Meet SPARK, the $600 5.0ghz GAMING PC for Budget Enthusiasts!

  • Here is SPARK, the $600 Gaming PC designed for budget gaming enthusiasts. If you want to get those sky high clock speeds or have the capability of decking out your computer for higher end components later in the future, then this is your build!

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    Spark $600 Gaming PC parts list: link:


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    CA :
    DE :


    USA :
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    HDD :

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    Mobo :

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    Ram :

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    CPU Cooler :

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    200 Replies to “Meet SPARK, the $600 5.0ghz GAMING PC for Budget Enthusiasts!”

    1. *Update on current Spark price*
      After filming this video, within the last week SPARK’s price based off of amazon jumped roughly $80 in price, so Spark is currently a $700 Gaming PC. I’d like to apologize for the inaccurate price shown in the video, but that wasn’t in my control when filming this.
      *And watch the entire video before you comment on why I choose the parts for this gaming pc, there is a backstory behind SPARK.*

    2. Jokes on you, the Xbox one x can run 4k with better performance and 1080p with just as good performance if not better… I am not an Xbox fanboy as I love my PC too much, but Xbox hit the dot on that one.

    3. Ryzen 5 1600 (or any other Ryzen such as the Ryzen 3 1200 but I prefer the 5 1600) on the AsRock AB350M Pro4 mATX Motherboard, with mostly the same components is pretty good too if you prefer AMD

    4. Can I pick the i3 8100 paired with a 1050ti to play at 1080p with an average of 50fps in high settings at those games: fortnite,overwatch,warframe,dota2,ww2,minecraft thank you scatter volt for doing this video because people does not see the power of the new i3 coffee lake Cpu. Can you make for me a budget i3 8100 GAMING pc in canadian $ please.

    5. I got a prebuilt gaming pc for 499$ I have a gtx1060 3gb, 8gb and i5 6th processor 1 terabyte good deal?

    6. If you get a Bluescreen when starting Fortnite, your mighty 5.0 Ghz overclock isnt stable… And the frequency really doesnt matter when it comes to the lifespan, way more important is the voltage you run your CPU at

    7. I don’t see the point of the i3-8350k when the r3 1200 is about half the price and when over clocked is about 20-30% less performance, as well… you could save another 20$ by getting a good b350 mobo, save 40-50$ by using the stock cooler that comes with the r3, then put the money saved into a 1060 6gb (assuming one can find one for 240-250$) which will be a lot better gaming performance.

      I get the idea for the performance tweeking but I think that Idea is better for a second build, when pc enthusiasts have had the experiences of building a system and likely gained more knowledge from the internet, than for a first time pc build, where the best price to performance on a budget would make more sense.

    8. You could save money by using integrated graphics for the gpu and getting rid of the case, use some of the savings to buy a delid tool and liquid metal plus a better cooler. Then your title can be 5.2ghz $400 GAMING PC for -Idiots- Budget Enthusiasts!

    9. Build a budget gaming PC for just under $500 – Buy a Dell Inspiron holiday deal I5 7500 12gb ram 1 tb drive all on a 240W PSU. Oh and buy a 4 GB GTX 1050TI with it. Dell commerical or TechBargains you can find the base PC for under $400 and the graphics card under $150. (I paid $347 for the Dell after coupon and $148 for the GPU) Yes – it works on a 240W PSU. It runs around 150-160W.

    10. Mate those csgo framerates… It makes it seem like trash… Tho i’m sure it’s just those minor tho essential tweaks in windows that is needed.

    11. Another video with bad recommendations for the price. At least you actually put this computer together instead of just saying which parts to get and giving up theoretical fps results.

    12. Sooo 8350k and 1050 vs 7100 and 1060. Bet I would get at least 10-20 more frames in just about every game with a slower cpu but better card.

    13. Hey scattervolt can you rate my pc build it’s a budget 250 dollar pc build, I’d appreciate it if you gave me any ideas


      Cpu-AMD a4 7300 apu duel core
      SSD-kingdian 60gb
      HDD-250GB Western Digital
      MoBo-msi amd fm2+ a68h
      Ram-kingston valueram 4gb
      Power-thermaltake tr2 500w
      Graphics-gigabyte GeForce gt 710 2gb
      Case-rosewill micro atx mid tower(honestly I don’t care about what it looks like)

      If you want I can send you pics of my amazon cart with all the products in it and the prices, if there is a way I can do that.

