Reasons for Taking Up Music Lessons

  • Whether you want to take private music lessons simply for the love of it or because you intend to pursue it professionally and wow audiences around the world with your unparalleled harmonies, you will reap a lot of rewards and benefits from taking private lessons, especially if you are new to the world of music and musical instruments.

    If you are already a member of a professional band or one at school, learning how to properly play an instrument shouldn’t be daunting or intimidating. Note reading, finger placement, tongue and breathing control and counting will all come together once you put your hands and understand your chosen instrument better.

    The first advantage of private music lessons is that it helps you keep up with your peers in a group setting. Since each person has a different learning curve and learns at different paces, you can’t be expected to achieve the same level of progress, due largely to the many aspects of playing an instrument. One person may be able to instinctively know where to place their fingers on the piano and quickly become dexterous but may find it difficult to position their mouth correctly on a tuba. Also, the finer points of learning an instrument may be difficult to learn within a group setting which is why you may appreciate private lessons more.

    It also doesn’t help to feel frustrated about learning something for the first time and taking private lessons minimizes the chances of that. Frustration affects people in two ways – they can either become more encouraged or discouraged. There’s nothing that an instructor would like to see more than a student who doesn’t give up even after a lot of missteps. Learning is also something that should be enjoyable and not something that makes you throw away that guitar. Also, there’s what you call the “First Month Hump” which is the stage where you decide whether or not to continue with your lessons. Private lessons will come very handy during this stage, especially when you start to see your improvements due to good instruction and customized lessons that increase your interest to stay.

    Private music lessons are also designed to help you succeed. It builds up your confidence as you keep learning how to play that instrument and encourages you not to give up. It also helps you develop the proper practice skills you need to keep learning your instrument. After all, practice makes perfect, right? Developing good practice skills sets you up to be a master musician in no time.

    But perhaps the biggest benefit of all would be private lessons in keeping the student motivated. Some music students after passing the beginner stage, often feel lost and confused about what to do next. Private lessons will help teach you about the various styles on learning new music, discover what your goals are and how to pursue them. More importantly, it helps your confidence to know that you are accountable only to your teacher and not have to be scared of being judged by your peers.

    Remember that nobody’s a natural. You get good because you work hard at it and work even harder to get better. Private music lessons make sure you get better as quickly as possible.

    Source by Kimberly Wolfe

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