Our Top 12 Tips to Survive RV Living

  • These are our top 12 tips to survive living in an RV full-time. These RV living tips apply to anyone living in a motorhome, trailer or any other RV who’s going to be on the road full or even part-time. Full list of RV living tips:

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    Camper Van Life Series

    Welcome to our travel series about camper van life. We’re Joe and Kait of We’re the Russos. We travel full time in a conversion van and share our journey and what life is like living in a van. You can watch every episode of the camper van life series here

    Our Class B RV is a Hymer Aktiv 2.0 based on the Ram ProMaster chassis. For all the details watch our full van tour

    This conversion van is equipped for off-grid living with solar panels and lithium ion batteries. Learn more about the solar setup in this video

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    Interested in how we transitioned to a nomad lifestyle? Read our book Take Risks: One Couple’s Journey To Quit Their Jobs and Hit the Open Road

    This book shares the decisions, challenges, and triumphs of embracing a minimalist lifestyle, and getting on the road full time. We hope it will inspire you and give you a starting place for your own journey.


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    39 Replies to “Our Top 12 Tips to Survive RV Living”

    1. Good tips. We are building checklists for everything right now. Not sure how much driving Leslie will do with the fifth wheel at first, but she said she is willing to give it a try. We will see how it goes.

    2. just finished renting the travado 59 for a week to finally experience the fun first hand — and there were interesting — challenges — 1st one was — where do we drive to first ? ( what a problem to have ) let me know if you want the rest ? it was great —

    3. I don’t know if you follow Carolyn’s RV channel, but she is going through the same thing you went through when losing a pet. She’s awesome like you guys are. And I’m sure you can impart some helpful hints to get her through this difficult time.

    4. It always irritates me when everyone just says, “A big class A” —- unless someone wants a motorhome under 20 feet, there are Class A, B, & C’s that fit the bill!!!!!

    5. Thank you for the great tips . It’s true that good communication is key to a happy relationship. You guys rock!

    6. anyone else who comment bad about kaits hair im gonna kill. she is a beautiful person inside and out. she is mourning and she should. if you dont have anything good to say stfu! leave her alone! we love the russos.

    7. Hi, you two are great! Keep doing videos, I love watching you guys. BTW, how is your Dodge promaster doing so far after all those long journey s? Just curious about maintenance and cost of repairs. Maybe you can do videos also about that. Thanks a lot for your videos. Looking forward to watching more!!! Love the Hymer so much I’m planning to buy one next year but I’m not gonna do full time RVing. Can I get an advise from you if it’s practical to buy a Hymer aktiv 2.0 even though I’m not gonna go full time?

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