Realistic Tips To Lose Weight Without Workout/Postpartum/Indian FoodHabits/Overeating

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    25 Replies to “Realistic Tips To Lose Weight Without Workout/Postpartum/Indian FoodHabits/Overeating”

    1. Great tips! Please do a video on portion control specifically. I tend to eat a lot after dinner πŸ™ Like snacks fruit etc while watching tv.

    2. Hii…i am a new subscriber to ur channel. As i am come to knw that u r also vegetarian so can u pls share some healthy weight loss dinner recipes. I am also a morher of 1.7 yr baby girl and trying to loose extra fat.

    3. hii. sorry to say these ideas are not for weight loss. to maintain our normal weight we can follow this but not for weight loss. and please do vlogs in Hindi

    4. Nice tips. I love to watch you talk in Hindi. Please make vlog on ur daily routines and also share some odisha recipes. Anyways I can’t believe that u had put so much weight during your pregnancy. Having control on portions is very important. After delivery I tend to eat lot and I am very interested in foods😨

    5. Thanks a ton dear for this video….you are an inspiration for me…what is your current weight now because you look so slim ??share some food videos it would be great…

    6. don’t feel sorry. just emiti kahuthili ki after pregnancy weight loose kariba pain bahut type ra health drinks au exercise karibaku pade. tame jauta bateila seita only control kemiti karajiba nija weight ku. next time badhithiba weight ku kemiti kameiba seita bateiba. sorry if I m hurting u. by the way I’m from sbp

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