    14. this is terrible value just get 1060 3gb and ryzen 3 1200 3.9ghz much much much much better value im very dissapointed

    15. -try to build a gaming pc on a budget
      -thinking overclocking a CPU is cool
      -seeing that i3 can be overclocked now
      -buys the newest processor
      -needs to buy an overclockable high-end motherboard to run the CPU
      -sees a cool locking case and thinks: ” that’s cool. I want that”
      -buys an expensive case
      -realizes that he forgot ram and a drive
      -cheaps out on those parts
      (note: 8Gb *can* be a bit to less. only a 1TB HDD is slow and with a few games its pretty soon out of free space)
      – after that, he remembers that u need a Grafikcard to run games properly. picks up the rest of his money to buy what he can get with the little bit he has left

      instead, he should have bought an older I5 (like 3rd or 4th generation. maybe even a k series) and a basic case. then take roughly half of your whole budget and pump it into a grafikcard. and after all that buy the rest of your system. maybe consider buying used

      u also could replace the the i5 with a new ryzen 3. just dont burn money on the newest intel chips.

      Point of it is: cpu =/= more FPS , GHz=/= power and last but not least GPU(that isnt bottelnecked) = MORE FPS

    16. that case looks so dope to me! uwahh
      ahh yeah, my plan to have a gaming pc didnt go well, ao the waiting of 6mos become a yr… haha oh well
      its worth the wait w/ all the parts releasing this late 2017 entering 2018! 😀

    17. Sorry, but you mismatched the CPU and GPU. You could pretty much reach the full potential of the 1050 with a i3 8100, a ryzen 1200 or even the latest gen pentium chips. Should have gone with the much cheaper Ryzen option and upped to a 1050 ti.

    18. iBUYPOWER – Desktop – Intel Core i5-7400 – 8GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 – 1TB Hard Drive – Black/Red is this good?

    19. Could somebody help me? You need a GigaByte GeForce gtx 1050 OC for Volt , but is it also ok to buy the MSI gtx 1050 OC instead?!

    20. Dude I added parts together on PC partpicker and got the total down to 514$
      Specs are:
      CPU: core i3 8100
      CPU cooler: Intel stock cooler
      GPU:GTX 1050ti
      Ram same as in the vid (dual channel is for a little more) 8gb would be the total ram.
      Mobo: MSI – Z370-A PRO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
      HDD:WD BLUE (you could add an SSD)
      PSU: EVGA – BT 450W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
      Case: DIYPC – Zondda-O ATX Mid Tower Case

    21. Hey scattervolt! I’m zach and I run a small tech YouTube channel, BETAPLANET. I will be doing a scrapyard pc build off if you are interested I would love to have you take part in this! Let me know thanks!

    22. for 500€ I managed to get a beeter build with a ryzen 3 and gtx 1060 3gb .still I liked the idea and especially hiw beautiful it looked

    23. Still, my €38 CPU would easly get 5Ghz and +/- 1100 CB in cinebench that is 6 cores and 12 threads 5Ghz goodness (X5675) total build is much better and cheaper in every espect I also use a GTX 780 Reference @1100Mhz, and a useless 18GB DDR3 RAM (maxed used ever is 14GB, Running multiple VM’s)

    24. My £600 build included a Zotac GTX1050ti, Ryzen 1600 OC @3.8GHz, ASRock B350m Pro4, 2x4GB HyperX FURY 2400 MHz, EVGA 430W 80+, Corsair 100R case: a balance between editing and gaming.

    25. Sorry to disappoint you 🙂 but I get same performance on AMD X4 860k and gtx 1050, so to get same fps I would not invest in to these parts, unless you buy gtx 1060 and up.

    26. 1050 ti/1060 3gb with ryzen 1200.. with 2×4 gb instead, hello?
      Too much for mobo, case, cooler and CPU
      There is like 0 reasons to go for this cpu/mobo combo with such a slow card
      Not gonna dislike, but tbh this build is a pile of bad decisions

    27. Really bad!!!! I would have went with rx570 or at least gtx 1060 3gb!really 8350k? I could get 6 core i5! 6 core i5 is a beast we all know that more cores matter not more ghz! In a gaming pc!!

