Money Saving Tactics: Thermal Cooker

  • Thermal Cooker:

    Cooking typically consumes a lot of electricity because you are using a 1-3kW energy device. For long duration cooking required for roots and meats, the energy bill can add up. It makes no sense to waste energy when it just dissipates into thin air. Instead, keep that energy and insulate it enough to keep the food cooking for long durations with a thermal cooker!

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    40 Replies to “Money Saving Tactics: Thermal Cooker”

    1. Super tender! it doesn’t look like that tasty. You just steamed it. cooking on stove tastes different than just boiling it.

    2. I like how you save money in so many ways. It’s great to see examples of saving on food. Thank you!!

    3. Wait, in a vccum/in space, you can radiate heat im pretty sure. I mean, how does the sun shine heat to us if space can’t transfer heat. Im not sure if im out of my element here, lol

    4. you can also get a pressure cooking pot for long cooking it drastically reduces your cooking time, ergo you dont waste that much heat, maybe its even more efficient than a thermal cooker.

    5. This is the quality content I signed up for 😎
      No, honestly, I always found it annoying to cook neat cheaply, and any bit helps. Thanks for the math my dude

    6. Your place design looks outdated. Looks like from the 80s and 90s style. Consider renovating the house yourself and then increase rent?

    7. nice i have an instant pot, if u cook using it under pressure (not just keep food heated), then the meat comes out super tender. reminds me of the clay pot technique of wrapping a chicken well in a clay pot and cooking it underground where heat is retained.

    8. Try to use a bigger package of spices like one kilo its cheap according to 5 grams which you buy everyday

    9. Dont forget: save money by not showering anymore. 1x a week is enough. Also dont use soap. Dont wash clothes, hang them in the wind for 1 day, fresh again.

    10. Wow I know you are a mechanical engineer and you say stuff like kilowatt per hour and “this stove uses 1 kilowatt hour” . Is this the level of engineering in the US?

    11. Drumsticks are so cheap at the store. I could not believe it when comparing with other types (wings, breast…)

    12. Will absolutely get one. Thx. I had never heard of it. In Florida you never want too keep an oven on for very long. Can you cook potatoes in it.?

    13. Boiling sweet potatoes only take about one hour on 30% heat for me. I don’t have anything I cook longer than that.

    14. I love your cooking videos. And i was wondering about getting a hot pot (thermal cooker). Now i have another reason to get one! Thank you BtB :o)

    15. What about an electric pressure cooker? They seem quite well insulated, plus they have the benefit of reducing the cooking time.

    16. You should do an episode of don’t buy it for kitchen gadgets like a thermal cooker or a bread maker. Don’t buy it, you don’t need it. 🙂

    17. I always use my pressure cooker to cook beans and lentils, one of the best investments I have made in my life. It cooks beans in like half an hour and I don’t even have to soak them before cooking them. You can also use it for other things like soup or meat but I have only cooked beans, rice and lentils with it so far.

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