Perfect Pitch For Singers – Can Perfect Pitch Make You a Better Singer?

  • While it's true that no one single ability a singer possesses can make him / her a star. However, you've no doubt heard of perfect (absolute) pitch. And most likely you've heard that many of the great vocalists of our time, like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Mariah Carey, had a perfect pitch. It's the ability to recognize and name tones heard without any kind of reference.

    For example, if you were testing a person with perfect pitch, you could blindfold them and ask them to stand at the other end of the room, play any random note or chord on the piano, and they would immediately be able to call out the note or chord name. They'd even be able to tell you the octave of the note, or the inversion of the chord. You could even name a note at random, and they'd be able to sing it perfectly on key every time!

    You no doubt can see how an ability like this, while not turning you into a rock star or opera diva overnight, could add an incredible new dimension to your singing. Imagine yourself being capable of the following:

    • sing melodies perfectly after hearing them just once
    • sing perfect back-up or harmonies for a lead vocalist singing an unfamiliar song
    • sing complex melodies / scats with great ease
    • compose entire melodies in your head
    • never sing off-key again!

    Along the above mentioned skills (not to mention the ability to impress your musician friends!), Acquiring perfect pitch as singers will also elevate the joy we experience in singing, and heighten your appreciation for all types of music.

    Source by Daniel Tennenbaum

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