Model Han Eu Ddeum Fashion & Body Tips ❤️ How to Survive Beauty Demanding Industry – STARSTRUCK 03

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    66 Replies to “Model Han Eu Ddeum Fashion & Body Tips ❤️ How to Survive Beauty Demanding Industry – STARSTRUCK 03”

    1. Why is she so beautiful 😍. I loved the jewelry and you guys are getting a lot better at speaking with strangers! You are less shy and it makes me so proud as a qtee! I love you guys so much 💕

    2. Starstruck are so cool because we get to know more about the personality of these people so thanks to you Q2han! 💗

    3. The models gave really great advice that could be applied to anything in life💛 I love how chill they are!

    4. Love these starstruck videos! It’s cool to see what these models are wearing. I absolutely ADORE the sheer black lace/mesh skirt over the dress, such a cool concept that I’ll have to look into!!!

    5. that oil tip is actually really smart! i never thought about it like that cause i mean what oil works better than the one you produce?

    6. this was such a good video qq!! really loved it and the advices were really something else it was so fun to whatch💛 thank you for making my day better hehe ✨

    7. Hey,Qwon and Qjin First i rlly rlly love u and ur videos sm💜💜💜💜u guys r so preetteeeeeeeyyyyyy.What i rlly wanted to say is i am a turkish girl Who lives in germany and since the korean model han eu ddeum was talking about her skincare my own “skincare routine” came up to my mind and i was like y dont u just write it down in the comments.i always use rosewater to clean and kinda hydrate my face (i am Not a skincare expert so dont mind me) i Guess ( i am Not sure, if i am wrong then srry) rosewater is not that popular and known in korea or all around the world expect of turkey. I dont know if u ever tested it but if not i rlly would say give it a try cause since the Day i sarted using it i never got pimples or acne in my face so its rlly good against pimples and redness etc. Ooo btw in turkish its called “Gülsuyu” (gül=ros,su (yu)=water)
      Have a nice day ily💜💜💜

    8. At some angles the model kinda looks like sf9’s Rowoon. But all her advice was so helpful and I will for sure use them!

    9. Omg! I love Han Eu Ddeum! I really like her since she appeared in “Valid Love”. She is soooo pretty! ❤️

    10. She’s so 아름다워~~
      And can you guys invite Kim Jin Kyung next time ?? 😅 she’s my fav korean model so far~

    11. i love the denim to denim i never tried them but i will to see if it fits me 😊 thankyou QQ!! the advices really help a lot ❤️

    12. great videoooo also, u all look like models! even if i didnt know you guys were models or not id think youre all super models like so pretty! hope that wasnt confusing 😍😍

    13. how did the second black piece turn into a skirt overlay? the plaid dress was showing from under so how…..??

    14. Omg they’re so funny 😂😂 I love them. 😍❤️❤️❤️ damn fam, being a model is hard 😪🙏🏼

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