Products I No Longer Buy || Saving Money on Common Expenses

  • Today I’m sharing with you some PRACTICAL ways that I’m saving money by changing the way that I shop for common household buys. Here are a few of the items that I no longer buy and what I’m buying instead. Let me know in the comments section what items you would add to this list!

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    1. Love how you did your hair you look great!!! I would totally not buy paper towels anymore as well but my mom lives with us and she’s a paper towel junkie. Loved this video! ❀️

    2. We use the reusable coffee pods too. 😊 We buy k cups rarely for when we have lots of guests over, but that’s it. You should buy reusable filters for the pod too…that saves a lot of money over time 😊

    3. I’m so looking into those washer balls! Thanks for sharing! I think those are flour sack towels πŸ™‚ we love those too in our kitchen ! I still buy paper towels but I know we could totally go paperless. Thanks for the inspirationπŸ’• also condition works great for shaving. We have a big pump bottle of a natural kind and I use either that or just body wash πŸ™‚

    4. I’d like to try the detergent crystal balls, everything else we do including the k-cup reusable pod and we don’t even use the filters, just rinse it out after each use

    5. We stopped buying satellite tv service. Cable is not available where we live and the cost for satellite was crazy. We now have Sling TV $26.74 a month compared to $82 that we were paying. We shut our home phone off that was running about $45 per month but the only people that called were telemarketers. I stopped the dryer sheets years ago and use dryer balls. I make our own laundry detergent that last approx. 6 months for about $25 and cut our fabric softener 50/50 with white vinegar. We stopped our trash service that had gone up to $90 for 3 months. Hubby does a trash run to the transfer station 10 minutes from the house every 2 weeks at about $5. We recycle everything possible because that is free. We now use the Dollar Shave Club for both of us and do not buy the disposable razors anymore. We have saved a small fortune just with these few things over the years! 😊

    6. Haha i like paper towels and I frequently use plates as cutting boards. Totally agree about shave gel…i think I’ve bought less than 5 cans in my life. But I would never give up traditional laundry detergent and softener. You can coupon for that (and paper towels) and get them dirt cheap. Like, you wonder why your napkins still have stains? Because you’re only using water to “wash” your clothes. They aren’t getting clean…like.. at all…those balls are nothing but money grab scams. And just don’t drink coffee…at all…easy.

    7. You could save another $3-$4 by skipping the filters! I use the same pods on the daily without the filter and it’s fine without it, no coffee grounds in my mug!

    8. Type make your own into Pinterest and you’ll get a lot of ideas. I never understood the whole keurig craze. I just use a regular old Mr. Coffee. Never used shave gel.

    9. Long momming day and gotta sleep. Dad’s home tomorrow. Yipee.

      Wanted to comment on the napkin/paper towel thing.

      I used to do that too. I loved using cloth. It just feels good to not be so wasteful. But we are currently not doing it.

      But I’m with you on the shave gel. I buy my DH a can but I dont have one….and cant even remember when I last did.

    10. Great tips! I also use my families old cottonΒ tshirts for washing the cars or cleaning up messes that you have to throw the rag away. If it gets real worn or a hole or faded, I cut it up in usable sizes and keep in a little basket. Thanks for sharing!

    11. We stopped buying expensive trash bags unless they are super cheap with coupons.The one reason we stopped buying them is because we just throw them away. We also cut out satellite 2 years ago and I miss my holiday shows but it is worth it to us.TFS

    12. I use water to shave, no issues! Question, do you soak your laundry with the crystal balls before you run the load like it is instructed? That’s honestly the main thing that has kept me from trying them. Mama doesn’t have time for that!

    13. I love the ways your saving. I do some of those, but I’m definitely going to start saving on washing my clothes. We no longer pay for satellite and have gone to sling TV. Go to and see the details. It will save you a ton of money. πŸ™‚

    14. We quit buying paper plates and plastic cutlery as well. Just FYI Target has even cheaper ‘plastic’ plates. We spent about $50 on some and new cutlery. We were spending that a month on paper. I think the cups, plates, kid plates, and kid bowls are all $0.79 each.

    15. Another great video, thanks for sharing these great tips. I can do all with the exception of paper towels. I don’t use many a day, but with animals (pets) I just need them on hand. You look wonderful by the way. Hope all is well with you and your lovely family…

    16. We’re the same way! We reuse our (often stained but clean) cloth napkins, we don’t ever buy paper plates or napkins, we love our wool dryer balls/EO combo, and I use a giant bottle of cheap conditioner for shaving cream. The laundry crystals are intriguing. Great tips!

    17. Thank you for the essential oils idea! We love using essential oils and this gives me another way to use what we already have!

    18. Your hair is sooooo cute! πŸŽ‰ Alllmooost makes me want to go short again πŸ˜“ Such a struggle debating long or short & not regretting it

    19. Would love more explaining on the crystal ball wash thing. I cannot do liquid detergent, that is too annoying to measure. We’ve been using Tide pods but they’re still $30/box @ Costco.

    20. Those are called flour sack towels. We use them in our kitchen for dishcloths and drying towels. I do still buy papertowels to use for getting the grease onto my cast iron skillets and if we cook bacon in the microwave. Anything super greasy needs something we can just throw away. πŸ™‚ I’ve been thinking about trying those dryer ball things for a while now. Where do you buy essential oils and how much do those cost? Great tips!

    21. Melony, you look so pretty! I use my body wash for shaving, and for a while I used baby oil because you can get huge bottles of it for really cheap and it makes your legs SO soft.

