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  • Navratri Special Diet for Weight Loss | How to do Navratri fast in healthy way | Navratri Weight Loss Diet & Tips | Fasting Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Navratri – Vibrant Varsha

    The best exercise during Navratri festival is Dandiya or Garba. If you play Dandiya or Garba for minimum 30 min. in a day, then you can easily burn atleast 500 – 600 calories.

    During Navratri’s 9 days, many Hindu families do fasting. This 9 days can prove to be the best days for detoxification program for your body. In Navratri, your religious belief will also satisfy, your mind will also cleanse out and at the same time your body will also get detoxify and thus it will help in weight loss.

    During fasting time many people do not eat for whole day and they end-up eating whole day food all together. This pattern of fasting leads to weight gain rather than weight loss.

    Weight Loss Tips during Navratri fasting:

    • Eat at least after every 2-3 hours.
    • Stay Hydrated – Drink more water or food that contain more water.
    • You can drink lemon water/juice, but without sugar. You can add jaggery or honey in small quantity.
    • You can have butter milk
    • Or Watery foods – Like cucumber or watermelon

    In fasting, if you do not eat for whole day, then what will happen?

    Your blood glucose level will drop down and you will feel giddiness. That’s why you should drink/eat after every 2-3 hours.

    In fasting, if you feel like to eat sweets, then avoid sweets/sugar instead use jaggery or honey or dates, but in small quantity.

    In food, you can have Bhagar (Barnyard Millet). You can cook bhagar just like you cook rice. From bhagar you can also make Upma. Bhagar (Barnyard Millet) Upma video link – , do not add onion & tomato in fasting Bhagar Upma. From Bhagar flour you can also make dosa, idli…

    You can also eat food like Rajgira/Amaranth. From rajgira flour you can make Rajgira roti, but do not make oily puris. From rajgira you can also make porridge.

    In vegetables you can have pumpkin, dudhi (bottle gourd), palak (spinach)

    In fasting, many people do not eat salt, they can keep themselves hydrated, drink lot of water. Eat fruits or fruits salad. Watch my fasting fruit raita recipe video –

    During fasting if you feel hungry than do not eat potato wafers or potato chivda in snacks, instead have walnuts, nuts, almonds… in small quantity.

    In milk, use skim milk, low fat curd.

    Happy Navratri Festival…

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