More Ways to Save Money on a Motorcycle Road Trip

  • Here are some more money saving tips for your next motorcycle road trip. Motorcycle travel can get expensive but hopefully this video will help you bring down expenses and save money so you can go further for less money.

    This video is also my first moto vlog style of video. I’d love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below. I am trying some new ideas and playing around with some different styles of videos.

    Thanks for watching!


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    19 Replies to “More Ways to Save Money on a Motorcycle Road Trip”

    1. Your #1 tip very important, as a career motorcycle mechanic 99.9 percentage of the bikes that hit my lifts have tire pressures that are low, some very low!!Ride safe!!

    2. Great video! I always thought it wouldn’t be worth it to sit thru one of the time shares presentations, but if you got all that it would be worth it. Thanks for the tip. I guessed you were near Bartlett Lake. Beautiful!

    3. cool video time, like the split screen. what camera did you use?. for cheap washing clothes, when i was living in Spain we used to go to campsites where that would have free launderette, just had to buy soap.

    4. A couple more tips. Sign up for/join rewards/email/text blasts from national restaurant chains. Often they will send discount info and specials only to “insiders.” For the US Military folks out there that aren’t active, or retired: Often businesses will honor veteran discounts if you have a VA card or a copy of your DD214. I took a picture of my DD214 and have used it successfully. For extended US mainland rides, a person may want to consider a National Parks Pass. They’re currently $80, but you may qualify for a free one:

      +1 on the Helo ride, Tim! I’ve been lucky to have had multiple helicopter experiences including a Chinook, Blackhawk and UH-1 Huey’s. One ride had me sitting in the side facing seats of a UH-1, doors open, hanging out, another provided the AMAZING, and hilarious, experience of going weightless (on purpose) in a Blackhawk over the beautiful country of Bosnia. Helicopters are absolutely the best experience in air travel and should not be missed! Thanks for your continued hard work brother!

    5. Great tips. I like the timeshare idea. My wife and I did that early in our marriage and still do on occasion. I’m in the middle of a 5,000+ mile trip and am in Surprise, AZ now. Where are you, Tim? I’d love to hook up and say hello. Bike going into a shop today as it’s running like crap. I turned the corner onto my folks’ street and it started chugging with no power. Not sure what the deal is. After 3,000 miles, who knows. Air filter was quite clogged but it’s still chugging after removing the filter. Talk about adventure!!

    6. we have done the time share presentation many times. the last one was in Hilton Head. They offered us a 3 night 4 day vacation for $99 and a $40 gas voucher and $60 worth of coupons at the local restaurants. The room slept 4. It was a motorcycle trip of course and we invited a married couple we are friends with that ride. They got a good deal, free room and board and they didn’t have to sit through the high pressure sales pitch.

    7. Good tips. One thing I would add is staying at hostels if they’re in the areas you’ll be travelling. I live in WA state and I took a last minute labor day trip up to BC. I was able to find accommodations in multiple places vacant and spent less than $150 for 4 nights total. Just as good as a hotel if your focus is on riding un my opinion.

    8. I like the ride-along. Remember, to be a real motovlogger you have to have one hand off the handlebars at all times, preferably gesticulating dangerously.

    9. Haha, yes! Tip 3.5 say no to the time share!!!!

      I always enjoy your videos Tim. Nice to see u doing different things, but I much prefer the original videos. I like the face time, and the places you are stopped at and also the gear reviews. Either way, big thanks and keep the vids coming, cheers!

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