    22. I’ve thought about ditching paper products too, but do you find you use more water & soap by having to wash dishes & rags more? I often wondered that

    23. Thanks for sharing, hopefully with the little changes over time your’ll see the benefits in your budget, good habits last a lifetime.
      Some things we do that are not new but I’ve noticed don’t seem to be always normal.

      Never bought disposable/paper items, the odd times we have takeout at home we stash the napkins/cutlery then use for picnic days etc. We use plastic/glass containers instead of throw out sandwich bags.

      Clothing for the adults, each year we purchase one top one bottom 100% cotton and retire one item to be used as cleaning/dish cloths. Quality clothing does seem to last years doesn’t need to be expensive just good quality.

      Household/bathroom spray – non aerosol spray container filled with water and a few drops of essential oils costs approx $0.05 compared to $1+ per spray can.

      Laundry we do use detergent except 1/4-1/2 of the amount recommended, no issues. Never used anything in our dryer (sun dry mostly anyway)
      Most cleaning chemicals can be replaced with vinegar and bi carb.

      15 years since I’ve been to a hairdresser, long hair trim every few months myself. I don’t own a hair straightener/ curler / dryer nor do I colour/dye or bleach. Anything we do to our hair damages it causing more need for more products.
      10 ounce/300ml shampoo and conditioner lasts approx 3-4 months with 3/fortnight washing. Btw I’m constantly complimented on how healthy and nice my hair is, if only they knew how little effort I put in.

      Car wash – bucket and cloth at home

      Green tea drinker here, I have a never ending mug new tea bag in the morning and keep refilling same cup all day, afternoon I’ll add maybe some fresh home grown herb/lemongrass or slice of lemon – liquid for entire day $0.05 or $0.10 if I add an extra tea bag πŸ˜‰
      We don’t buy any packaged drinks, pop/soda/soft drink. Water we use a refillable bottle.

      Electronics not in use are turned off at the wall rather then standby. Fridge thermostat different for summer and winter. Leave a room – lights off.
      A/C and heating a few degrees higher/lower really costs a lot in power, baselayer clothing everyday for heating/cooking or jumper or blanket when it’s cold, have the ac a little warmer in summer and you do get used to the higher temperature (4-6 weeks and won’t know it), people are so used to jumping from ac to ac.

      Local libraries no fees for books and movies instead of monthly subscriptions.

      Saturday is our “take out/fast food night” those types of items but healthier versions home cooked, tastier and cheaper for higher quality food – potato wedges baked with spices and no oil plus hamburger approx 15 min to prepare. Eat a homemade pizza and you’ll never go back.

      Anything that has “packaging” might be paying for convenience, if you have time buying the simplest form might be cheaper. Ie salad in a bag.

      A lot of panty item can be made from existing items. Recipe calls for castor sugar which is twice the price of regular sugar but toss normal sugar in a food processor 10-20 seconds and you get castor sugar – run even longer and powdered /icing sugar.

      Everyone knows dried beans are cheaper then canned. But you don’t realise the amount they expanded until you cook a batch, portion and freeze what your not using.

      I’m Australian πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί our cost of living is really high if you don’t monitor spending. Wish we had American cheap food prices 😊

    24. Lol…I totally thought you were going to say vomit towel. I use the wool drier balls too…Essential oils on the drier balls…THAT IS GENIUS!!!! Do the wash balls get stains out?

    25. I’ve done most of those for years, but those wash balls are new to me. Never heard of the concept! Now I must google. LOL. Thank you for sharing!

    26. Oh my gosh!! I use the kcup plastic filter too but had no idea that there were such a thing as the paper filters!! Thank you, I am going on the hunt for those!! I bought my plastic filter at Kroger for $5.00

    27. First of all your hair is absolutely darling! I can’t believe I have never heard of those laundry washing balls! I am going to check those out. I love my dryer balls, though.

    28. I don’t use shaving cream either, I don’t think I have for at least 10 years. And you’re going to kill me but I’m a paper plate & paper towel gal… πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ maybe it’s the season but too many dishes AND we use paper plates. 😜

    29. Hold the phone, I have never heard of these items!!! I am super excited! I will be trying the dryer balls with essential oils AND the wash balls! Thanks lady! XOXO

    30. I have to ask, in Switzerland and in Germany we use porcellain, for all meals. Why Americans don’t use normal dishes?

    31. My keurig coffee maker is now stored in the back corner of a kitchen cabinet. I got too creeped out after reading about all of the mold and bacteria that accumulates in the supply lines. Cleaning with white vinegar and the flushes was just more work than I wanted to do. Also, the pods were just too expensive for me as well. I purchased an inexpensive tiny 4 cup drip coffee maker, and use 1/4 cup of coffee with a filter, or a french press. Gives me 2 nice sized mugs of coffee in the morning. We also use small inexpensive wash clothes as napkins. I use a dryer sheet on occasion for cotton clothing, but nothing for towels, sheets, or most other clothing. I’ve found the towels more absorbent with no dryer sheet or softener on them. Have never used shaving cream on my legs. Always bath soap of some kind. No cable or satellite TV. Internet comes into the house so only a Netflix account that is shared with 3 other people. Only use CFL or LED light bulbs which has saved me more money than I could have imagined, especially once I started finding them at the Dollar Tree. Also stopping at DT before heading to any other store has saved me so much money. Their cleaning, cards, and gift wrap items are fantastic.

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