melt and like the paper tower. Better than nothing until you can find something, we are talking emergency after all.

  2. Isnt it obvious? Zombies are attracted to the smell of brains, so we dont want a candle that smells like brains do we?

  3. Mayonnaise would be even better to eat .. it got many fat in it with many calories !

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  4. How you suppose to heat in a zombie apocalypse and why how would you get a napkin , go to ur house and die

  5. “How you suppose(d) to heat in a zombie apocalypsevand why how (?) Would you get a napkin(?).”

    Congrats, that is one of thd most retarded comments I’ve ever seen on YouTube, and that is saying something.

    1. Not all heat requires electricity.
    2. At the beginning of a zombie apocolypse, I would imagine all napkins dont self destruct. They would probably be pretty.easy to find..

    Go to your retard box, and die.

  6. but if u heat it up it does it mean u already have a lot of fire to waste

  7. How is this a survival tip???!!! Wat if you don’t have a lighter or a napkin or a jar of manyaise

  8. I have watched many of these videos, and I still do not know what the hell you say in the beginning?

    “What’s up everybody? Welcome back to moyaburter, where safety is number one priority.” ?

    I am not being rude. It is not rude to wonder what the hell is being said. I can never understand the opening line- it’s easily the hardest part of the video to understand, for me, because after it, I know everything that is being said.

  9. He says “what’s up everybody. Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority.”

  10. The solution :
    “What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my ̶m̶̶̶̶o̶̶̶̶y̶̶̶̶a̶̶̶̶b̶̶̶̶u̶̶̶̶r̶̶̶̶t̶̶̶̶e̶̶̶̶r̶̶ laboratory, where safety is number one priority.”

  11. Thank you very much, and thank you for your objectivity or kinder as well. I tried to make it clear that I was asking a legitimate question, and that it was not rude, nor coming from a rude place, but humans are humans. So, really, thank you for that.

    I listened to that so many damn times, and my ears could not get a grasp on it. I was not even sure whether or not he was saying “My.”

  12. All it is is oils eggs and a few other. So if you melt it you get oil. I want to see it with unmelted maionase

  13. Wouldn’t u want to eat the mayo ? And if u have to burn/heat the mayonnaise wouldn’t u already have a source of fire ? COOL TRICK THOUGH !!!!!!

  14. I wonder if the non-fat part is flammable once dried because then you could use it for more light but for less time.

  15. How do get so many views? Can you make everybody look at my channel? please thank you for your support

  16. logically you are making a candle, which already require a fire to lit it . So what is the exact point of your comment? lol

  17. I think your accents sexy. Nice video. U have a great sense of humor and an inquisitive mind,,,unlike sooo many other people writing comments, but for some reason watching your video anyway!!!

  18. that’s a cool idea, but in a survival situation, the mayo is probably more useful as food. Lots of food energy in mayo.

  19. i use pig grease/fat because it can melt bronze (so ~2000°F or ~1370°K) it has a duel purpose…. it burns for hours on a few cups

  20. You don’t have to heat it up. If you leave it in the sun or just out overnight, that oil separates to the top. Essentially the same principle, but helpful if you don’t have power or fire to heat it up.

  21. +Diamond SwagFTW  Here I was about to check out your channel to see you make an candle out of your ass… you are horrible!!!!!!!! Hahahahhahahahhaha

  22. Heat up the Mayonnaise on a fire, to make a candle… cant u just use the fire u heated up the mayo? and wouldnt this be a great waste of food? (I know it not the best food, but it do have alot of calories in it)

  23. To make the candle burn for even longer roll the up two paper towel squares and embed it into the wax from the center out

  24. “Far doesn’t burn very easily”
    You don’t need to tell me that, ahahahahahah(starts crying)😭 I’m fat.


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