    28. I would personally go for the i5 8400, you can use Intel XTU to force enable Turbo boost all the time for “overclocking” on Z mobos. Plus it will slightly better on games that needs the extra cores like Battlefield 1

    29. Hello Scattervolt and comments section, I’ve been a console gamer my entire life and have been looking to get into PC gaming! I feel it’s a better investment due to upgradeability, anyhow I’ve listed parts for a $1500 budget and was wondering if the components are good or if they’re even compatible, any help is appreciated. Thanks. Build:
      Intel Core i5 7600
      EVGA Geforce GTX 1080
      Samsung Pro 256 GB SSD
      2 TB WDB Hard Drive
      ASRock Z270 Mother Board
      G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4
      Corsair 80+ Bronze 750w
      NZXT S340 Case

    30. At this price, ditching the i3 for a Ryzen 3 1200 and upgrading to a 1050ti or a 1060 3gb is a way better idea. Particularly cause you know your MoBo will be good to upgrade until the 3rd Ryzen generation

    31. wouldn’t call 600 a budget pc
      my pc is worth like 400-500 (even less if buying used parts) and runs 1080p fine
      fx6300 + 970 motherboard (50 bucks) + 1060 +1tb hdd+ 550W psu

    32. Terrible video, I feel bad for anyone who bought the parts to build this pc. For the price you could build a pc that would give almost twice the performance.

    33. AMD. There is no Intel as far as budget buyers are concerned. Ryzen 3, maybe a Ryzen 5 4c/8t if you can squeeze it in, and a 1050Ti. 8GB of RAM. $40 case, I personally use the DIYPC SOLO-T1 that’s $25-$35, depending on what color you want the fan LED on the front to be. 1TB HDD. Micro ATX B350 motherboard. 550W Bronze rated PSU. Boom. Budget PC, done and done.

    34. i get 80 90 fps and sometimes 120 fps in fortnite in all high just shadows off
      ina i3 6100 and a 8 years old asus hd 7870 2gb

    35. $800-$850 Monster PC

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 $199.99

      GPU: Gtx 1060 6gb $280-$300

      RAM: 8gb corsair lpx vengeance $95.99

      Motherboard: Msi pro series b350m $74.99

      HDD: 1TB Barracudda seagate Hard drive $49.99

      PSU: Evga 600 B1 80+

      It can run PUBG Very high settings 60+fps

      Overwatch epic settings 80+fps

      GTA V Ultra 70+fps

      Basically it can run anything

    36. 600$ yea ? Ok let’s see you could’ve gotten a ryzen 5 1400 4 core 8 thread unlocked processor , a solid b350 mobo to overclock the processor , and a gtx 1060 or a 1050 Ti , The gimmick of this computer is the 5 ghz i3 which in fact isn’t really a good deal

    37. I have the same gtx 1050 2gb collecting dust in its box 📦 I’m trying to get a gtx 1060 6gb but the price is 460-580 😫

    38. Hey scattervolt. Why use a Intel core and not a AMD Ryzen. Ryzen is typically faster on the gaming front. But intel works but I’m just saying this because of intel’s high prices

    39. I have i3 8350k with 1050ti and 8 gb ram 2666mhz it was worth for any single money i threw at it. Gr8 performances

    40. My friend and i built a Ryzen 5 1600x system for £350 with 8GB at 2400mhz Ram and used his old GTX 750 and will upgrade to 16GB RAM and 1050ti witch will cost about an extra £200 so for a decent 6 Core build £550 isn’t a bad price 😀

    41. How long would this PC last
      For example will it last at a average of 60 FPS for 1 year or 2 years etc on games like GTA 5 PLANETSIDE 2, PUBG, Battlefield 4 etc

    42. This looks pretty good. I never would have guessed that an i3 processor could be OC’d to 5GHz. The case is fantastic, love the acrylic side panel.

    43. Question what do u get for your money in a PC in comparison to PS4 Pro and Xbox one X? Better specs BUT brand new as I like new electronic gear tbh? Cheers

    44. Guys is this good build ryzen 3 1300x 400w psu gtx 1050ti 8gb ram 2666mhz forgot the mobo and case names and a Seagate barracuda 1tb hdd 7200rpm for $600

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